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  1. The missus wants to go and put some flowers by his front door as he lived just down the road from us. Didn't mind some of his tunes but not sure I want to be spotted on one of those outside broadcast things. Anyway off we go. RIP George
  2. 'uck knows what happened there. See you tomorrow.
  3. Their old place yes with a little blond thing i'd met the night before. Someone kept a ball from the kick around at the start in the terrace and we ended up on the pitch at half time in the nets to the left. Stewards and a couple of coppers ran on and about six of us scattered. Got chased towards the home end and done a u-turn down the tunnel and got back safely after a mild telling off. Best bit about that was that I played some serious badminton at the time and my mixed partner was a real game older bird and loved it when I told her about shagging exploits. The look on her face when
  4. This is the away end which was pay on the door. Away teams used to always get the whole end but can't remember if the RHS was cordoned off for more Reading lads as the queues were quite long. All the pictures here if anyone interested http://www.getreading.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/gallery/reading-v-bolton-wanderers-1985-12168321
  5. Seats at Reading away in '85. Some familiar faces in there.
  6. Where's the high pressing, high energy game that worked well at Bury? Trotter winds me up the lazy get.
  7. About 300 to 400 of them. And a fit bird lino.
  8. About 200 on. Decent that. And it's pissing down.
  9. In. Last time I was there there was a cricket pitch opposite the main stand and got chased round the pitch by stewards for taking penalties in the goal at half time. Think we were in a terrace bit to the side of the main stand. Copper just laughed when caught. How times change.
  10. Now what do I do! My Messenger is all clear of messages! The following errors were foundThe member Marc505 cannot receive any new messages This personal message has not been sent
  11. Cheers mate. When I get back from the local I'll work out how to clear the messenger and pm you with my mobile number
  12. Now travelling up for this one. Spare required if anyone has one???
  13. And Dave's finishing work at 12.30 so he can come with you! See you in bristol mate.
  14. Don't know exactly yet but probably about 4ish. Will text you nearer the time mate.
  15. Join us on the 22.35 from Temple Meads. 10 min cab ride from ground.
  16. Me??!! Trev has now left the building.
  17. Trev is about to start the change to being a bloke. My thoughts on Trev? Way out of Tomski's league.
  18. Local landlord goes on holiday for a couple of weeks and this right little sort turns up. Bit of a shaved hair do but nice tits and arse and early 20s. My mate who's twice her age is having a fag when she sits next to him and the conversation goes along the lines of ... Her "Have you ever thought about gay sex?" Him "No quite happy with the female variety" Her "Fancy coming upstairs for a fuck?" Him "What the fuck?" Her "If you don't fancy fucking me then I'll give you a blow job or a hand job. Ok?" Him "Off we go ....." Up the stairs she tells my mate that he's got to
  19. Coyle won't be back then. Ex Burnley going to Blackburn. Dingles will love that.
  20. I'll ask the dog if it's still going on but I doubt it. Ta.
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