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  1. Still got the e-mail Spider as it's my main ammo in the appeal. Trouble is they also sent a hard copy confirmation letter with the correct date which I didn't take any notice of and that led to the confusion. Though about the press but still waiting since last Wednesday for the confirmation of my fine to come through and then I can work out how to appeal and whether the papers in an option. Sounds like a plan though although trying to keep this away from my lad. No doubt he'd find out from the papers, internet, etc. For those of you explaining about how the benefits side of it works
  2. If the state get the CSA money, what does she get? I don't get it!
  3. Cheers Barry. Is that 15% of gross income? I did all the minimise the wage bit hoping that the calculation would work out low and CSA guys told me to keep all receipts so that I could prove to them what I spend on a monthly basis and that this would be taken into consideration also. Ex-bird knows the figures but carried on pursuing regardless in the hope of more that the circa ?275 she currently gets. Now it's gone through the court and I didn't fill in the forms, I don't know what the next stage is as I haven't heard from them yet.
  4. Got it in a nutshell. They are still mates and he still pays half the mortgage as well.
  5. Self - employed in England. Self - assessment and all that nonsense! CSA send you forms and you have to confirm income, expenditure, etc. From that they tell you what you have to pay. What worries me is that they get the full monty breakdown of your income from whatever means then I'll get stitched up. When I didn't fill the forms out they sent me a default arrangement of ?30 per week which was loads less than I currently pay. Thought about it but didn't change the arrangement that had been in place for years! I haven't got a problem fighting it through courts if necessary but a
  6. I reckon I've been stitched up by the CSA and courts and wondered if anyone else has had dealings with them? Bit of background; Bird gets pregnant in Dec '98 and son born in Sept '99. Bird leaves for a bloke at work early 2000 (yes the lad is mine!). Bloke turns out to be a decent lad so no problems there. Regularly see son and all seems well for years. About 18 months back, bloke leaves ex-bird but stays in touch with her. Bloke continues to pay towards their mortgage and utility bills until early last year when stops utility bill payments. Ex-bird comes after me for an extra ?3
  7. The ?60 bit around the bottom bit at half way was part of the neutral area i.e all the tickets we (& Stoke) didn't get allocated. I was in there in Block 123 and loads free near me although quite a few suddenly got occupied after half time. Had a load of foreigners around me after half time. Wierd bit was the Stoke bit looked a lot fuller than out bit, but may be I am wrong.
  8. Don't like the Emirates as no atmosphere but thought Wembley was spot on apart from the cost of some stuff. I was sat at pitch side and the seats at the top upper looked absolutely miles away. Anyone up there and could you tell what was going on? Surely someone on here is still at school / college and can look for how high it is and can then work out the distance from the centre spot given the circumference is 1km to the top seats. I reckon about 200 metres! Any other guesses before some smart arse works it out?
  9. First pint in the pub at Reading station about 10.45, mate turned up about half hour later, then another before train at 11.30 to Paddington. Big pack of cheese and onion Walkers on train surrounded by loads of Arsenal and a fella with two young lads about 8, one in an Arsenal kit and the other in Liverpool so god knows where he was sitting. Tube to Baker Street. One minute to get on fast one to Wembley Park, just made it by sticking arm in the door when it was just closing. Asked the nearest lad it is was the fast one to Uxbridge to which I got 'Fuck off you c**t'. Nice! Doors cl
  10. Cheers bwfcdan. Much appreciated and sounds like a spot on spot. There was a ground map somewhere on here I think but couldn't find it for luv nor money! How being where the tickets are is a neutral zone I've got no friggin' clue but they say I won't get in with colours. Loads of beer before kick off 'll take me mind off it. Happy days. Then work on Monday.
  11. Right got my tickets in Entrance N Block 123 Row 21. Cheers mate - bleeding neutral zone! Anyone know if that's anywhere near our allocation? If it's not anyone got a couple of spares anywhere in the Bolton end as I'm not sitting near the Stokies?
  12. He was my manager when I played some footie and he got them thro the FA. Still costing me ?60ish so must be in the decent viewing bit. Rather be in with the lads tho.
  13. Well fucked off now. Just had a call from my mate sorting the tickets to say that we're in a 'neutral' bit so can't wear colours. I know they're decent tickets and come from the FA but what the fucks all that about? Will I sit on my arse and keep my gob shut when we score? Will I fuck, so they'll know who I'm supporting so I might as well wear my colours. What a load of shite. Anyone got a couple of spares up for grabs so I can come in with you lot?? Or want to swop anywhere in our end for our two??
  14. A couple of us meeting up at the Three Guineas next to Reading station at 11.30 on Sunday, supping and then boarding a fast one into Paddington about 12.30. Anyone else coming in from here and fancy meeting up? Might be a few Arsenal, scousers and the odd Stokie on the train but getting a beer in the buffet bit shouldn't be a problem!
  15. I can certainly confirm that Brazil likes a shant or ten. I was out on the lash with him a while back with Laurie McMenemy, Steve Foster, Alan Hudson and few others and he left straight from the bar to get ready for his morning show. Not a wink of shut eye and off he went. Listened to him that morning and all he spoke about was getting lashed the night before! Fair play! On the other hand; Foster went guy when he got pissed and fell asleep under the urinals in the bog Hudson ran out of cash to fund his triple vodkas and orange and sold his tie to a punter in the hotel for ?80
  16. Luther Blisset Watford to Milan for ?1m after scoring a shed load at Watford. Did 'uck all and came back to Watford a few months later and scored a shed load more. Or .... Steve McAnespie??
  17. Nakata - best Rasiak - worst Worst ever has got to be Nigel Jemson though.
  18. Can't see this happening at the 'bok Good crack though,but not as funny as the fat kid beating the crap out of the bully ......
  19. God knows why I'm putting this on here but the missus wants to know who will replace Richard Keys on Sky. Just seen that DS got us the winner! Stella been downed and just wine left in the fridge. That'll do! Anyone else think that Ben Shepherd would do a decent job?
  20. With some of you lot mentioning the Aldershot games reminds me of an interview I took about 5 years back with a bloke about a manager's job who told me that one of his proudest achievements in football was captaining Aldershot team that beat us in the play offs. Really p*ssed me off at the time and told him he had no chance straight away and didn't tell him I was a Bolton fan until a while later when we were chatting footie over a pint. Never did check if he was lying or not but anyone got the programme and can tell me if their captain was McDonald? Ian I think? Always called him Macca
  21. Sad, sad news. Many thanks for the smiles you put on many faces every day for many years. Your memory will live on in the hearts of Boltonians and beyond for ever. RIP Nat.
  22. Smart arse . Whilst on the subject, the missus' contribution was that he had a nice bum as he climbed into the jet! I can't comment but I guess there will be a few on here that will! Didn't get the bird rolling around in the see through ball thing either!
  23. Watched it tonight and couldn't get him. Just thought that he looked as cool as **** through the clip as a Top Gun pilot and then when Joe Hart got it and I didn't I was well p'ed off! Escape button now or scroll down for the answer ..... SKD
  24. Don't mind admitting it, some of the things I've woke up next to over the years have scared me shitless! Beer can be cruel sometimes but I'll learn one day
  25. Not talking anymore. Traf scared the shite out of me and I've decided I don't fancy being a part of your fry up in the morning!!
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