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  1. Dilemma now! Do I shut the 'uck up or look forward to fun on the breakfast table ??!!
  2. Fair point, well made! Thought that myself when I put that last post on!
  3. No, but I do know them! I looked after finances at the club in the days of Higgins, Turburville and Theo up to the point where it was just Higgins and Thorpe, then just Higgins and then no club! Believe it or not we made massive strides forward but the historic stuff crippled us in the end especially the Westley issues! Great memories though and loads of good people there ....... just hope they get through the current off field problems. So who are you then? Would I know you?
  4. You'll probably know me then! Never came across another trotter when I was down there but great to know you still make it down there. I do get down occasionally these days but don't blame me for the old club going to the wall!
  5. Ruddy 'eck Exile Girl I thought I was the only one on here with a massive problem with Westley. A1 tosser of the highest degree and I've seen it first hand. Back in 2002/3 he owned and managed Farnborough Town who got beat by the Arse at Highbury. When the gates receipts (nearly ?0.5m) arrived he issued an invoice to FTFC for the same amount, wrote himself a cheque and fucked off to Stevenage with 8 1st teamers in tow and somehow managed to forget the vat payments due on the gate receipts, the fans, etc. Not only did this completely fuck up FTFC as a few years later they were liquida
  6. Having a late one watching the Aussie bashing so I've put it on ebay. Let's see what happens!! eBay link
  7. Nah this one's on the missing list!
  8. cheers bd. I've got the Bolton Spurs one assuming it's the one for Weds Sept 7th 1960. Are you serious about ?200 plus?? What do I do with them all? Help!
  9. A tenner would be a start for the cause! Not got the Stoke away one I'm afraid but just having a shifty through and got a wierd looking thing from Monday 4th November 1957 home against CDSA (Central Home of the Soviet Army) Moscow. Looks like they were over here trying to make friends! This must be a rare one! Get a tenner to Neil and PM me with your address and I'll send it to you. Cheers.
  10. boltondiver Got that one! Wed Sept 12 k.o 6.00pm?? I assume we had no lights in them days! Make a decent offer and 100% to the kids. Neil / Admin / Happy Wanderer's call whether to accept or not! I'll post it to you when he gives the ok! Cheers!
  11. All sorted. My lad to put them on eBay for me and a 50 /50 cut of any profits to the kids charity. Cheers Neil.
  12. Just cleared the loft out come across a shed load of old programmes dating back to the 50s. Think me dad must of give 'em me years back as I only popped out in the late 60s! They'll only gather dust so any ideas where's best to get rid and get a few quid? Any of you lot collect this sort of thing and need anything? Looks like there's loads of good 'uns in there inc: Loads of home & away - league, cup 1950s onwards Final 53 Semi & Final 58 Testimonials - Lofthouse, Rimmer, Hassall Last game at Burnden signed by Supa John when I met him after in the Pack Horse! Some pr
  13. Having been at the helm of a Conference club (although it wasn't quite the Premiership!) there is a popular misconception among fans that increased gates means more money available for players, etc. Problem is that gate money is only a small % of income. If we filled the 'bok every game this year, then it's mean about an extra 8k people per game, paying an average of ?20 for 20 games = ?3.2m and when you've paid the vat comes to about ?2.7m - a small dent in our deficit. Where the 'eck is the rest of the deficit going to get made up from? You can't cut player contracts (just hope that t
  14. Jeepers this came as a bit of a shock. I guess big money transfers are off limits for a while at least ..... Link
  15. No idea why or how this bloke got all his info from but he's managed to put together a list of every player since the war who's played for the Wanderers, position, where they came from, where they went, appearances and goals. Have a gander at My link I've been going since the early 70s but it's amazing the names I forgot, or may be just chose to forget! There must be some names on there that are wrong. Anyone spot any?
  16. Lost count of the times a cross field longish (don't do long ball anymore) ball went over to CYL in 2nd half. Give the lad the ball on the floor and he'll do the business. He ain't gonna win sod all in the air for god sakes.
  17. Never a straight red. Looked like Klasnic just pushed the Stoke lad in the chest to stop him from pulling Taylor's shirt off his back. Second yellow was shite. Not even a free kick. Ref was and is shite.
  18. Cheers for that. Just went to try with my phone and looks like the missus must have deleted it off the planner! Anyone else got a copy by any chance?
  19. Last saturday Soccer am showed a mock advert featuring SKD with Capello etc. Got it on my Sky+ but anyone any idea on how to get it from there on to my lap top? Excuse the ignorance but it was fantastic and I need to send it to a few folks! Cheers,
  20. Bent out now with groin strain ..... but Capello just said that Crouch will start. Bollox.
  21. Dappy cows! Two birds from Bolton thought Munich won everything last year and it cost 'em a few hundred grand!! Ha ha that'll teach 'em! One with the dodgy hair had a fit bod tho'! p.s. hope none of you lot know 'em .........
  22. No relation to anyone. Did score 2 at the Reebok in the first Football Aid match. Went out on the lash with Laurie McMenemy, Alan Hudson, Alan Brazil and Steve Foster a couple of years back and the more they got p*ssed then the more stories they told which can't be put on here. Steve Foster did get a bit gay though. Alan Hudson a p*ss head as if we didn't know - triple vodka and orange - what's all that a bout? Told that I was the first person ever to be "requested to leave" one of the corporate boxes at the Emirates this year when we went 3 - 2 down. But my all time favourit
  23. 'Don't be shy and introduce yourself' - Born and bred in Farnworth but been down south since '83. Go to every game I can these days. I take loads of 'cockney' bollox but always there when I can. Came up with 5 Chelsea lads when we got beat 0-4 last month. Sat in the ESL with the lot of 'em and they were good as gold. Quiet as a mouse they were. Fair play. Always been a white and always will be.
  24. Tonight summed it up for me. Premiership football is bollocks and I've been watching the Whites since 1970. Fair play tonight, we dominated the 1st half and deserved a half time lead even when they scored we should have got rid but these things happen. 2nd half, Wenger must have said fall over at any opportunity and the ref will back us up. Ref will support it. It happened. We sat back a bit and paid the penalty although how the ref didn't see the French twat fly in on M Davies I don't know. Cut a long story short, 4 of us were in a box (freebie rather than contribute to AFC) a
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