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  1. It would be even funnier if I was from Chorley.
  2. Are you still under the impression that was intended to be a genuine graph representing actual data? Jesus wept.
  3. White. You asked if Spider had mentioned people with brown skin...
  4. "Aside from being able to buy a Union Jack hat, the street theatre (loose description) and all the workers are almost all of Arabic or North African extraction. The shops are all owned by Middle Eastern types, Arabic music blaring at top note from every little souvenir shop and bicycle taxi." Pretty sure that was the implication.
  5. Spider didn't mention that he'd witnessed atrocities, beheadings, stonings and female genital mutilation when he was in London though, did he?
  6. Pretty sure his test was wireless v wired...
  7. How come Britons haven't decided policy since 2019?
  8. Good 👍 I apologise if I called you a liar. I have no recollection of that.
  9. And they last for decades. Fed up of telling people.
  10. Educate me. Explain your gripes.
  11. Cordless vacs are absolute shite after the novelty wears off. A wired Henry is the pinnacle of vacuum cleaners.
  12. I just said what you implied.
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