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  1. Back to topic ffs, who'd bum a nominated girl/woman in the Bungle outfit (thanks @mickyd) you risk Rose West or Rupaul if you go pot luck.
  2. What are these grass doorbells good for? You porting twenty miles? It's a fucking disgrace.
  3. Go Liberian, and a girl, they eat less and you can re-enact track 4 of 'Bad' if bored.
  4. Cheers, MickyD. Are these rules so daft? Bungle with Dua Lipa in him, good. Without Bungle it could be Rose West (which Zico may opt for).
  5. A pick-ax handle is formidable. Not my words...
  6. And a dog that has the taste of (stranger) human flesh.
  7. A pick-ax handle and genuine threats of biting off soft tissue.
  8. Avoiding the pertinent subject I see... Fit bird of your choice, in the Bungle suit or pot luck (including Rose West)?
  9. Everyone was gloating, me included, but seeing those polo-ed up cockernee racist barrow boys celebrating knocked me sick - it was lose/lose last night.
  10. I bought some Portugese lad's entire vinyl collection for fuck all, he'd gone to the nest of cowards that is Paul's utopia - Switzerland, home of the coward and anti-semite.
  11. Not you, egocentric fellow. Would you fuck Bungle - with a girl/woman of choice within, in your case probably HRH The Queen Mother. Or a randomly assigned female - ie Rose West or Fern Brittan..?
  12. Who'd be in Bungle? I reckon' personally Dannii Minogue, I'd know then, she's only about 5'.
  13. They have no right to owt - the shithouses of Europe. In fact all the other nations should invade, in the summer, take back our riches and smash their cuckoo clocks. What were them shit 80s watches, Swatches, shit, Swiss are cowards and anti-semites.
  14. Me, not so, join the Nation of Islam* if you're so cocksure. Gina whatsherface was on the telly t'other day - I reckon' referendum 2 is around the corner. * Donning blackface and accepting the prospect of severe beating should your ruse be spotted.
  15. But Bungle could be anyone ensconced in his skin... A new caveat though, the girl/woman could only moan 'Geoffrey'...
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