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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Fantastic support, considering kick off time and live on Sky. Fair play to everyone going.
  2. Absolutely. I would terminate his contract for gross misconduct.
  3. Great win under the circumstances. Who plays up front on Saturday?
  4. Sadlier on for Kunt, williams on for shitface please.
  5. He shouldnt have come out for the 2nd half!
  6. Sadlier should start before Evatts love child anyway! Lets just hope the Kachunga lovers on here finally see the light!
  7. Forever. He should have owned up that he through the punch, not Charles! Utter cunt!
  8. How do you come to that conclusion? Hes scored 2 goals in 57 league games!
  9. My own personal opinion.. Very harsh on Aimson and Johnston unless carrying slight injuries. What does. Sadlier have to do to start in front of Kachunga? No forward on the bench? Are the young lads in the reserves not good enough?
  10. Think we got a bum deal for both of them!
  11. Eoin Doyle was. Alot of " fans" didnt take to him in league 1!
  12. I think the biggest frustration for me is, i dont think, football wise, they wherent any better than us. Just think more clinical, and had more tempo.
  13. It will pay for the new pitch in summer.
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