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  1. Doyle 81st Bolton Hospice
  2. About normal when we was in the premier, when playing Inter Milan etc! Reality check!
  3. woolli


    Although we got to the final, and that was an achievement in itself, i think Southgate as been given an easy ride off the Media with regards to his choosing of the penalty takers, due to the alleged racist issues.. My opinion is he made a monumental cock up choosing Saka firstly, as he as never taken a penalty before in professional football! That cannot be right, whatever he saw in training, and, by the way, im not blaming Saka! Secondly, to allow two players to take a penalty in the biggest game in Englands history, when they hadnt even touched the ball, beggars belief! Every one of the thre
  4. No they are not! Booze cruises!
  5. woolli

    AFC Dons away

    Should be ok with a 7,000 allocation! or am i getting mixed up with the other lot?
  6. Youve lost me? My to is too small?
  7. I will get back to him with that! I should have researched it before he as made me look a prick on here :lol:!
  8. One of my mates is from Barrow, doesnt rate him! Says hes to small and doesnt command his area. He does say though he is well thought of on their local forums.
  9. Would you boycott Wembley if we got there?
  10. woolli

    Boo Boys

    Well said Mr Pennant, from a guy who as actually grown up through all of this!
  11. Me too, cant go back on any pages on any threads.
  12. 8,200 last year im lead to believe!
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