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  1. No Bolton fan will be "happy" if we get to the play-offs and lose. What the fuck are you talking about? Would you rather us finish 6th or 7th?
  2. I'm probably exaggerating, but he was definitely taking the piss. Just doing his job I suppose.
  3. Of course Evatt wants promotion. Unfortunately, there are 23 other clubs in the League who want to win as many games as possible too. If Evatt says "We want to finish top of the League", is every other team just supposed to roll over for us? I don't get your point.
  4. One of their subs accounted for another minute. Warming up infront of WSL, and kept rolling the ball away when it went out for a throw-in. Did it at least 3 times.
  5. What a strange question. Of course it would be an achievement. Are you saying maybe we shouldn't try to finish in the play-off places because we'll have to play decent teams and might not win?
  6. This WWE stuff with Usyk is fucking embarrassing.
  7. Bit of a farce that. Was clear from the first round Chisora wasn't going to get a sniff. Quite apt that his sponsor is OnlyFans as he took a proper pummeling in the ring.
  8. Fucking hell Chisora's going to have a headache tomorrow morning.
  9. Can see an earlyish stoppage here.
  10. I've paid full whack. Not sure why.
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