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  1. Think you also get the option to buy the club with that package
  2. one other thing on Wigan thought this was good
  3. £3 million wont go far - especially with no income except for a small amount of season ticket money coming in over next few months Whilst we all hear about the unpaid wages what you never know in these situations is how much PAYE & VAT is outstanding HMRC will be their downfall and i bet there's quite a few suppliers going unpaid too
  4. Well I have to say to @Rizlar that was a good call - I certainly didn't see it coming !! Now I cannot see anything but administration for them - even if the wages are paid in the next few days. The whole club is toxic and damaged beyond repair That it should happen on the very day that the factions at Bury FC announce their merger and the start of their comeback made it all the more enjoyable I still wonder whether these Bahrainians were the ones that Howard used to refer to during our take over talks ?
  5. I know its jumping ahead but if we were to play Wednesday in a Wembley Final i can see them getting an allocation similar to that which Sunderland received last season (almost 44k) and could also see the match setting a new league 1 play off record which apparently is still 76935 when Manchester City beat Gillingham back in 1999
  6. Presumably if they were to be paid late again - which i have to say i think highly unlikely - it would trigger another points deduction next season ? This acquisition has turned into a nightmare for their current owner, its common knowledge he has tried to sell up but no one is interested, and to offload it now he would literally have to give it away which he does not appear to be able to afford to do. Its the perfect unhappy marriage
  7. We are all Leicester tonight
  8. Wont be many done them all as no more than maybe 300-400 @ Aldershot and i can think of quite a few there that night who are no longer with us I did them all except the Preston Final (due to holiday )
  9. This match is on the same night as play off hopefuls Blackburn host Champions ( well almost) Burnley Rovers only given Burnley 2000 tickets , and are struggling to sell tickets themselves at £35 each (they have 9k season ticket holders ) So there is a distinct possibility we will have the bigger crowd on the night Oh - and some of their fans are up in arms at the prospect of their players having to potentially form a " guard of honour " as Burnley take to the pitch
  10. With Rotherham v Cardiff Cardiff v Huddersfield and Huddersfield v Reading still to play think they might need 10
  11. This is where i am at (and i think i have said this previously ) I want them to win a couple more Finish 22nd and for that final table to show them 2 points behind the team in 21st With a little * next to their name and below that final table a line saying * Wigan Athletic 3 points deducted because their Chairman ****** it up That will be bliss
  12. Note 23 is quite interesting During the year the Club made an interest free loan of £100k to someone who is both an employee and a shareholder Wonder who that could be ?
  13. For those interested - accounts have been filed Not had time to read through as yet
  14. Think he had planned on going .. Possibly a few threats made ?
  15. There will be some young kids and teenagers supporting Wrexham and Notts County today ( that have thankfully chosen to support their local club and not Liverpool and Man United / City) that will be made up to see him and a few of their parents chuffed that he is shining a light in his own way on two decent clubs with proud histories sadly plying their trade in the non league Think of him as the 2020s equivalent of the Match of the Day cameras rocking in to town that used to get a lot of us excited back in the day - like BarryK says he has his job to do
  16. For anyone interested in this 1st world war stuff there is a Wanderers fan Jeff Williamson who posts a lot of research into footballers killed in the war on twitter couple of days ago he posted a photo that ties back to the Wartime Wanderers which I had never seen before
  17. When you consider whats happened to us as a football club just since we beat Preston North End in the 2000/01 season and look at whats happened to preston ... 2000/01 Lost play off final to Bolton 2004/05 Lost another Play off final 2010/11 Relegated to League 1 2014/15 Won League 1 Play off Final It makes you appreciate how fortunate we are to have some excitement in our football lives ... Yes its been bad for us at times , but would not have it any other way
  18. Up to 12 months ago this would have been the one vacancy that would have worried me slightly as it had the potential to have tested Ian Evatt's loyalty Thankfully that ship has now sailed
  19. Its any 2 from 5 with Portsmouth and Wycombe currently appearing to have only a slim chance of making it- but that could change were Portsmouth say to put a winning run together and beat both Wycombe and Derby in the run in. Which would very much suit us. With Peterborough still having to entertain Ipswich and Derby having to travel to Hillsborough there are points to be dropped. All 5 teams face a couple of tricky away games in the next 10 days 6 wins and a draw and we qualify , 6 wins and 1 defeat and we almost certainly qualify and in all likelihood 5 wins out of 7 and 82 points should do it .
