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  1. If the owner as the last say, its a no brainer! 150,000 now, or nothing at the end of the season.
  2. Bolton 9 wins, Gillingham 3 wins. three times better!
  3. Benitez, and a guy called Allardyce!
  4. Quite looking forward to it after the last two games. Onwards and upwards.
  5. Absolutely fucking fantastic!
  6. I had forgot mate! been a long time, but fucking fantastic. Nothing better!
  7. John hasnt played a game this season, a decent one! The left side is our weakness.
  8. Who John? Or the crock of shit who scored at Morecambe, who, whose goal ultimately got us promotion!
  9. Hes never been the same player since he signed his contract! Im sure his primary role is to defend, but gets caught out of position all the time. The Guy from Huddersfield last season, Jackson was prob a better, and cheaper option.
  10. Needed that! Charles great today, and Fossey bear, MOM for me! Still only 5 points from the relegation zone, but do think we are on the up. Bako not good enough.
  11. They could be playing Man U! Anyway, Wigan losing, Stockton again for Morecambe!
  12. First, and hopefully last, time ever i have wanted Wigan to win a game tonight!
  13. Do you not mean home ends?
  14. woolli

    Ipswich (H)

    Baka superb? You been on the marching powder?
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