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  1. The bit I don't get is whether the employer has actually done anything wrong. Ethically yes, but legally I can't find any info. You're right about the dialogue but depends if he wants to piss him off and risk never getting his job back when the business re-opens. Plenty of time for him to find a new job I guess!
  2. Totally agree. I'll get him to set up in oppo to him when the time is right and rob his customers off him!
  3. To clarify - he is employed and paid via PAYE
  4. Anyone any idea if an employer can do this? Mate has been waiting five weeks for his furlough confirmation and cash and now his employer has sent him a letter saying that he's decided not to furlough, confirmed that he has been released from his contract from his last working day over five weeks ago but will re-employ him when the business opens again. Sounds well dodgy to me. Probably pocketing the cash.
  5. Rudy had the right idea! That's all for tonight folks. More tomorrow if you want some??
  6. Odd post, bit of lurking and that's about it. Been supplying the lads from the local with a few of these over the past few days so thought I'd join in as Zico is running short ...
  7. 1 in 40 chance of getting one nipple correct. Away you go lads.
  8. Zico - any chance of an answer from your last piccie? The lads from the pub are waiting for an answer!
  9. Can I play? Missed the others! 7 - short bird big bangers
  10. Long gone are the days of hiding his stash of cans of diet pepsi outside Hooters.
  11. Congrats. You understood!
  12. 😀 I know his laptop is fucked and he usually has crack all over his phone screen so that might be the reason why!
  13. All good chap! I'll see you when I see you!
  14. Sober / Travelodge Dan has done every away game this season! Fair play to the lad.
  15. 8/15 York 3/1 Draw 7/2 Bolton Might have a little flutter.
  16. Thorpey

    Take Over

    I know people involved in the Newcastle sale but they can't tell me bugger all about anything! Don't even know if he was one of the final five.
  17. Thorpey

    Take Over

    Any coincidence that the Middle Eastern mob haven't coughed up their £300m for Newcastle yet so Mike Ashley can't complete on BWFC as rules don't permit it? I have my doubts that it'll be FV but hopefully we'll all know the facts soon. Just a thought.
  18. Thorpey

    Take Over

    All this talk about Bassini and FV, there are three others in the mix who knew from the outset that they'd be up against these two. Would they have bothered putting up £25k and a bid together if they thought it wasn't worthwhile?
  19. Thorpey

    Take Over

    Port or Prosecco or both tonight Mr Grey?
  20. Thorpey

    Take Over

    You might be pleasantly surprised!
  21. Thorpey

    Take Over

    This. Pension funds are screaming out for land owners with property development sites and will pay all construction finance. Management company (includes the owner of the land) and pension fund share the monthly rental income for a fixed term. At end of fixed term all assets are passed back to the land owner via a lease back / asset transfer agreement. Land owner has an asset to borrow against and a monthly rental income. Easy bucks if you don't need to sell the land and can hang on a while. If Bassini is a property tycoon then he'll know this and this is what he
  22. Thorpey

    Take Over

    Had a fair few myself! And the bacon barms, bacon & egg barms, meat & potato pies, fruit pies. In my bloody element when she got an arcade of video machines put in the back storage room! Happy days and a good old dear!
  23. Thorpey

    Take Over

    You'll probably remember my gran who had the corner shop at the bottom on Wigan Road then Mr Grey!
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