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  1. 6M package ive just read, including wages, contract, etc.
  2. He likes to have Christmas and New Year off!
  3. It shouldnt be a panic sacking, he should have been sacked after Wembley.
  4. Your right Paul, but this Brum spending is on another level. Brum 3/1 for winning the league must be one of the shortest odds for a team winning the league ever! the next teams are 11s and 12s.
  5. I will stick with mine and the bookies prediction.
  6. Thats true with the dirties, but, generally it helps. Brum are by far the hottest favourites for years to win the league.
  7. I think they will walk it. Already spent nearly 5.5 million, nearly 1.5 mil of that was on two goalies!
  8. Broke his leg last game of the season, so we will still sign him! Didnt get it at the time, but looking like he may be fit for the start of the season. Surely still a risk though? Sorry digressing here, Im on about Southwood from Cheltenham.
  9. Forget that one then!
  10. Correct, very surprised that these potential incoming transfers have become public!
  11. So we need a target man then? Who said Dan and Vic are target men?
  12. Your not getting it, dont worry, never mind, lets move on, lets get Dembele and McAtee in, Dan and Vic out! Only issue then up front is we wont really have a target man, aka Bod and Jerome.
  13. So same as Alfie May going to Brum, fuck all to do with his family when he went to Charlton, as many on here stated! Its all about the money!
  14. So why, when he is Exeters captain,his he coming back to the North West? The exact same reason Alfie May as gone back" up North" to Birmingham.
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