  20. I always enjoy reading these views from our opponents fans , and with yesterday being such a high profile game i thought i would while a way an hour looking on a few of our local and play off rivals forums to see if we got a mention Here is a small selection of the comments Preston Hate him, but Evatt is doing a super job with this Bolton side. No right to be matching the other clubs in the top 6 but they’re aggressive and positive all over the pitch Very impressed Blackpool fans will be suggesting him as their next manager……Truth is that Bolton could be swapping places with Blackpool Blackpool I'm no Bolton fan but a big well done to Evo (& of course their top keeper coach Matt Gilks) - now move to BFC, as you won't get promoted 🤣 Make him an offer he can't refuse and pay the compo. Show him the vision. Show him WHAT. Vision? Bolton took best part of 40 000 fans to Wembley and in the promotion mix. I think he's already pretty excited about Bolton's vision at the moment. Not even sure whatever vision we might have is even visible sadly Manchester City Surprised no thread...... But huge congratulations to Bolton for winning the Football League Trophy,in front of 80k at Wembley,yesterday. Special mention for our own James Trafford too,who was again in great form and is really making a name for himself between the sticks (Trafford made one outstanding save from Hardie in the first half that came at a crucial stage of the game. He had the confidence of a seasoned veteran) Bet that Japanese fan that was all over the bbc sports reports pre-game who came over to support Plymouth was pissed off. I was at Wembley in support of my home town club, Plymouth Argyle. A thoroughly chastening experience. With Bolton failing to score against the Greens in either league meeting and Argyle 16 points above Wanderers in the table, no one saw this coming! Bolton completely outclassed Plymouth and we were lucky to get away with conceding "only" the four. I just hope this does not derail our promotion campaign - would certainly hate to meet Bolton in a play off final! I have a mate who now lives and works in Nottingham.Carried on supporting the Trotters through thick and thin. He's 40 this year and has decided to watch every single first team game. Yesterday was game number 49. He's writing a book about this season and all his experiences following Bolton. He's a smashing lad and I am really chuffed to bits for him - he went to the semi final against Stoke all those years ago and yesterday was pretty cathartic for him to say the least. Silly sod has text me this morning to say he's had to go in work with a very, very, very thick head! Barnsley Bolton on fire. Hope this knocks the stuffing out of Plymouth When the pressure on Plymouth bottle it ,hope springs eternal Green Army looking a bit green around the gills Cum on Plymouth got 240 quid riding on this, The way it’s looking now for the top six (as it was with Derby in it): Ipswich, Reds, Bolton - all going up. Weds, Plymouth, Derby - wheels already off or coming off. stark reminder to anyone thinking league position makes any difference in the play offs I said before we played Plymouth that they have it in them to completely capitulate. They've taken some hammerings this season despite being 2nd in the league and still in pole position to win the title.They also seem to get jitters for the big games. They threw away their play-off spot on the last game of last season when they got hammered by MK Dons. I hope they carry this form into the league. The score is hardly a surprise to anyone who saw both teams at Oakwell. Don't forget Plymouth don't lose any points today. They get to dust themselves down and come out all guns firing next week. In fact, they'll want to show that this is a one-off Plymouth hopefully will bottle the run in and open it up to us to push past into the top two. Can see us and Ipswich battling out for the title. Who would have thought that at the end of last season I've blown 100 quid backed em at 7/5 thought they were a good thing, move on, back to the grindstone. Sheffield Wednesday Bolton showing that they'll be the team to beat on the Playoffs, nice mix of experience and youth. I think they're better than Barnsley May end up meaning very little. Confidence hit a bit, though they've got Morecambe next which is about as good a fixture as you could hope to have to recover. Still - makes you wonder what they'd do if they wound up in the play offs. I’m expecting Ipswich winning the league, and Bolton are the only team that worry me in the play offs. Think we’ll smash the others if we play um. Nice to see Lee win something, even if it is just this trophy Plymouth fans have been taking the P out of the Owlstalk ‘meltdown’ all weekend. Ironic considering the monumental meltdown going on on their forum right now. Portsmouth Oops a f***ing daisy Bit of a battering, they've not had many of those this season, didn't see that coming. Hey ho, a little slip up in the league too now would be welcome. I'm generally an optimist, but got to admit, the first thing I got from that result was hoping it doesn't boost Bolton's confidence. Hoping for the best of both points of view. Bolton slump and we replace them in the play-offs. Then, we take on and thrash a dispirited Plymouth and from one of my favourite forums Sunderland Some start by Bolton like...Plymouth have never had a kick, haway Argyle! Plymouth work rate is on a par with their dockyard workers If Bolton turned up like this, and like they did last season against us, they wouldn't be in this league. Ian Evatt's looking like he's a good manager mind Winning a final at Wembley 100 years after winning the first one at the stadium makes it even more special. 79,389 there as well, biggest attendance in Europe this weekend. Happy for Bolton. Proper Football Club. Oh and here's a surprise we didnt get so much of a mention on the Wigan Blackburn and Tranmere forums
  21. Sheffield Wednesday remain top but no longer in control of their own destiny - Owlstalk will be in meltdown Got a feeling we'll play them in the Play off semis the way its shaping up
  22. If you throw stockport into the equation and talking of buses the towns you are referring to ( Bolton - Bury - Rochdale - Oldham - Stockport ) formed the entire route of the old Selnec 400 bus ( Trans Lancs express ) that we used to catch to Oldham back in the 70s - I do wonder whether when we are now seeing tables produced of the carbon footprints of all the EFL clubs whether we will soon see a move towards the regionalisation of the lower leagues which would surely benefit the likes of Rochdale playing ourselves and Sheffield wednesday rather than Crawley and Stevenage and may be a way to keep them viable
  23. I have struggled to get on here a good while as i can only access this site from 1 fixed computer in which my log on details are permanently stored i set up my details years ago using an old company email that i can no longer access Don't know if any of the moderators can help but is there any way to change your password without having to access your original email and without setting up a new identity ? as it would be useful to be able to post from other devices Secondly a general question in the absence of Wanderersways i went on a site called Bolton Nuts - does anyone know how they get away with simply cutting and pasting the entire Wanderers section of the Bolton News ? Why subscribe to the BN when you can get it for free on their site ?
  24. There are some heartless fans on here ... Wishing nothing but a succession of misery on our near neighbours Me - I would never do that No what i want now is for a revitalised Wigan Athletic to put together a great run of results between now and the end of the season and to escape relegation. Just enough of a good run to enable them to finish 4th bottom 2 points clear of the team immediately below them And for the Football League to then impose their 3 point deduction ... would for me be so much kinder
  25. We really could do with at least one of these dropping a couple of points tonight
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