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  1. I’m just going for a shit, while you highlight where I said you did 2 can play the dick
  2. Pathetic eh…and Grown men booing their own team isn’t?
  3. Been in half an hour. Not seen it mentioned on SSN yet
  4. Love that SteJay that's class mate Let's have it right it's a proper shit situation, but I think this is when we're best
  5. That's absolutely gutting ☹️ Over £2k now, brilliant work though folks
  6. I was similar time when it was on rivals. A little younger than Zico. Obviously.
  7. Every time we beat them more. obviously
  8. What a quality footballer Sheehan is. I have a sneaky feeling Kachunga will be pushing hard for a starting spot too. We’re mot the finished article yet, but that’s what’s even more promising All good to see
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