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  1. You dont get him? His goal ratio is nearly one every two games! Deary me!
  2. 29 mins Doyle Bolton Hospice
  3. Apologies, same post as Burnden!
  4. If they win tonight they should do?
  5. Brilliantly explained. If Evatt would have kept him on against Burton, and had the two chances Kerchunga had, think we would have won 2-0.
  6. Joint favourites for promotion? Burton are 13th favourites for going up! Dont know which bookies odds you are looking at?
  7. 1-0 down as per, come back to win 2-1, Doyle and Dapo. Max 11,000 on.
  8. Doyle 76. Bolton hospice
  9. Thought he was a defender primarily, if hes not there, were was the cover?
  10. Fucking about passing across the back four again. Gordon nowhere to be seen on the left side for both goals! Very poor last 15!
  11. Better than John for me!
  12. Think he was upset with the timewasting tactics, although the ref replied to him that your team wasted half an hour, passing from Dixon to John, to Santos, to Jones, back to Dixon, and repeat!
  13. In one! Casino disagree tho!
  14. Its all about opinions! He will also say tomorrow that they were wasting time, which, yes, they did, but we wasted far more time passing sideways in our own half!, hence the 74% possession!
  15. Very fair assessment. What really pisses me off tho is you still have John and Baptiste passing back to Dixon in injury time, then he doesnt launch it! So frustrating, and i think its time to put Santos up front for the last five minutes if we are losing!
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