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  1. See it kicked off in Brussels last night (which has a large immigrant population of Moroccan descent) after Morocco beat Belgium https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2022/11/27/brussels-sees-riots-after-morocco-beats-belgium-at-world-cup
  2. Lots of talk on social media about Duncan Ferguson getting the job - which these betting odds over last 24 hours on Fan Banter website seem to suggest may be correct ? FAVOUITES TO BECOME NEW WIGAN MANAGER BetVictor – 1pm, 10th November Rob Edwards – 4/1 Neil Critchley – 4/1 Sean Dyche – 8/1 Rob Kelly – 10/1 Karl Robinson – 12/1 Liam Manning – 12/1 Mark Bonner – 12/1 BetVictor – 6pm, 10th November Rob Edwards – 4/1 Neil Critchley – 4/6 Shaun Maloney – 5/1 Duncan Ferguson – 6/1 Paul Cook – 8/1 Sean Dyche – 12/1 BetVictor – 9am, 11th November Duncan Ferguson – 1/4 Neil Critchley – 4/1 Rob Edwards – 12/1 Shaun Maloney – 12/1 Paul Cook – 16/1 Rob Kelly – 25/1
  3. When the club files its next confirmation statement That will be mid february 2023 and will detail shareholdings as at 10 january 2023 This latest allotment of shares is the 3rd since the last return was filed - there were also shares issued in late January 2022 and in June 2022 - meaning that as at today there are something like 1.15 million shares issued since the last return was filed but we dont know who has them at this point in time.
  4. I dont disagree I would have thought that with his appointment finishing 17th will be regarded as success by many of their fanbase who must surely be underwhelmed by his appointment More the sort of appointment you would expect when you are 10 points from safety with 12 games left and planning for life in the Championship
  5. confirmed https://wiganathletic.com/news/2022/november/10/club-statement-leam-richardson-/
  6. Am amazed - setting aside recent results which have been awful It really makes you wonder what is going on behind the scenes at that club - why oh why did they sign him up on a new 3 year contract just a couple of weeks ago ? Very odd situation
  7. A brave appointment by Southampton - Nathan Jones ( Luton Town ) replacing Ralph Hasenhuttl Be good to see a young British Manager who has only managed in the lower leagues to date succeed at this level.
  8. Its funny you mention this because a couple of weeks ago the same thought occured to me. "Noise" in respect of those rumours peaked on twitter in the days following an article in "The Athletic" reporting a trial collapsing on 16th september. League Results to September 17 P 9 W 6 D2 L 1 With the Portsmouth match cancelled we did not play another League match until October 1st League results from October 1 P 7 W 2 D1 L 4 It would be very easy to draw the wrong conclusion from Statistics such as these But I think to assume it has had no impact whatever might also be wrong. NB - I am not sure given that a previous thread on these rumours was taken down that this is a discussion we want to be having ?
  9. My first match was the very same season - was 8 years old - a few months earlier in August against Queens Park Rangers - a 2-2 draw followed up by my first away match - 3 days later at Hillsborough The Sheffield United match for me was one of the few memories i have from what was with hindsight a truly awful season -I dont recall Paul Fletcher but i do remember Ian Seddon scoring a screamer from 30 yards and the fact it was on Granada TV - - and so were we the following afternoon down by the corner flag waving at the cameras - though I have never seen footage in recent times . It was also Jimmy Meadows first game in charge but it turned out to be a false dawn - it was our last win that season - on january 16th. One other memory of that season and would love to know if anyone else recalls this was of the game against Hull City when pre match a lad from Hull went onto the pitch from the embankment end and stood on the halfway line until a lad from the Lever End ran on and to the amusement of the crowd the two of them had a brawl in the centre circle .
