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  1. 54 minutes ago, Casino said:

    I'd guess the employer has no intention of taking him back, even if your mate was willing to return

    The failure to pay him holiday pay and notice is a breach of contract...assuming he hasn't paid it, that is

    Did he work until termination date?

    Also, it's a while since I've done this, but 99% his termination date can't be weeks before he gets told he's going

    Potentially, there 4 - 6 weeks wages to be had


    If it was me and I didn't want to go back to the job, I'd start with a call or email to ACAS

    CAB at a push


    Cheers mate.

    Not sure anyone would want to return to a job where the boss had stitched you up.  I wouldn't.

    Got straight thro to ACAS and they said 'no respective termination' and furlough should be the option taken.  She said an employment lawyer would love this one and to get in touch with one asap!

    I'll take a step back now as one of my funders is mates with the owner and I don't want to piss him off!

  2. On 27/04/2020 at 20:37, Casino said:

    It's definitely worth a dig around

    Problem is, he's going to struggle to get anything out if his employer but might be nice to dob them in to HMRC

    But it'll be bridges burned

    I think the point earlier to ask for a P45 might force their hand if they're up to no good


    Just seen the letter and P45.

    Letter dated 28/4/20 saying employment terminated from 25/3/20, thanks for hard work etc., terminated due to lack of work due to lockdown, look forward to you returning to work when business recovers, P45 dated 25/3/20.

    No mention of any notice period, holiday pay due.

    So on PAYE for 6 months ish, laid off with no furlough and expected to go back!  What employer would do that, even if he just paid the furlough 80% that he would receive, surely that would have been the answer?

  3. 4 minutes ago, Spider said:

    That is WELL iffy.

    He needs to tell his employer that it’s wrong and start some dialogue, preferably in writing.

    He needs to start building a case right away. Don’t wait.

    The bit I don't get is whether the employer has actually done anything wrong.  Ethically yes, but legally I can't find any info.

    You're right about the dialogue but depends if he wants to piss him off and risk never getting his job back when the business re-opens.

    Plenty of time for him to find a new job I guess!

  4. 2 minutes ago, DazBob said:

    If he's and actual full time employee then his employer will need to give him his P45 from when he stopped working, so his employer won't be able to pocket the furlough cash.

    By you saying he's been released from his contract though, makes it sound like he's a contractor? If so, I'm not sure he'd qualify for furlough anyway.

    To clarify - he is employed and paid via PAYE

  5. Anyone any idea if an employer can do this?

    Mate has been waiting five weeks for his furlough confirmation and cash and now his employer has sent him a letter saying that he's decided not to furlough, confirmed that he has been released from his contract from his last working day over five weeks ago but will re-employ him when the business opens again.

    Sounds well dodgy to me.  Probably pocketing the cash.

  6. Just now, stevieb said:

    Is this a return of thorpey... Can't remember seeing a post from you in ages. 

    Tits will do that to blokes. Get em all crawling out of the woodwork! 

    Odd post, bit of lurking and that's about it.

    Been supplying the lads from the local with a few of these over the past few days so thought I'd join in as Zico is running short ...


  7. 1 hour ago, Morizio said:

    Pisscan Dan, does he still post or is he too busy twatting garrp. All the time

    😀 I know his laptop is fucked and he usually has crack all over his phone screen so that might be the reason why!

  8. 40 minutes ago, RUREADY2ROLL said:

    Not seen him for ages but saying that I have only been 4 games

    Sober / Travelodge Dan has done every away game this season!

    Fair play to the lad.

  9. 23 minutes ago, tomski said:

    Just can’t see it pal. I think standard stuff is just going on not that the owner owns another club.

    I know people involved in the Newcastle sale but they can't tell me bugger all about anything!

    Don't even know if he was one of the final five.


  10. Any coincidence that the Middle Eastern mob haven't coughed up their £300m for Newcastle yet so Mike Ashley can't complete on BWFC as rules don't permit it?  

    I have my doubts that it'll be FV but hopefully we'll all know the facts soon.

    Just a thought.

  11. All this talk about Bassini and FV, there are three others in the mix who knew from the outset that they'd be up against these two.

    Would they have bothered putting up £25k and a bid together if they thought it wasn't worthwhile?


  12. 4 minutes ago, Mr Grey said:

    I will say it again, Parkinson is a cunt! ...from a football perspective he is and will always be clueless, stubborn and deluded and I have witnessed the shittest of shittest football since I started watching us in the early 70's.  

    Yeah he seems to have carried himself well regarding all the shite that's been going on with cunt number 2 - Tank Top Sweaty Ken, but he's also hidden behined it all. The way we play football is solely down to that cunt, and that cunt alone. And I won't be apologising for calling the cunt a cunt!


    Port or Prosecco or both tonight Mr Grey? 

  13. 8 hours ago, Big E said:

    All this talk of Mike Ashley....people know we won't be bought by anyone with serious money right?

    You might be pleasantly surprised!

  14. 14 hours ago, Casino said:

    BWFC have plenty saleable assets

    Any prospective owner knows this

    Expect to see land development, including the car parks, some commercial building and houses

    There's also maybe some land that the govt/council need to build a relief road

    Plenty opportunities to recoup the investment

    Think the hotel will be sold as well



    Pension funds are screaming out for land owners with property development sites and will pay all construction finance.

    Management company (includes the owner of the land) and pension fund share the monthly rental income for a fixed term.

    At end of fixed term all assets are passed back to the land owner via a lease back / asset transfer agreement.

    Land owner has an asset to borrow against and a monthly rental income.

    Easy bucks if you don't need to sell the land and can hang on a while. 

    If Bassini is a property tycoon then he'll know this and this is what he may have up his sleeve.  If he doesn't he can ask me and I'll get it sorted for him!

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