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  1. Swan Hotel has a few in mate
  2. Can't get there on time after work or home that night by train. Will be making up for it at Huddersfield and QPR .........
  3. Here's a first ... I'm driving to a match. Missus has the motor so got a company Transit van so if anyone needs a quick getaway from the stadium to get the train (MK or Bletchley) PM me and I'll drop you off. First come first served. p.s. Sober Dan has bagged one of the front seats.
  4. Loved that bloke. Was at his house a couple of weeks ago and he did look terrible but always a nice welcome. RIP George and condolences to Penny and family. High as a kite watching the cricket but now this news has put a real dampener on the day.
  5. I was out with the lad who missed the penalty at Ascot a few weeks after. A couple of lads asked that I wouldn't wind him up knowing full well after a few pints he had no chance. Fair play, when we met at the 3 guineas at Reading station early doors, he took me outside and told me to take the piss and get it done as he'd be waiting for it all day. Good lad Stuart Lovell and thanks for the missing the pen lad!
  6. Living in Reading it wasn't the worst day of my life supporting the whites! Back to a boozer to meet the Reading lads, 8 of us weren't that welcome. I thought they were mates. Still talking about it now.
  7. Neil Lennon's side will travel to Austria in early July for a training camp before four away friendlies against lower league opposition. I've read that bit wrong! Assumed it was four games in Austria but reading again it obviously isn't and is just a training camp!
  8. Seen some shite pre-season but hopefully make it over to Austria for a couple of games. Worst for me has got to be Pompey away about 3 or 4 years back when they only had 4 or 5 players signed on and the rest were trialists. We got dicked 3 - 0 IIRC.
  9. I was out with Robin Friday's ex-missus last night and the film is definitely going ahead with Sam Claflin playing him. She's only getting £5k for her story with no royalties which seems a bit mean, but she has had some of the story written out as she doesn't want the grand kids seeing her character being thrown naked onto the bed or being banged up against a wall! Good girl Liza and has one of the best nicknames going - Kronenbourg - for looking 16 from the back and 64 from the front! You still would though! HBAHT - peanuts.
  10. Graham Westley - can't stand that c***. Robbed Farnborough Town of all their gate receipts from a FA Cup game at Highbury and then f*cked off with 8 of the first team when he bought into Stevenage. Then got £53m when his dad died and still wouldn't pay back what he owed. Tw*t of the highest arrogant order.
  11. 18614 - not bad considering.
  12. Worked for a pal. We were out playing golf and he couldn't swing his arms when club was behind the ball but ok with a practice swing. This lad is a slow player at the best of times, so thought he was winding me up. "Just fuckin hit it" didn't help him but 45 mins with a hypnotist did. Wierd really.
  13. Attendance: 10,070 (including 357 Bolton supporters) I wasn't far off! Time for bed.
  14. I'd guess at about 350 to 400 ish
  15. Right that's it for away games for me this season. Thought we started ok but kin ell how quick did we go downhill. Big clear out needed and if this fuckin train doesn't hurry up I'm screwed getting home. Fair play to those that travelled down. Decent turn out tbh.
  16. Bloody freezing down here and didn't bring a coat. I want to go home, I want go home ....
  17. Lennon clarified the reasoning for Barry Bannan and Neil Danns’ absence from the matchday squad. “We’ve dealt with that issue internally. We set standards at the club and whilst we don’t mind players going out and socialising, there’s a line that you simply can’t cross. “The players have been disciplined and we’ll look at it next week.” On the piss then.
  18. Head pounding ... and the missus won't fuckin' shut up
  19. 2 Managers 9 Grounds Wouldn't recognise any grounds this year. Beer.
  20. I remember Don McAllister's twin nieces very well from the later 70s early 80s. Amanda and Deborah (can't remember which one was my early on grapple, etc.) lived down the bottom of Windermere Road in Farnworth. Just done a little google search and still very decent.
  21. I'm best mates with 25 letters of the alphabet. I don't know why.
  22. Steward pal of mine on left got a bollocking from his boss for laughing at this lad doing somersaults on the pitch before grabbing him! Also got two broken ribs after taking an elbow from him. Not only did the lad get nicked for going on the pitch but a quantity of foil wrapped white powder fell out of his pocket when he was somersaulting. Silly sod.
  23. I tried this and spent a while checking the virgin package I was going to tell Sky I was getting. Call went along the lines of; "I'm leaving for Virgin so want to cancel my Sky TV, Phone and Broadband" "Let's see if there's anything I can do Sir ..................... no there's nothing we can do as you can't get Virgin at your address" "Ok I'll stay as I am, bye" Probably worth a check on the Virgin site first!
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