  10. Following Mike Keegans article in the Daily Mail a couple of weeks ago when wages were paid late and he claimed the club was for sale, the Wigan Chief Executive put out a statement (part of which is below ) refuting the suggestion that the club was for sale and hoping to reassure fans and put an end to the speculation WIGAN ATHLETIC CHIEF EXECUTIVE, MALACHY BRANNIGAN, PROVIDES THE FOLLOWING UPDATE TO SUPPORTERS Club is not for sale Banking system the cause of delays to employee wages last weekend Leam Richardson signs new three-year contract Wigan Athletic Chief Executive, Malachy Brannigan, responds to varying news articles over the last couple of days… The primary message that I want to convey is to assure the Club’s staff, its supporters and its business partners that, despite the recent media opinion, the current and future financial health of Wigan Athletic is strong and very secure, and I can confirm that the Club is not up for sale. Speculation over clubs being for sale is always rife, and while some potential purchasers have approached the Ownership group on a number of occasions since its acquisition of Wigan Athletic in March 2021, no approaches have ever been entertained. ........................To his credit our good friend Mike Keegan is persistent and his response in the Daily Mail a few days ago which i have not seen mentioned on this thread is below ........................ After Sportsmail revealed that Wigan had once again failed to pay their players’ wages on time, the club released a statement declaring all was well. With the Queen’s Jubilee and ‘technical issues’ used on two previous occasions, this time it was apparently a ‘banking issue’ behind the delay. Chief executive Mal Brannigan, he of ‘What can we do to keep this out of the paper?’ fame, added that contrary to Sportsmail’s reports, the club were not up for sale. This may well be news to third parties who believe they have been given a mandate to sell the club, and who have so far reported ‘zero interest’. Such brazen behaviour appears to be commonplace at the DW Stadium. ........................ Hopefully more twists and turns to come to keep us entertained
  11. I expect the board to back Evatt in the transfer window and would expect to see at least 2 or 3 new faces incoming However I do feel that having backed him the board will expect us to then reach the play offs as an absolute minimum this season. You then have to consider In the event that we dont reach the play offs or even perform badly in them what will happen , you can forget loyalty and sentimentality I reckon that is when the directors will act ruthlessly , and rightly so , they cannot afford for this club to hang around at this level for too long , and that's when they will move to bring in a manager who has a proven track record that can take us to the next level. Don't get me wrong I do hope Evatt succeeds over the coming months but like a few on here I am starting to have my doubts Its reminiscent to me ( but over a much shorter time frame ) of the Phil Neal days at Burnden, he got us out of the bottom tier and then laid the groundwork for his successor Bruce Rioch and I feel we are possibly seeing a similar scenario starting to play out, Evatt has brought some decent players to the club but at the moment seems incapable of getting a consistent level of performance out of them.
  12. @jayjayoghanigot me thinking - nowhere really could have been worse than Springfield Park - I was actually wrong in suggesting Boston did not apply for Election to the League because of the state of their ground . - from the previous season 1977 the Football League selected just 2 non league clubs from those that applied (instead of the usual 10-12 ) to go forward in an election against the clubs seeking re -election. The rationale being to give the non league clubs a more realistic chance of getting elected
  13. You have always had decent away support But what caught my eye yesterday was you neighbours up the road Took 1197 to Derby last night - given their average crowd is probably 6500 this season that is a cracking turnout on a tuesday night
  14. Boston did not apply - If memory serves me right there were issues at time with their ground not meeting football league standards anyway that season it was Wigan from the NPL and Bath from the Southern League who stood against the 4 football league teams seeking re- election in the voting - York Rochdale and Hartlepool were easily re- elected , Wigan and Southport tied and Bath finished in last place There was then a second vote between wigan and Southport which Wigan won by 9 votes
  15. Fantastic comeback - reminiscent of the Mansfield game a couple of years back that kick started our season Lets hope it has a similar effect
  16. Was totally unaware of this - looks fantastic - must make a trip to see it next time i am in Bolton Its such a shame that it is tucked away in such an out of the way place and not widely known about Be good to see it maybe loaned to the club and put on display for all to see Hard to believe that his paintings at one time divided opinion and were dismissed by many as irrelevant modern art. Used to go in Sam's Chop House on a regular basis which in his latter years was apparently Lowrys local and where not many years ago they put a lifesize statue of him sat at the bar on display - worth a quick trip inside to see if passing.
