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  1. Yes mate. PM me as you get shot for putting them on here!
  2. Only a little reference to the PFA dosh he got. Only experience I have is that a bet of £750 at 14/1 with Skybet for a manager to be sacked sent the odds down to 9/4 a few years back.
  3. 6/1 to evens in a couple of hours? I reckon you'd need to put about £400k on for that to happen. Hang on a minute ......
  4. One of the lads that works at Reading FC tells me that the club are coming up tomorrow to meet KA then Parky to discuss the Reading job. Compensation? - may be a good thing considering? Parky going? - done the best he can with what he has but may be time for a change imho Let's see what happens .........
  5. That was when you were offside even if you were half dead by the corner flag. Gary Jones off at the back of Whatmore I think. Couldn't really see from where I was in the paddock at the time and I was only 10.
  6. Here on a visitor's visa until February. They want over £2.4k for the licence which a club must get. He's got an offer from Malta today, a couple of conference clubs may take him or there's the chance to go to Scotland with a loan out to Belgium. Hopefully, get something sorted for the lad.
  7. Never used Twatter so wouldn't have a clue Casino!
  8. Got a lad with me who is a senior international for Trinidad & Tobago and just released from a contract from a premier league club in Honduras. Aged 22 with a Trinidad & Tobago passport, he's here to be with his auntie as his mum died and doesn't know his dad. Nice lad who just wants to play football. Took him to Farnborough Town last week for training and stood out like a sore thumb. A young JJ tbh and scored a screamer with fantastic balance just like the great man! They asked him to play a friendly tonight against Kingstonian but his inclusion was denied by the FA.
  9. Sounds like a few meeting up at my local pre match with you lot and a few of the London lot. Opens at 11. Any idea what time you're due to arrive?
  10. Ironically I was talking about this with some Reading lads last night and they reckon the players are at the point of just ignoring Stam's negative tactics and just going out and playing their own game. That could have been interesting if they actually ended up winning. Could Stam have had a go at them for ignoring him even though they proved his tactics were crap?
  11. No surprise there then. Could they tempt Parky to go there, being a cult hero and all that?
  12. Chatting with some Reading lads tonight. Agree with them that we have average players who try their bollocks off for each other and Parky. They have some big money names who don't do either. They would take Parky in a heartbeat to replace Stam and I can't blame them.
  13. Tilehurst - about 2 miles from town centre
  14. The more the merrier. You're paired off with Sober Dan.
  15. Early meet in the local pub, footie bus from outside. Back to pub. Walk home. Should be about 15 of us including 4 West Ham.
  16. You're about 76 years old with little legs .... so save your money for a few beers at Reading!
  17. £13 - £25 in Block AL South Africa Road stand in you fancy sitting in their bit next to our end. Robbing bastards.
  18. 41 years ago. Jesus. Midweek or Saturday always remember as a kid; the drive from Farnworth and how far the cars were parked up Bradford Road meant how far we had to walk from a side street, the left turn out of Weston Street to see how big the queues were at the Lever End and whether the grey tele vans were parked up and then finally being passed over the turnstile as it was cheaper for my dad to bung the turnstile chap 10p rather than the extra 20p for a dad 'n' lad ticket at £1.10. I was gutted that night and can remember the big crowd atmospheres to this day. Still no idea where m
  19. Do we do the non-league, next Jamie Vardy bit? I see that Roy Hodgson and his side-kick were at Farnborough yesterday watching Sam Smart from Basingstoke Town who fits the KA wish list for an attacker to run at defenders. Very, very decent. Get in there quick Parky lad. You must have some contacts down here. Might be worth a quick ring.
  20. Enjoying this one tonight. Best in a while. https://www.thepipstop.co.uk/wines-c7/browse-wines-c8/red-wine-c19/mcguigan-black-label-red-p24
  21. Hopefully it was a good idea to put a few quid behind this little venture! Active Crew have developed a business model whereby anyone in the UK can have their own cleaning business in less than three weeks with all the tools needed to start including website, email, local phone number, marketing materials, cleaning products and clothing. Cost of entry is very low and ideal to anyone who wants to start their own new venture in a growing market or anyone currently working for a cleaning company and wants to go it alone. For more information www.activecrewfranchise.co.uk If you kn
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-C2VH8exRA So we invaded and got escorted off, they invaded and got escorted off. PV fan with 8 min video of Bolton fans ???
  23. In plus 3 mates from the local (Pompey, Cov & L'pool) & Sober Dan. eta Oxford 4.00pm. Pay on the day. No rain yesterday and a fine day ahead. Come on whites.
  24. Anyone got a clip of that bit where one of the Bolton lads had a little cuddle with the Gillingham player who jumped over the hoardings to get the ball? Bolton lad looked a bit disappointed when he jumped back onto the pitch. Did you get his number?
  25. Wouldn't mind seeing that move which ended up with a Pratley volley where their keeper pulled out a cracking stop. Different class tonight. Impressed by the lot of them but Morais sprinting 50 yards across the pitch to have a word with Madine when he lost the plot with the ref showed just how much he cares. Madine had been decent all night and luckily PP pulled him off soon after. Madine is fundamental to how we play and we can't afford him to be out.
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