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  1. This fella auditioned to be the new Queen frontman in 2011, but they gave it to Adam Lambert instead. The fucking mentallists. (Edit: He actually won the competition to become lead singer of Roger Taylors' Queen tribute band. Still. He also provided a lot of the vocals in that shit Bohemian Rhapsody film a few years back.)
  2. To quote Stephen Fry: "Religion. Shit it."
  3. It's called 'gleeking'. You can teach yourself how to do it on command if you've got nothing better to do. https://www.wikihow.com/Gleek#:~:text=Gleeking is the act of,and jutting your jaw out.
  4. Cheese

    Matt Gilks

    Obviously played a massive part in turning our season around, and was a true professional throughout. His vocal and physical command of the box were absolutely instrumental to the solidity of our defence during our meteoric rise up the table. Deserves every plaudit he gets. Would be more than happy to see him between the sticks next season if he's up for it. (I also know - from an Oldham-based friend - that he's one of the nicest, most down-to-earth blokes you could ever meet)
  5. It may well be. What's your favourite song?
  6. Try reading the rest of the lyrics.
  7. I can't remember. Apparently, he made 22 appearances for us, not 12.
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