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  1. Awfully sorry to hear about Neil being unwell. Best wishes if you see this pal. Growing up an “out of towner” Bolton fan, WW had given me many connections and life long friendships I’d not have had otherwise, so happy to contribute/help the site if I can, even tho I’m not on here much anymore
  2. One of my Stockport mates who is often ITK about them reckons we’re sniffing around John Rooney Dont shoot the messenger 😄
  3. Can't be as I enjoyed last night even though we were a bit biz 2nd half! Good to see Radcliffe & Junior at HT too We've still not conceded; that's what good tournament teams can be built on. You never know! My biggest concern is he probably still has no idea of his best 11
  4. He wasn’t edged out due to performances; he’d refused to sign a new contract, til then he was arguably their best player - certainly key And he was admittedly limited, but folk forget all the good he did. Same was happening with Muamba til the incident in all honesty.
  5. Pratley joined us after being Swansea’s key man in their promotion season from the Championship and he was our best player in the Championship in our first year back down. So at more than one point he was plenty good enough at that level
  6. And loads of people voted Mr Blobby to #1 Doesn’t mean they’re not nobheads for it You can create causation for anything you wish in order to support your argument.
  7. Same as you know Uncle T 👍🏻 The younger generation didn’t seem to take to him cos he couldn’t seal dribble it’s funny as loads seem to get better the longer they don’t play for us yet with Pratley it’s gone the other way Was our best player in the best season we had in the championship before it was ruined by nobhead Then a succession of nobheads He was limited but ran through brick walls and scored the odd goal. Put it this way, Williams isn’t a patch on him and folk call him the messiah
  8. is it? Is that what those that are actually taking the knee are saying or are you calling them liars? It’s booing young men wearing 3 lions on their chest for supporting their mates and abuse it’s got fuck all to do with anything else. Fuck all Political agenda? 🤣🤣 footballers are known for that aren’t they. You’ll have it what they haven’t heard of an NFL player but they’ve heard of Marx & Engels? 🤣🤣 FFS I’m off as swiftly as I came back Ta ta 👋🏼
  9. Not been on in a while booing young men that take a knee to support their mates who get racist abuse is a shitbag position Dress it up how you want (and I’m sure there may be better constructed “actions” than bending on a knee but that’s beside the point) but we all know that’s all they’re doing You’re turning on them, not Stalin. And it ain’t really about George Floyd either (Before you start that he was a criminal) unless Colin Kapaernick had a fucking Delorean and a mad scientist mate. It was even a symbol of one of the movements we should be proud of in this coun
  10. jules_darby

    Euro 2020

    A couple of days after returning tickets for them? Be a farce if so...
  11. jules_darby

    Euro 2020

    So had email today We still have tickets for Czech, a 2nd round game and semi, just not the Croatia and Scotland games The ones we still have are all after 21st June, and the ones we don’t are both before; I assume this is a factor?!
  12. jules_darby

    Euro 2020

    email through this morning from UEFA that we've had England v Croatia and Scotland refunded. No mention of the other 3 Wembley games we had tickets for though - Eng v Czech, round 2 game and one of the semis...reckon that means we still have them or could it just be they've not balloted them yet do you reckon?
  13. Nothing to see here. Done a great job, and "normal life " beckons with a young family FV have plans in place Be reet
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