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  1. Bran Flakes ffs. Don't finger your bottom. Get some fibre in on a daily basis, failing that get some tranny to force it out - don't push back or make eye contact. That isn't cricket.
  2. Aren't you a Nurse? Saliva gland infection? Suck on a lemon. Or Sour Mix. You might have Bad A.i.ds?
  3. A Fiesta or Razzle man BB? Michelle Whittaker had a bush. I agree with The Wolf of Wall Street. Just common courtesy to be shaved. Not noncey at all The Romans did it.
  4. A tranny bummin' - a chick with a dick? That definitely isn't gay. Ask RW.
  5. Try bummin' then? Not with me. Give it a go - no pushback or eye contact, that's gay.
  6. I've had another bloke's finger up my ringer. A Doctor. It wasn't the best thing for either party.
  7. Was there movement? If it moved you might entertain gaylordism.
  8. There's blood in streets in the town of CHICAGO
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