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  1. Introduced to the punk stuff in the early 80s at Highfield youth club after a couple of years of the Bay City Rollers when I was about 10, then moved on to the Romantic scene later and Indie in the 90s. Got better as it moved on. No idea what is going on know. Mum's mate is Liz who was in Boney M from the start as she is as sound as a pound so give her no grief. Good old bird with a nice dog.
  2. 50 plus applicants down to single figures and interview process well under way Need to take advantage of loan market Time to move on and progress Mmmmm
  3. I had that and it was a nightmare. Turned out it was something to do with my apple ID so just turned it off / deleted it off her phone and it worked alright.
  4. Based down South it looks like; MK and Charlton coming down with us 3 or 4 of Northampton, Oxford, Bristol Rovers, Plymouth, Pompey, Wimbledon, Wycombe, Exeter, Orient coming up Swindon, Peterboro, Cov, Southend, Walsall, Gillingham, Millwall staying where they are Some lovely days out there which will bring back a few memories ......
  5. Breaking news on Sky Sports - new owner to be named by weekend
  6. I reckon that night was late 80s. Obvious it was going to happen as they left the ground about 10 mins from the end. Got caught right in the middle and remember some old bloke in his 80s hit the deck. Got the old bloke back to his feet and managed to get out of it. Self-preservation got the better of me that night! There were loads of them and remember thinking that helping the old boy and I might get out without a good kicking. Apologies for being a shit fan that night.
  7. Mr PG, what can I say apart from "Thanks". Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you brought to our club. Nobody ever sees eye to eye with the club Chairman, but I know you did what you thought was best and what an experience us supporters had during your tenure. Felt like I knew you, but never really did. RIP fellow Wanderer and a huge "Thanks" again.
  8. I see your mate it on the Bolton News site!!! http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/14194404.1_100_Bolton_Wanderers_fans_make_trip_to_Hampshire_to_see_team_scrape_draw_with_non_league_minnows_Eastleigh_FC/
  9. Interview with Eastleigh manager and extended highlights at half-time during Oxford Swansea game on BBC Wales Sky channel 971 if anyone's interested.
  10. https://twitter.com/wilsonbwfc/status/685866099578109952 Currently in hiding!
  11. Wants to stay anon for time being! But promises to tell his story of events later ......
  12. A regular poster on here who's now enjoying a quiet pint!
  13. Just stopped raining. More due at 3pm. Nice and dry in spoons.
  14. Gudni Ritson Browny ... then Alan Hutton in that order in my era.
  15. Sorry to disappoint but they've made up. Last seen walking hand in hand into The Valley last Tuesday. Sorry no piccie.
  16. Finally home after a long day but well worth it. Every single one of them lads who put on the white shirt tried their bollocks off tonight. I know some have short comings and this can easier be seen when they scored but there was no doubting their commitment. Bit worried that we look for Mavies with every short pass from the back and others bomb on. On a greasy pitch like tonight there is no guarantee that he'll get it under control and progress and it put the fear of god in me when he lost it. Best team by a mile after their first but done again when Moxey fell asleep. If that
  17. What a friggin' mess the BWFC top brass have got us in. As far as I know the only options now are to either pay up the HMRC debt (and if it is old debt, then they'll probably want the lot) or go into administration quickly and get a CVA sorted out. This will give the club a decent chance of avoiding being wound up but the impact on the football side of things is shite. Like anyone else, I've no idea why HMRC would issue a winding up order as they would get nothing if the BWFC went to the wall, so they must have reached a point where they've just had enough over the past few months/yea
  18. Thorpey


    Hull out. Charlton In.
  19. Cock. I'm comparing two football clubs in the same position as each other. Two clubs that need to adhere to the same rules set by the football authorities and two clubs that need to pay their bills as they know what the outcome will be if they don't. Grow up.
  20. No! Although I have seen Sophie Anderton in her undies once about the same time she was banging Simon Jordan who was their Chairman about the same time we were at Farnborough Town!
  21. I've been in this situation with a club that me and two mates had a while back, so unless the rules have changed the future can go one of three ways: 1. New Owner - now seems an unlikely prospect unless the due diligence process has started as this can take a while. If the cash flow is not available to meet current 'footballing' expenditure then this will be frowned on by the PFA / league and players will be free to leave if the terms of their contracts are not met and administration will follow without a substantial cash injection to meet liabilities until a take over is complete. This
  22. A flare and a fracas and they get over 40 years and six year bans. It's gone mad. http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/local-news/atherstone-town-fa-cup-thugs-10419110
  23. So who went arse over tit then? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vh7hBRqTSJ0
  24. Surprised me a bit how much we dominated first half and a couple of decent performances - Clough in patches, Prince apart from the one time he nearly fucked up big time and enjoyed the Madine challenges and flick ons, but ............. Work on corners ffs - we had loads of them and never looked like scoring. Stop being lazy bastards and get back on side. Stop clearly running off side. Excellent support - before and during but fuck off the boo boys and support the lads through thick and thin.
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