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  1. Not going to be easy this game, hopefully eating my words at full time. Although we have won the last 4 games, we are only 5th in the form league in the last 6 games! Cheltenham are 7th. Hopefully it will be a big plus if Alfie May doesnt play.
  2. I dont think anyone can criticise Kachungas workrate, and nobody does, but doesnt score goals when the opportunity arises.
  3. Yep, you are right with regards to MJ. His 1st yellow should never have been, it was a fair challenge, even the Lincoln commentators said as much, but, he should have been off for the foul in the area. I think Johnston got booked for MJ!
  4. Nearly pulled is shirt off! Defo pen.
  5. Listen, i want everyone to do well for Bolton, and, yes, Kachunga does work hard, i get that, but, as a striker 2 goals in 40 league games isnt productive enough for a striker. His career record of 59 league goals since 2009 doesnt tell lies! Bod as 7 from 27!
  6. Im sure David Unsworth was appointed manager at Oldham last week.
  7. Mr Evatt, you have fucked up. You really need to get rid of your mate Dixon. Didnt get anywhere near those pens!
  8. Shit, but hes not on his own!
  9. Absolutely piss poor! Declan John, piss poor, Toal, worse! Midfield none existent. Defence backing off. Dixons positioning for the 1st goal! Well? And nothing on the bench against these cunts!
  10. Looks like Declan John as made a miraculous recovery. He was ruled out 13 hours ago!
  11. woolli

    MK Dons Away

    Or Dapo? Its a no from me.
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