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  1. 'Don't be shy and introduce yourself' - Born and bred in Farnworth but been down south since '83. Go to every game I can these days.


    I take loads of 'cockney' bollox but always there when I can. Came up with 5 Chelsea lads when we got beat 0-4 last month. Sat in the ESL with the lot of 'em and they were good as gold. Quiet as a mouse they were. Fair play.


    Always been a white and always will be.

  2. Tonight summed it up for me. Premiership football is bollocks and I've been watching the Whites since 1970.


    Fair play tonight, we dominated the 1st half and deserved a half time lead even when they scored we should have got rid but these things happen.


    2nd half, Wenger must have said fall over at any opportunity and the ref will back us up. Ref will support it. It happened. We sat back a bit and paid the penalty although how the ref didn't see the French twat fly in on M Davies I don't know.


    Cut a long story short, 4 of us were in a box (freebie rather than contribute to AFC) and had a few beers but got asked to leave in the end by 5 stewards as we were weren't allowed to cheer for the whites, argue against any ref decision, etc. Box 8 (next to us) rared up and it kicked off 'verbally'. That's it. What a load of shite. And home I went. No choice. 3-2 at the time.


    40 odd now but remember the old days like yesterday, like turning the clock back, but without the numbers.


    Train back home was interesting ...... a few of the AFC lads in the buffet car talking about the old days. How the fuck can they enjoy a night out spending a fortune in a stadium like an opera house where the beer is warm and 11 twats falling over whenever a real bloke gets near 'em defeats me?

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