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  1. Got all his details on a FA database - what do you want; address? home number? mobile? e-mail? I've lost count of the amount of times I've been tempted after a few pints to ring that twat. All details free to anyone via PM!
  2. No chance. Thrown out from one of them corporate box things last year for raring up when Gallas hacked Mavies and ref let goal stand. The missus and the rest of her family are Arsenal and they can fuck off as well. Fuckin hate the place. No atmosphere, shit fans and a load of over paid foreign diving cunts (well they were), just like Chelsea but I'll go there. Enjoyed Highbury on the odd occasion though!
  3. I'm in the boozer having a couple of pints watching the footie when 3 wannabe kids (about 15 / 16) turn up demanding ?100 of one of my mates as his son owes them. Now my mate's 60 odd, a big lad with history and did say something that made one of 'em start playing the race card but even so, when they asked him outside what the hell is he supposed to do? They're kids with attitude but even after telling them to come back with their dads, one of 'em said that he couldn't as his dad was dead. Shame, yes, but when you're fronted by a kid nearly in tears when he said that, but still want
  4. Probably right. There was no mention of us offering him anything in terms of a contract.
  5. Turns out C Ronaldo told him to go to Bolton but he was told by us he would get limited opportunity due to age and experience. Kettering offered him a contract and now hope they have a player they can sell into the Prem in 2+ years. Why we didn't just sign him up and let him go out on loan I don't know......
  6. Let's make it a quiz question??? Clue: Played 14 times for England but only scored on his debut
  7. The youngsters in the local drink Jagerbombs by the gallon and costs 'em a fortune. Reminds me of a couple of months back when there was a group of us and typical of the northern lad in the group I stood up to get the first round in. Ex-England striker I was with tells me he only ever drinks pink champagne, green tea or sparkling water. Naturally got him a sparkling water but what's wrong with a decent pint these days?? Any other odd drinks requested round your way?
  8. Luckily for them they don't play at Rockingham Road anymore. You're right it is a shithole. Went there a few times for some footie dealings in the past couple of years. They're now at Rushden & Diamonds whilst Chairman Ladak tries to wangle deal with a club a bit closer to home. The manager is a mate so I've just text him to find out the truth and will let you know when he gets back to me ......
  9. Elmander Goal! Always knew he had it in him! The Turks will love him there now.
  10. Just choose one that feels good ........ I spent a few quid on a Choice Willow a couple of years back but it doesn't do me much good 'cos I'm pretty shit. Did do a BBC Programme with Freddie Flintoff a couple of weeks ago and he used it for a bit and said it felt better than his Kookaburra. Saying that he could hit it miles with a plank. He's a big fucker! Think the programme is on next Tuesday IIRC but can't remember what it's called. I'm the one shitting myself when he's bowling at me! He can still wing it down off only a few paces. Good lad Freddie. Made me crack up whe
  11. Still don't know .... link either don't work or a few too many this afternoon.
  12. Thanks for the great memories! One thing that's bugged me for ages was a sunny saturday late 80's in Southend where there were loads in the away open terrace behind the goal. Shed loads sat down through the first half then invaded the pitch at half time into the home end behind the other goal. That end emptied rapid. To this day never found out who that lot were or why they were there? Anyone?
  13. They still come thro there and pester you! Was in there with the missus a couple of years back with a mate and his missus going up to Barnet for a FA Cup first rounder v Farnborough. Mate swore that the strippers wouldn't be on at 12 on a Sat lunch time. Stood by the door and the missus got asked by some Paddy if she was working. Needless to say time to go but did pop in on way back when the birds had had a skin full and didn't give a monkeys ...... Worst toilets I've ever been in that place. Tend to frequent Shoreditch area now!
  14. Anyone on here not been to the Flying Scotsman? Gone up now - quid rather that 50 nicker in the pot.
  15. Check out E & O in Notting Hill - My link Don't ususally do this sort of stuff but taken there recently and the missus might love it that the book shop from from the Notting Hill film is opposite! Book over the phone and ask for Sienna Miller's favourite table so they think you're famous and loaded! They do a crackin' duck and water melon salad ...... highly recommended! Expensive as fuck tho'.
  16. From the radio last week ....... I'm best mates with 25 letters of the alphabet. I don't know why. Made me giggle but god knows what reason.
  17. Wouldn't go there again for love nor money. Went there with Farnborough a few years back and the locals decided to run into the away fans (200?) when they must have known there wasn't a fighter amongst all of 'em. Just a load of kids, women, etc. Place is an athletics stadium, pitch was like a cow field, terrace behind both goals where nobody goes, a small stand down one side and a big terrace down the other where the majority of the capacity will be. Enjoy if you make the effort to go down there!
  18. Went down to watch the Conference South play off final on Sunday to find Ricky Shakes turning out for Ebbsfleet at Farnborough. Think this lad has finally found his level and scored a decent goal and looked pacy throughout - highlights My link He's no 10 in red if you fancy having a gander. 4267 on which was fantastic considering 'boro only usually get 700ish. Says in the programme he played for us once and scored but can't remember that. Anyone? Got to say it was a pleasure to watch 22 honest lads giving their all and none of this diving and rolling about nonsense that reall
  19. Got plenty of contacts, but not all clubs look at every trialist. There are hundreds of trailists every year. What's best? Point out a lad that may be the next Cahill when brought through and sold for ?15m+ or keep him in your back pocket, so he can go to Aldershot and they can make a good few quid when they sell him on?
  20. I was involved in running a trialist game today for young and experienced french lads looking for pro contracts in England. One youngish lad, Denga (spelling?) stood out an absolute mile and obviously slipped under the Wenger radar! So much so Deano has already offered ?20k to get him to Aldershot! Looks and plays like Samba but with more composure. Decent lad who listens and will get better, so defintely worth a punt. Reason for the message - hopefully someone from BWFC reads these messages and I might get a PM. They're all going home tomorrow after 4 days here, but he's one th
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