  17. Following on from the discussion after the Barnsley game about our excellent defensive record v our poor goalscoring record these diagrams popped up on twitter earlier today - not telling us anything we dont know about BWFC but quite useful in showing where other teams in the division are relative to us (1) Attacking Effectiveness - Shots taken per match v Shots taken per gal scored (2) Defensive Effectiveness - Shots faced per game v Shots faced per goal conceded (3) Expected Goals - xG Created per match v xG allowed per match (4) Attack v Defence - Shots taken per match v shots faced per match
  18. Correct 13 games in and we have kept 5 more clean sheets (7 :2) than at the same stage last season But we have only won one more game Fact is If League one table was based on goals scored we'd be in a relegation spot right now as just Morecambe Cheltenham and Fleetwood have scored fewer
  19. Well Anstey Nomads who are a tier 9 club and might well be the smallest club left in this seasons competition only have a capacity of 1,000 They host Chesterfield tomorrow and have given them an allocation of 250 Chesterfield have done a ballot amongst season ticket holders cannot really see an alternative in such circumstances ? Anstey is in Leicestershire BTW If anyone is interested - i googled them as I had never heard of them - their match is also live on BBC apparently
  20. Quick question - am sure someone on here will know - came up in a recent conversation Apart from Liam Richardson (Wigan ) what other ex Wanderers players are current Managers in English football and indeed in other Leagues internationally ?
  21. With so many games moved for TV I agree will make little difference Be interesting to see how this evolves and if any of the smaller clubs start talking of moving evening Kick offs to the afternoon In a way Reminiscent of the three day week in 1974 when sunday games were first introduced to spread electricity demand and a few weeks later when we had to play Southampton in an FA Cup game at Burnden Park on a weekday afternoon Don't think so many people had ever before wagged school on the same afternoon Club were happy to cash in - had to pay full adult prices to get in as officially kids were banned from attending that day
  22. Totally deluded Cant blame the Hemmings family for wanting to cut their losses and sell up 3 generations of PNE fans have had precious little to celebrate - the highlight of their achievements being watching defeats to us in 2001 and then again 4 years later to West Ham in Championship play off finals 12 million a year to keep the merry go round turning slowly round and round How much better the Roller Coaster ride of following BWFC Must be awful to look over to ALL your local rivals - Blackpool Blackburn Burnley Bolton and even Oldham and Wigan who all achieved Premiership Football and in some cases European Football, and finding all there is to look forward to is wearing a plastic bowler hat next time Gentry Day comes around.
  23. Don't know If anyone is aware of this - a very sad story but worth a mention to set the record straight We all know that there were 33 victims in the Burnden Disaster Well - sort of Back in the day ( March 1946 ) there was no such thing as post traumatic stress and counselling - you just got on with things - or at least you were meant to - that was the way things were in the aftermath of the war Well sadly Robert Jones aged just 34 years old who lived in Bark Street was so traumatised by events at Burnden that day he did not get on with it - he gassed himself The Coroner recorded a suicide verdict on 15th March - 6 days after the disaster and said this "Without seeking in any way to minimise the tragedy at Burnden Park , it is difficult to understand why it should have had such an effect on this mans mind " To me he is the 34th Victim
  24. The Americans who recently acquired Burnley stipulated that in the event that Burnley were relegated from the premiership - which they were , then a sizeable chunk of the monies that they had put into the club by way of loans would immediately become due for repayment , With interest the figure was circa £70 million, so Burnley are not quite at the same competitive advantage over other championship clubs as might be imagined and as some relegated clubs have historically been with parachute payments Securing additional debt on parachute payments may well be a model more clubs owners adopt going forward
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