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  1. What a stupid sad old bald twat, i presume the cunt in the shorts and scruffy pink adidas pasties is his mate or son. Pair of Wankers.
  2. I've never understood why walk-up gippers, parents with kids etc. elect to go in crazy corner, during little sam, Megson, Coyle, Freedman, Lenny, Parky and Hill's respective reigns of horror I'd offer encouragement during the game, but aim a stream of expletives tourettes like toward the dug-out at the final whistle after another piss poor defeat - they'd look at me like I was Gary Glitter (real name: George O' Dowd) - well fuck off to the WSU if you don't like it. Can you do an accumulater on us drawing 1-1 every game to the end of the season?
  3. They were all drinking whisky, laughing and dancing to 'Afro-American' music at the end of the night - the muzzies drank vodka to avoid detection when they went home, the bloody bas'.
  4. That Helen Chamberlain did a shoot for a lad's mag when she was moderately attractive and didn't look like Zelda from Terrahawks. She had the Torquay crest tattooed on her arse. I bet she swallowed more Torquay players' jizz back then than Marc Almond did with sailors.
  5. West End Shows = Bag o' Shite, I inadvertently put some reboot of 'Jesus Christ Superstar' on once recently, it was awful, my parents dragged me to the live original once as a nipper - I think I fell asleep five minutes in. My mate's mam (dunno, she wears baggy jumpers) has seen 'The Phantom ot Th'Opera' about twenty times and has loads of tat from the shows, thanks to your lot.
  6. You've had eighteen phones stolen at knifepoint this year alone, groups of youths pelt your girl hair with chips and heckle you on the night bus, and you look out the window and think happy thoughts about collating data from 'Jersey Boys' attendees - you daren't confront them as you know you'll be 'shanked' (by da yoot not the Jersey Boys attendees).
  7. I've had a number one for about seventeen years, you piss off to Canvey Island and play walking football.
  8. As a Marxist Leninist I believe in public service, and until covid I spent about twelve weeks a year overseas. Running in London? You must be have more soot up your schnozz than Dick Van Dyke's Sweep's brush. Manchester is about 13 minutes away now, the airport about half an hour away. When I work on site I can roll-out of bed half an hour before I'm due, shit, shave and shower, bit of breakfast and coffee and still be five minutes early.
  9. I'm not angry, I'm contemptuous...
  10. It was a mini-mullet no longer than half a thumb - it was 17 years ago, and when you were hanging around with loads of men I wasn't. Anyhow I shaved it and have had a number 1 since, and not hanging around with men.
  11. What would you know, you old fart, I just let her do her thing... I didn't elect to have such a style. You were probably playing snooker in Conservative Clubs full of blokes.
  12. Around about 2005. Caesar cut with a mini-mullet was all the rage, I had one off a girl up Deane and she deliberately brushed her breasts on me during the cut (big but she was skinny) the only decent haircut I've had off a girl...
  13. I'm going to support Argentina - they have better shirts.
  14. Women's Six Nations on the telly? Women egg-chasing? When will this madness end?
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