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  1. Bogdan - steady and still ahead of Jussi, but rather have Ali Al Habsi Steinssen - roasted time and time again Ricketts - stick in there lad. You're miles ahead of the other 3 at the back Wheater - very very average and slow championship defender Knight - thinks he's a Porsche but with the pace of a rickshaw Eagles - totally anonymous until he got took off Petrov - attacked and tracked for 45 mins then didn't come back for part 2 Reo-Coker - gets frustrated with the shite around him and led to a yellow M Davies - occassional drive forward but fuck all end product apart from goal Ngog
  2. Roses are red Violets are blue I am mad As so am I
  3. Minimum a fiver! Doesn't really matter tbh as long as its a bit of fun and breaks even!
  4. They were just examples! Right I'm sorted. 3 out of 5 village pubs must sign up. 4 out of 8 village restaurants must sign up. 8 out 19 village takeaways must sign up. I'll do these by phone or visit. ?90 outlay - web site registered now and card design in development! Paypal on website. ?5 for anyone who helps sell a card at door or eaterie. Thanks for help! Bit of fun for something to do these cold nights and no chance of losing lots of cash!
  5. Ran the idea thro mates at the local - spitting distance for kebab, 3 x indians, 2 x chinese and a chippy. 12 months of 20% off a kebab, free chips with cod Mon to Fri, free veggie dish with two main course curry or free rice with two main courses in the chinese. I'd have me ?15 back within a couple of weeks! Should reach double figure sales in the local no probs!
  6. Doesn't cover my village mate. Village card for village people to promote village eateries! I know all about them but think this is a bit different! Only ?90 down if it goes tiits.
  7. Food outlet gets repeat custom and sells drink, etc to make their profit. Ask the Wanderers about their ?5 scheme this weekend. Do you think folk going will just spend a fiver into the club coffers>
  8. Get people knocking doors for you and give them ?5 per card sold! Get food outlets to sell card and give them ?5 per card sold! This will encourage them to go back.
  9. Crack on mate ..... assuming you don't live anywhere near me!
  10. Me and a mate have hatched plan to make a quick buck but seems too easy to be true. 1. Deliver letter to all pubs, restaurants and takeaways (32 in total in our 'village') asking if they want to offer any sort of food promotion to a village discount card holder. No charge and free advertising for them. 2. Set up web site advertising card for ?15 and details of which places will offer a discount for any food purchases 3. For ?5 per card sold, get people knocking at doors for you or ask places that offer discount to sell for you Initial outlay for letter, web site and cards circa ?90
  11. Sure someone said to me once that; One flash - you're ok, no film in Two flashes - you've had it. Takes two pics to measure your speed over a distance Not sure if that's true or not.
  12. Thorpey


    Somehow the local agreed to let gypos have a wedding reception in the pub. Locals left when the kids started throwing pool balls around about 6pm then they robbed the place at 4am the next morning. Got ?1200 but wanted to know where the other ?800 was as they said they spent over ?2k behind the bar. Should have checked the landlord's jeans by the side of the bed you numpties! Other funny was when gypo kids broke into the yard of the stepson's courier business. Picked the 4 digit padlock no problem and the little fuckers took great pride when I got down there to tell me the combinati
  13. Thanks for reading Owen! Every single one of 'em tried their bollox off! Shows what a difference it makes when N'gog, Petrov and Eagles (bit lightweight!) hassle from the front. Fuckin' brilliant!
  14. Met 'her' a few times and doesn't agree with me! Drank it all day at Ascot once and ended up 80 miles from home with a stunner! Problem was its a pain in the arse trying to get back from Dagenham during rush hour. No idea to this day how I got there but she was very complimentary in the morning! Felt like shite all the way back. Never touched it since unless the local runs out of Fosters.
  15. A few pints of Kronenbourg, beat senseless by a bouncer. Taken home by a bird neighbour. Black eyes, battered and bruised. Dad wanted to go into town to sort out the bouncer. Never touched Kronie since. Stick to Fosters now but partial to the odd Peroni now but never Kronie again. Nearly 30 year back that.
  16. I'm not asking; Spleening To penetrate the female vagina or rectum (or the male rectum) deeply with the penis. i.e. penertrating so deeply as to touch the spleen) I gave her/him a good spleening
  17. Lost me mate! Scenario 2? Only put message on here to find out how I should be communicating with someone with her condition, especially when I'm at home alone with her and the missus is out at work ........
  18. Not on it tonight mate or probably would! May be tomorrow after another day working from home eh .......... ??
  19. What the fucks that about?
  20. Thing is it's 'uckin true. Loads more an all but worried about who might be reading! What the 'uck!
  21. Only sneaked a quick look in the undies drawer so far .......
  22. Missus thought it'd be a good idea to help an mate out by letting her move in as her brother wanted her out as he wanted his bird to move into their flat. She's late twenties and has had psychosis / bipolar for a few years but seems a nice girl and moved in on Saturday for 3 months max with tenancy agreement done and dusted til she found a new place. Now found out that brother's bird has been released from nick for crying rape, he's a not right big style and she got 'forced' into 'street life' to pay drug debts. Two of the neighbours are coppers and 'out of hours' mates and will so
  23. Saw Bolton (& Bury? rings a bell for some reason) away at Bracknell in about '85 I think. 4 of us went but we got thrown out for sounding the air horn when Bracknell had a free throw shot or whatever you call it. Argued the toss with the stewards that the Bracknell lot were putting our lot off by shouting, booing etc when we had a free throw but they wouldn't have it. Only found out later that an air horn goes off for a timeout or something .... unless the geezer in the bar was winding me up?? No idea. And it was shit.
  24. That was the problem at OT. Close down too tight in the final third and they played it in behind and exploited our lack of pace. Drop off in the final third and they play to feet and play through us with intricate footie. That's why we can't carry non defending type players in out predicament. Other teams will have picked up on it and will exploit as they have been doing for most of the season. Unfortunately we don't have the same type of players now that Big Sam had.
  25. I'm no Prem Manager but two major observations from this weekend. Yesterday at OT we were screwed whenever we went tight at the back or dropped off. If we went tight they played in behind us and beat us for pace. If we dropped off they played into feet up front and played through us in the last third with movement as our markers weren't tight. Watching Swansea today, they never gave Arsenal time on the ball at the back by pressing high and if the ball made it through to the midfield, they were there and nicking it away. What happened to the days when we hassled and harried from t
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