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  1. Didn't like that. I like cats. Fair play to the wind up bird tho.
  2. Scarborough 0-4 Loads of whites there but we got hammered. Bank holiday weekend I think, couldn't get a B&B when we got there and 4 (brought the birds) of us ended up in a room in a OAP sheltered accommodation place. Dead romantic that.
  3. Left college early for that one with a mate from Reading. Just passed my test. Borrowed mates mums Renault 5 as she was away. Got a speeding ticket near ground so had to own up when we got back. Thank f*ck I was covered by her insurance 'cos I didn't have a car. She wasn't best pleased.
  4. Wait til you get there mate. I got done last year booking on line and paying in full for two weeks. When we got to airport the London based mob we booked through had not paid the local company who were providing the car. Had to pay for another one and then claim when we got back. Turned out the car we got from Luz worked out cheaper than the one we had already paid for. Pretty sure they had a desk at the shelter where you would normally pick the car up from which is straight ahead through the car park as you walk out the front of the airport. Got the cash back eventually.
  5. Got me thinking this thread back to happy days when you did what you wanted! In no particular order, top 5 weirdest; On a cricket square when oppo declared on 37 for 2 so we couldn't get the bonus points needed to win league On bank near lake where small yacht race going on 20 yards away and they were trying to get round a buoy Church doorway in town centre MR2 bonnet, lights up, parked in bunker on golf course School changing rooms while sports teacher was with her mate one Sat morning Sure I'll think of others. Don't tell the missus, none of these were her.
  6. At ?2k cash in his back bin for personal appearances, I 'guess' that might be a clue to his decision. Saying that, when he threw a dart over a beam in our local social club into the treble 20, cash was worth it! He ain't a bad player or a bad lad. That Scoltern geezer with the long neck was as boring as fuck tho a few years back and the blond bird who's good looked dirty but nervous as hell trying to talk in front of an audience. Fair play Hawaii, get your cash while you can if you're not entering for next year.
  7. Defo regional. My Gran sold bacon barms, pie barms, pastie barms etc on Wigan Road in Deane for years - Mrs Thorpe, anyone remember her from 70s and 80s? Other Gran lived in Farnworth and as a lad I remember being sent to the bakers near Harper Green School for flour cakes. Both were exactly the same things & lovely with loads of butter and home made pickled onions on.
  8. 10+ years of no problems as we had an arrangement. Her boyfriend then left her and she ended up ?350 short every month in her big fuck off barn conversion. Came after me for the deficit & contacted CSA as I refused. CSA got involved but not interested in why. Last summer her ex told her he'd pay ?400 per month to her as I wouldn't. She told me her ex would take over as my son's dad last summer. Needless to say the last bit didn't happen.
  9. You're not wrong about covering their arses! I got a letter saying the complaint had not been upheld prior to the interview. Queried why and got a call on the morning of the interview to say that it had been looked into again and would not be upheld. Raised the point at interview that the interviewer was being persistently anti me because of my complaint against her. Got a call in the afternoon after the interview saying that there had been an error and the complaint had never been looked at after all. Load of bollocks. At least it's all on tape for the court.
  10. Got called for an interview by the CSA and gave them adequate notice as per their rules to postpone as my mum needed to be taken to hospital for her daily cancer care. Dad couldn't do it as he also had cancer and couldn't drive her. CSA told me that I needed to attend the interview as and didn't consider this a valid reason not to. I complained about the person concerned and just been told by the CSA complaints review team that my complaint as not been upheld. When I asked why, the answer was that they look at all factors and the fact that I had not provided correct info to them m
  11. I thought he done alright! Ran the game when he come on but a bit rusty with a couple of mistakes! I text his auntie asking what's going on and got 'He didn't like retirement and they needed him back. Next one back will be Beckham X' She might be right about first bit but no chance with second bit. Do old birds know owt about footie?
  12. Got 8 links to streams through to choose from for game this afternoon, so now staying in with a few tinnies! Hope move goes well and may be meet up another time. Cheers!
  13. I know it well! I guess your in Lower Earley then? What time you in Walters Arms?
  14. Just down the road mate so if you want a hand with the move when you get down here let me know. Dropping the missus in Reading for shopping about 10.30 and hoping to get a stream later for the game, but can spare a few hours if needed. Rest assured you won't be the only White in Berkshire but will be surrounded by Chelsea and Reading in Wokingham! Reading fans 'love' Bolton and have bitter but mostly friendly memories!
  15. 3 tinnies of Fosters, 2 bottles of red and 20 B&H.
  16. Never said a decent thing about us on Sky. All about how well they did 2nd half and a def pen. Tosser.
  17. Bollox He got a nick on the ball first ....
  18. Met a old boy in Reading who reckons his great great grandad played for us years back - Benjamin Pomfret. Got the stats from 1946 onwards but anyone got any lists from day one when we started? Said I check it out. He knew relatives had Pomfrets in Moor Lane which used to be a bed shop so I know he's not bull-shitting as I went to school with the son. Unfortunately Warren (the son) died years ago, about 20 years old.
  19. Tried that Pablo but he's a mad fucker with a bit of the white stuff up his hooter. That's why I'm home now!
  20. Mate of mine in the local is convinced I'm doing his ex-missus who he's still madly in love with and is giving her loads of grief about it today and apparently wants a little chat with me. Don't get me wrong but I would as she's a real fittie, but I got caught with another bird in the pub a couple of years back and got let off, so I've resisted all temptation. Got pissed, booked hotel and came home following day with tail between my legs which I should of done the night before! Fucking beer goggles! Trouble is my other half is back tomorrow after a hen week in Canaries and she'll k
  21. 15/8 we go down 7/1 Coyle next Prem manager to go If we are going down might as well soften the blow by getting a few quid to drown the sorrows?
  22. Couldn't get a ticket last night after deciding I fancied going a bit late and decided to go watch my fave non league team instead, Farnborough at Truro. 500 mile round trip but needed a footie fix. Got in car, started lashing down so ended up in the local for a few pints instead. When I saw they were 7 1 down at half time I counted my blessing I didn't bother. Finished 8 2. Reminded me when we 6 down after not long at Notts County a few years back about 85?? Parked up near the ground and the coppers made us walk back to the station even though I could touch me car as we walked
  23. I fancy going now but am ticketless. Anyone got a spare for tonight?
  24. Was at Oxford Utd v Grays a couple of years back when the Grays keeper got nobbled with a bad neck. 35 mins injury time in first half I think and he played the week after! Saying that bumping into Timmy Mallett in the bar before the game could have messed my head. Worse bit was gagging for a fag and couldn't get out 'til he blew for H-T.
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