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  1. This is going to Fuckin kill me, but i agree with you.
  2. Yep, they sounded fantastic, pardon the pun!, on my dodgy box. Great support.
  3. Who mentioned we was shit today? Quite a few conjos on here have trouble actually reading comments. We wasnt shit today, never said that, but what i will say, we was shit against Burton, Wigan, and Reading. Next!
  4. Good point under the circumstances. Unfortunately the stark reality is one win in the last five, and only five points. Thats relegation form! Yes, injuries have played there part, but out of eight signings there is only two who are regular starters. If you dont replace Lee, MJ, and George J, eventually problems will arise, its happened sooner that anticipated though.
  5. yes, three match ban now i think?
  6. Injured, out for a few weeks according to Iles.
  7. Out for a few weeks apparently. Not good.
  8. IE as to justify the 800,000 outlay on these two. None of them can lace Dapos boots!
  9. Theve only had two weeks off!
  10. Bolton was well represented, over 100 strong, really nice lads!
  11. Par for the course in those days. Even at the world cup 82 English mobs use do battle with each other. I remember travelling back from Denmark on the train to the port, West Ham chucking tear gas into our train cabin of 6/8. Its just how it was, and you expected it at England away games..
  12. Paul, England fans were banned for the visit to Hampden, think 89, we ended up with 6,000 in the ground. Alot of English mobs havin it with each other, Jocks nowhere to be seen. We got tickets very easily outside.
  13. Sure it was Sat afternoon. Loads of Bolton in Chaddy end.
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