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  1. Mate's light blue Vauxhall Chevette from Reading, 50mph max and got there just as big gates opened for a freebie about 10 mins before kick off. Caught by an alsation on the fence after the pitch invasion. Thrown out but copper told me how to get back in. No idea what happened after. Happy days!
  2. You'll be right there JJO! Just got this and glad I stayed at home so I can drown my sorrows and get some kip before an early start tomorrow. I can add 6 of my lot to the Berkshire whites clan if there is one ..... London Whites is as close as it gets for me down here I think.
  3. Managed to get a copy of the 1923 programme on a school trip from St Simon & Judes in 70s. Long day out on a coach that but let us go up the steps and lift a (not the) cup with crowd noise coming out the speakers. Always remember it. Probably couldn't pass it off as the real thing although might have a pop on ebay and see what happens.
  4. I know they had a bit to celebrate but fair play to Madjeski and McDermott for going to a town centre bar and are still standing at 3.50am after Reading got their promotion on Tuesday night! Madjeski obviously had a few! I know Coyle is teetotal but I can't see our two doing it. http://www.youtube.com/results?uploaded=w&search_type=videos&uni=3&search_query=brian+mcdermott+bar
  5. Think it was 2 - 0 and the game when I couldn't get a ticket so called Wolves ticket office, strapped a plaster cast round me leg, borrowed some crutches and went in as disabled. Free parking space, tickets for two etc. Naughty I know but a mans got to do ......... Did get ejected for my own safety near the end! Ripped the plaster off by the gate and jumped in the car. Didn't look back to be honest so god knows what the look on the stewards faces were like! Good shot on me and my 'carer' (the then bird) sat behind the netting when we notched the 2nd on the Roadrunner VHS!
  6. Didn't know someone had. Poor sod. Been in the boozer since about 12.30 and just got back. Hope it wasn't.
  7. Stood there watching the dregs of Reading half marathon coming through the 8 mile marker 2 hours in, when I spot a fat lad wearing a Wolves shirt. Short chorus of "We are the one and only Wanderers" put an extra step in his stride and clenched fist salute as he approached. Look on his face when he heard " 3 2 to the Wanderers" ... priceless! Missus said I should know better going up for 50 and called me a big kid.
  8. Obviously quietened down a bit! When was it we played Swindon away lunch time kick off, league cup semi when Stubbsy scored early on? 3 O'clock that morning we were trying to carry him over Caversham bridge over the Thames to get him back to the hotel. Jason Macca helped the most IIRC. Fuck knows how I made it never mind the players!
  9. Come on there lad. Really shit me up that. Shitting myself for last 2 hours. Now tears of joy ......
  10. How the 'ell did you get that Gonzo? I've never heard of her. Searched the hamster and nothing!
  11. You got it! Local to me but not the most of you lot! Lovely girl!
  12. Ok if I must ....... Seriously what can you put on here????
  13. No. She's normally got dark hair and for some reason it's $s to sign up for her site!
  14. She lives in the sticks in West Berkshire - no more!
  15. Only found out after she was getting some Playboy T-shirts delivered with her on them. Looked quite normal and chatted like a good 'un. Then I checked her out on web and bingo!
  16. Can't even spell 'What' in title never mind post more! Am I allowed too or will I get the admin ban???
  17. You've got to deliver a parcel and she appears at the door in more clothes admittedly. Chatting finds out she's done page 3, Nuts, etc and has her own web site. Tell your mates or keep it to yourself?
  18. Thorpey

    Chelsea Away

    Slug & Lettuce always a good one right by the tube station. Us upstairs and them downstairs. Can't believe the missus has booked hotel etc for me to go to her nephew's wedding in Cotswolds so won't be there. Going Thursday, back Sunday. Hope there's a decent boozer with Sky.
  19. How the hell did you come across that! Is a wind up site by the way just in case you hadn't clicked!
  20. Morris - that's the lad. 19p for chips, gravy, scraps in a tray with a fork. Always made sure I enough left after hanging out on street corners every Friday night! 80p for gravy in my local chippy now!
  21. The one by the Flying Shuttle Traf I was in Buttermere Road from 74 to 83 and always remember that chippy as a good one.
  22. Best two buys for me in the kitchen - slow cooker and George Foreman. Slow cooker - now I ain't no expert but lobbing a few ingredients into a slow cooker and letting it do the work for a few hours is great. Missus thinks your a genius. George Foreman - anything normally grilled goes in there and the amount of fat that comes out of sausages, burgers, etc makes you feel better on the healthy front. Pain the arse to clean though so leave it to the missus. Just bought a doughnut maker. Trying it tonight. That'll be a candidate for the back of the cupboard with the deep fat fryer.
  23. Fish chips mushy peas steak pudding and gravy from the chippy on Highfield Road, Farnworth. Loaf of Warbies plus slab of anchor. Not sure if its still there though as haven't been back in 20 years plus.
  24. Talking to some Reading lads tonight. Reading kicked off a game with 10 men in the 70s as Robin Friday was still in the Spread Eagle and didn't walk over the road to Elm Park until just after 3, boots in a carrier bag. Manager thought he was good enough to wait for and knew he'd be there. Muamba is essential to the team but 1.55pm is too late? Get a grip OC. This ain't a game anymore. It's all about egos. I prefer the old days tbh..
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