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  1. RIP Neil To his family my condolences In setting up this Website Neil created a go to place for thousands of Wanderers fans to catch up on news and to share views from wherever in the world they happen to be. In so doing he contributed massively to the cause that is BWFC For that we are forever grateful
  2. Good to see this site coming back to life It looks as though the creditors that have been hanging around since we entered admin have finally been paid off as was part of the purchase agreement when FV took over As of yesterday we are no longer under any sort of embargo - at least according to the EFL website we are not https://www.efl.com/-more/governance/embargoes Anybody confirm this ?
  3. This is a good topic Paul These tinpot clubs that you refer to (and by my definition there will be 11 in the league next season) are for the most part a consequence of allowing automatic promotion to and relegation from the EFL, and as such are a relatively new phenomena, but are they good for the underlying health of the EFL ? By my definition these "Nouvelle Tinpot" are clubs whose only ambition once they have got into the EFL is to stay there by whatever means they can , existing on paltry gates that have little hope of rising substantially if they are successful and often supported by a local benefactor.They are often in areas with little or no tradition of football supporting or are in areas already saturated with professional clubs. Morecambe is the classic example - existing on the lowest of league gates and having sat in league 2 for something like 15 years - success for them is survival. I would define Sutton United, Harrogate, Salford , Forest Green Rovers, Fleetwood, Crawley, Stevenage , Burton, Morecambe and Accrington as Tin Pot , whilst MK Dons because of the way they morphed into existence have to be the biggest tinpot club of them all. When you consider that this season the EFL has lost a well supported club like Grimsby and Southend and the likes of Chesterfield Hartlepool , Notts County, Stockport , Torquay Wrexham and York are already in the National League - often through mismanagement by club owners - is this automatic promotion / relegation a good thing ? For the fans of phoenix clubs such as Bury, Chester and Halifax there has to be hope of a route back to the EFL. What have the likes of Barnet, Boston , Dagenham , Maidstone , Rushden and Macclesfield contributed to the EFL during the time they were in it ? Am not against some sort of promotion - the return of Newport Barrow AFC Wimbledon is in my opinion for the good of the game , but as more of these tinpot clubs establish themselves in the EFL , I wonder if they should go back to some sort of re - election to determine who is in and who is out ?
  4. Am not reading anything into it My guess is that nearly 2 years on most of the post takeover legal work which is an awful lot of what his job entailed is completed and there is not a lot to do to at the club that keeps him interested going forward The lad is young and ambitious and will make far more money in a Sports Law Department at a decent commercial law firm - the experience with BWFC will look good on his CV and has certainly suited the club So - bit of a non story in my opinion
  5. There you go - their main forum https://www.brfcs.com/forums/topic/34882-rovers-v-rotherham/page/12/?tab=comments#comment-2203993
  6. Excellent Post At times like this its also good to see how others now see us This from a Blackburn Rovers fan sums it up perfectly for me - we should all hold our heads up high ... "To be fair....I would have liked Bolton to be promoted....and, over the years nobody has disliked them more than I have .....the reason being ... they hit the wall, they were ruined by dreadful ownership, they were left with nothing .....but pride in the shirt, a local owner, a decent, progressive manager and 15,000 gate next season ( Covid permitting) gives them a soul ....something we , at Ewood , can only dream of... " .
  7. ......... Wont be for the faint hearted though 94th Minute Matt Gilks header ( a la Jimmy Glass ) 1-0 COYWM
  8. Morecambe have issued a statement asking fans not to gather at the ground tomorrow https://www.morecambefc.com/news/2021/april/club-statement-morecambe-v-bolton-wanderers/
  9. Those of you raising a glass to Frankie this afternoon - please have a read of this that I saw on twitter earlier Very sad situation his wife now finds herself in https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/frank-worthingtons-widow-carol-facing-20396900 Something worth supporting
  10. What year was this ? Fascinating picture Some of the crowd on the roof look like they have turned round to wave at the UFO hovering behind them .
  11. Excellent idea - am sure with a bit of time someone could set up a just giving page buy a suitable award(s) and donate the leftovers to that BWFC remembrance group. And organise a poll And while we are at lets have two other categories (1) A lifetime achievement award ( all decent awards ceremonies have one ) - to show these ex players we still remember them while they are still with us and (2) A current season award for contributions to BWFC off the pitch - by way of example I would nominate that Ifollow commentator Derek Clark - was not keen at first but he's grown on me and done a decent job in difficult circumstances
  12. Would be most interested to see the order of service on here at some time If you come by a copy ... just cant begin to think as to what songs they will send Frankie off with ...
  13. Yes - projectors are great - done it all season - watch it on a 4.5m x 2m screen linked to a laptop at my mates - he has a cinema room - no trouble at all - unless a problem with Internet
  14. Have you tried "One Nil to the Wanderers ... One Nil to the Wanderers ... " Flows so much better if you are singing it - reckon the Missus might appreciate it
  15. Not at all ..... tonight I am celebrating being mathematically safe from falling into the National League ☺️
  16. Some decent goals on here from his Leicester days ...
  17. Here is the best obituary you will read about Frank written by the best Football Journalist in the business ( in my opinion ) https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/b351a1f0-8bcc-11eb-8f69-0367b6f4fca7?shareToken=0ebabbbe700952ae8aeb41180546b947
  18. Gary Bowyer Appointed https://salfordcityfc.co.uk/gary-bowyer-appointed-manager-23032021/
  19. So Sad, So very , very sad My all time favourite Bolton Player Absolute Legend And he was a real maverick
  20. Sounds like replacement lined up looking at the odds - Gary Bowyer straight in at 1/2
  21. After Paul Stanley the Wigan Admin chap said in an interview that fans ought to put a statue up of him as a thank you for saving the club - despite charging them £2 million in the process - someone did Thought it was rather good myself
  22. In more recent times Mike Walsh ran a Pizza Restaurant on the Costa Blanca - saw him a few times - kept very quiet about his football career - none of his staff I met at the time new anything of it - sold up a couple of years ago and back in the UK
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