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  1. Read on Twitter that their cunty physio was none other than Simon Twatting Farnworth?! Anyway, we went from looking like Brazil in the first 30 mins to the dog & duck. Whats most concerning is the mental thing - reduced to forcing it and not trusting the process. That diag we kept trying was doing my head in. They scored and we lost our heads. Adams is a shit cunt but they did what he likes - pressed us well and fucked our rhythm up. Especially when Johnston & Aimson got it. We went very predictable and lacking in tempo. Dapo especially guilty of slowing it down and no r moving it quickly enough Officials as dire as every week - a stonewall pen denied for each team. We’re not far off but we still aren’t quite there yet. I still fancy us to sort it and go up next season mind
  2. I'm not sure Fossey meant to play it to Morley (prob MJ), but I love the way he does play intelligent balls in/back, not just hit and hope percentage crosses. V good player in the making. As is Morley. Great finish
  3. Listening on iFollow is shite 😞 Anyway, 3 points today....COYWM
  4. Don’t start about cruise ships Grandad. You'll get Meldrew drooling.
  5. Got to be disappointed as we wanna win every game we play but not devastated A good reality check and we’re still on a great run Keep the faith; good retention and recruitment this summer and we’ll really be there next season be reet 🙂
  6. Oh missed a game have we 😅 MK did us tactically Stretched us like we do to teams at home and won 2nd balls Wigan and Rotherham at home plus yesterday are the only times I think we’ve seen genuinely better teams rather than self sabotage V impressed with their Manager. Seems there is one Manning that knows football 😃
  7. Imagine that being your take from this
  8. I don’t think we are quite there, but this momentum, feel good factor plus a good summer means I think we’ll be one of the favourites next season
  9. You must be the first person who’s ever looked at that page 🤣 Cheers though - duly noted
  10. Not fluid but a win is a win Charles, MJ, Rico and Trafford stood out for me And that ladies and gents is a spine… Lovleh
  11. Back to the game I thought we were alright first half - Fossey caused them all sorts of problems. I know what he brought DadBod on but we felt he’d have been better with Dempsey; we seemed to lose a bit in midfield 2nd half and then also lose a bit of our width 2nd half. Good to come away from somewhere like that (incidents aside) against a physical team, in horrendous conditions, and not get beat Feel it will bring our players together even more.
  12. Christ yes to this please
  13. Yeah. Believe he’s subsequently said he’d been on the end of some stick at their place for Accrington or something similar so had history with them
  14. That was nothing to do with it but sadly the chucking stuff is allowing them to conflate the issues. It’s been prevalent recently - from us and at us, and doesn’t help our cause As for their keeper - he knew what he was doing. Interesting that some of their lot are saying Trafford was inflaming their crowd but don’t mention his antics
  15. I think it works for us that Were not ready to go up but how do we not win hit stay together and it feel like a win - like that Few weeks ago we’d have capitulated Dont win and the fans are still if not even more on side just stop throwing shit at their fans/players; the pitch invasion I get 😇😇 And fuck the racist bastards; they know what they are
  16. I’ll fight ya for him 😄 I think I want to adopt Fossey too. What a lad he is. Watched online cos away with biz (boo shit fan) and thought we had to be v good cos Cambridge were no mugs. Started off with momentum from Sat, and then scored when they were on top - all augers really well. I’d assume going forwards that Dempsey would be the one to add when we rest/protect Lee. On midfield I thought the central 2 were great - MJ really stepping up getting in faces and good “dark arts” the last couple of games is v welcomed. Defence defo doesn’t crumble as much with Jones in and Trafford at the back. We’re just not as panicky, even though we still have dodgy moments. Good job keeper wasn’t a priority eh @Casino 🐸 ☕️ 🤣🤣
  17. True story I was stood by the pitch as their players came onto it pre game to have a wander - about 1pm maybe; one said: ”oh look a pitch with grass on it” So they were certainly happy with it
  18. Pal of mine messages me before the game to day we’ll win 4-0 Told him to behave, no chance… Anyway he stuck £50 on at 90/1 and cashed out for £2.5k. Now he’s had a cracking day!
  19. They pressed high but not as a unit and we picked them off ironically they looked like we did a month or two ago We were belting though what a brilliant 2 Saturdays in a row as Bolton fans; I can’t stop watching the goal clips Oh and if Dion Charles wants a go on my missus (or me), he’s welcome to. Absolute star
  20. That’s what I thought
  21. Sensational day and result. Purpose, pace, spirit - we had everything they didn’t. Mr Evatt doesn’t half do good January business (he was also v nice to my 6 year old when we bumped into him after too 👍🏻) Final third interplay was superb for me. Hard to pick out players as all were great but MJ, Fossey, Dapo and Charles were class. Dion is gonna be a cult hero no doubt. And a special word for Trafford; had nob all to do and then made a superb save; loved his shithousing too I think I need a lie down!
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