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  1. To be fair to Doyle for that chance from Kachunga…and yes he has to score it…as a lone man up top with the 2 wife men being so far from him, I’d give him a little justification/excuse that he’d ran his socks off that much his legs were like lead by then We look best when we get it wide and stretch them. just a little quality off winning. Also if we hold off til half time without switching off for their 2nd I think we win by 2 or 3
  2. Pretty sure they took a Bolton fan out of WSL cos the Cheltenham lot pointed him out as a wind up
  3. Felt we were bereft of confidence til we scored and then considering the team we had out except switching off for their 2nd we were decent credit to the patched up team hes a soft sod at times but Kachunga has moments of real class. His 2 touch and then ball to Doyle for that chance was absolute top drawer. Pretty even game overall and 4 pts this week is decent but we could easily have had 6. Entertaining game and I hope @MickyDenjoted his special coffee 😁
  4. Aye, never mind. Cheers though pal
  5. Panicked and bought a Panasonic job as I saw a Black Friday sale this morning 🤣 sure it won’t be the best but it’ll do thanks for the help anyway lads 👌🏻
  6. We already have sky boxes. Am I over complicating it? 🤣
  7. Honestly…Want it all integrated cos nor got the inclination to learn about firesticks and all that jazz 😁
  8. Who was the expert with this, was it @HomerJay ? Homo, anyone else? We need/want a 60/65 inch telly for the lounge. What are we getting? Needs to be a smart TV and current but doesn’t have to be that fancy pants; we don’t do major gaming and all that shit. Just for watching Sky and that Cheers folks
  9. The players didn’t argue with the ref thigh; looked resigned to it. for the goal it’s shit all around. Starting with the short throw where we’re a man short; someone not doing their job poor from Baptiste and Dixon’s least at fault but he’s still not good enough IMO. Just read a few are saying it’s like the Neal season - I can’t really remember much about that, but we could be similar to 93/94 under Bruce - mid-table finish after promotion and stabilising. I know we had White Hot 2 and that so it must have felt more positive but our paper thin squad has been ruthlessly exposed; some of that is our own making and some is just bad luck. Dapo definitely papered over cracks earlier this season. Let’s just have a positive Jan and hope the 2nd half of the season builds us into next season and we keep the 3/4 strongest players so we go into 22/23 with momentum…
  10. @Casino am I still wrong wrong wrong? 🐸 ☕️
  11. @Casino- still no problem defending? 🤡🤡🤡
  12. 😔😔😔 Awful news to hear. Glad that he was with his wife as he passed though. Much love & thoughts with all the Thompson family. Rest easy Neil & thanks so much for bringing me mates and memories 💙
  13. Good teams start from being solid at the back We’re all over the gaff and have been for weeks said we’re not creating much last week and was also ridiculed for that seems we can’t be improved I’m glad to be so wrong all the time Happy days
  14. Good for you I disagree (apart from the shot stopping) that is allowed you know we’ll see..
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