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  1. All season the wind up fuckers knock out 1-0’s, then balls up last weekend to give us twitchy bum holes all week and then produce that I fucking love you, you dick teasing, wind-up, chance missing, 4 goal scoring cunts tonight 😜😜 don’t care what level it is, this always feels as good. Thought I was gonna lose my old man this year and my lads are too young to really be into footy. Today I’ve seen them celebrate together like I never thought would happen, and it’s possibly/probably the only time it will happen. Ever. Ever. Buzzing like you can’t believe. Thank you BWF
  2. Not like Horwich to start neggy 🤗 Let’s have a look in august. Who gives a fuck now?!
  3. Got to stay on front foot. No probs when we do Gilkes talking been brilliant. Skipper and Isgrove too One of the best halves all season Only Bolton could fuck it from here 👀👀
  4. dApO WiLl nEvEr ScOrE 🤗
  5. From being near the bottom in Feb to where we are now? Yep
  6. I’ve had 4 today at least longest morning ever
  7. And a certain WW poster was co-commentator in that league at the same time for the top of the league clash between Canberra Croatia v Belcommen. He did well.
  8. My roving reporter in Morecambe telling me it’s fucking awful weather. If they’re postponed I assume we would be too?
  9. Sadly they’re also relying on Cardiff. Who are dreadful
  10. jules_darby

    Euro 2020

    My pal says he lost about £50 with it so I dunno fella
  11. I’m really nervous. Very rarely get like this but I’ve got a bad feeling. Not had a drink, just kacking it. PMT already. Mind you I stuck money on Leicester to win -4 tonight so what do I know 🤣 Off for an early night…
  12. Labour are a joke. The student politics and belittling insults at anyone who isn’t hard left driven by the Corbynistas won’t be forgotten in a long time I can’t stand the current Conservative mob but this “you’re a Tory” that they’ve developed as an insult simply drives away the silent majority Yet they still don’t get it The daft thing is they don’t need to do this kind of politics, as the current conservatives seem pretty capable of making themselves look bad on their own It’s utterly depressing that red & blue are both so vile in their own ways, and the Lib-Dems are
  13. jules_darby

    Euro 2020

    Yeah it's the England supporters mob that have had it returned. By all accounts lost a bit in return on the FX too Rest of us still waiting and they've not confirmed when we find out; just "May", which is a joke. Guess they're still not sure where to play the matches outside of England.
  14. The weird fuckers also have “biscuits” for breakfast. I always find there’s a certain charm to iHops and that kinda place even though the food is shite. That said there’s one great options in the states for brekkie; across I’ve been to a few cracking Mexican places and there’s a small chain called Another Broken Egg Cafe that does the American breakfast stuff but just seems to be a bit “fresher” & more modern.
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