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  1. You login. You 'buy' membership. You checkout. You logout. Not hard. I dread to think of the state of some of yers devices. My sister (with aspirins for tits) has about forty homescreens on her phone with one, usually duplicate, app shortcut on each... It's a real bugbear of mine. Then the same idiots want you to print sommat off (boarding passes etc.) for them - "I'll stick them on a memory stick..." Yeah, do that, then stick it where monkeys stick it their nuts.
  2. Just a wild and crazy thought but, if I were planning on attending with my little buddies all clad in certain types of clobber (bought by mummy and daddy) and being a pain in the arse (chucking stuff, goading the away support then running off etc.) it's just conceivable I wouldn't be sat or stood in the seat allotted on my ticket. Also, stuff like National I.D. - 'control of the masses' type stuff is more palatable during normal(ish) times, we relinquish at our peril as we don't know how they will be used/abused down the line. That said folk freely give minute detail on everything willingly these days. If Snapchat required a QR Code tattooed on one's cock or tits folk would demur to it.
  3. Lee Bowyer chucked a brick through a Shisha Bar window. Jonathan Woodgate chucked a bag of 'Oinks' (maize snacks) onto a Mosque car park that may have been Saudi funded (the Mosque, not the car park, that was built before they got involved, potentially). What more do you want?
  4. I'm drying out for a few months atm, but ta. I may be decorating soon though so I'll keep the kind offer in mind... As an aside, in Italy the supermarkets sell bottles of fresh pressed Grape Juice in Watercooler sized bottles. Folk buy them, sling a bit of yeast and a bit of sugar in, make a hole in the screwcap and stick an airlock in, and about a couple of months later - the finest wines available to humanity are... ...in the shops there, but no need, as you have about 80 litres of gutrot in the shed that won't even blind you.
  5. He's not around anymore. I think it's still a Kebab Shop (opposite Moses Gate Station) but he's no longer proprietor.
  6. I really can't see the point of A.I. in The Canaries if free booze is a decider. You could drink yourself to death there for about €12.69. (That said I'm a snooty tosser who's NEVER been on a package holiday, but no kids either, I expect you change your tune then - I have taken kids away, just not regularly so not on a package).
  7. That's what Spanish men of the road drink, Mahou (meaning tramps, not lads in Cara Norte jackets on mountain bikes knocking out shit deals of porros from bolsas gay). It's like Estrella Damm is about £6 a pack here, it's permanently on 'aisle offer' in Spars over there for about 32 cents a can.
  8. And, what a total shock... Both breweries are merged and under the grasping zionist umbrella of Global Mega Corpo Spezzabrew (AB/Inbev). https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compania_Cervecera_de_Canarias My uncle used to brew Stout in his workshop, they've probably 'bought him out' too (as in sent hired goons around to smash up his set up).
  9. Although available in Tenerife, Tropical is Gran Canaria's beer, Dorada (which is also available in Gran Canaria) is Tenerife's beer... Mounts will be on Watney's Red Barrel or Carling 'Premier' with a bastardised 'full English' which include chips AND hash browns with Super Sunday on one telly and that episode of OFAH were Delboy and Trigger go to that wine bar on the pull on the other telly.
  10. Got in the middle of those big kids windmilling. He's Ivano Bonetti-ed. 2-1 Isgrove, Doyle.
  11. It was down to him and a Holland's Steak Pudding. Onions got the gig as the Pudding was insisting on bringing in Chips and Gravy as their number 2 and wanted assurances on a January transfer kitty being available.
  12. Inside information from the changing room post-Plymouth involving what went on with Sarce and IE... Don't Shoot The Messenger BTW.
  13. It's hardly The Blues Brothers or Rocky Horror etc. I can't even recall there being anything other than instrumental companion music, and fairly unremarkable too. Wasn't exactly a remarkable film either, it was only Glen Close dragged it up from mediocre. That one were Jean Tripplehorn got her tits out was better. He (Douglas) portrayed a shagger in that too.
  14. I've found the perfect actor to take the part of Oakey The Rabbit... He's worked at The Royal Exchange and BBC'S Tellytubbies before a spell off the rails saw him spend some time in an Animal Offenders' Institution. He will go back to the director's house 'to discuss the theatre' and won't wiggle his nose to a GHB laced carrot juice.
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