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  1. We weren't giving him enough minutes on the pitch so Liverpool recalled him. I think.
  2. Cheese

    The Final

    Papa John's paid for those last year.
  3. Cheese

    The Final

    Same here. Useless fucking cunts.
  4. Cheese

    The Final

    There was an interview in the Bolton News last week in which Aaron Collins said "We've all already booked our summer holidays, and I want to go on mine knowing I'm a Championship player". I know it's only a tiny thing, but combined with the pitch invasion, the subsequent images of players drinking beer in the stands, and Evatt's previous comments about us being the best team in the League, I had a horrible feeling in the build up to the final. Wish we'd all just shut the fuck up sometimes. As Evatt has said himself, there's a very thin line between confidence and arrogance. I think we crossed it. The players looked totally fucking drained of mental energy, as though the job was already done, then they shit themselves when they realised it wasn't. The buck lies with the Manager of course, but none of the external influences helped either.
  5. Cheese

    The Final

    Similar thoughts did cross my mind, but he was properly chuffed so it's getting framed for his bedroom wall. No idea why he was singled out. Probably because we were sat at the front watching the players warm up and waving our Papa John flags like a pair of losers while everyone else was upstairs having a good time.
  6. Cheese

    The Final

    Seeing as so many people liked my post, it'd be rude not to post this.
  7. I'd take it too. Still convinced we'd have easily gone up automatically without the horrendous injury list at the beginning of the year. Something needs to seriously change about our big game mentality though. Evatt is young enough and hungry enough to improve. Hopefully yesterday forces him to have a closer look at those issues.
  8. I know they insist they had a plan for whatever league we ended up, but I really fear they've thrown everything they've got at it this season. I don't buy into the "we couldn't afford to go up" nonsense in the slightest. It's far more likely we couldn't afford not to.
  9. Cheese

    The Final

    The only good thing about the entire day yesterday was before the game when we were watching the players warm up. Our Head Kitman came over to get my attention and pointed at my lad - then threw him an official play-off final first team shirt signed by the entire squad. My lad was absolutely fucking beaming. He felt like the luckiest kid in the stadium. That'll be our only lasting memory of an otherwise miserable day.
  10. Cheese

    The Final

    Goodnight Whites. See you all tomorrow. COYWM
  11. Do you think Suella was there to resolve or learn something, with a GBNews presenter and cameraman in tow? What did she achieve apart from looking like an opportunistic moron?
  12. What are your thoughts on the "state" of the people in the clip?
  13. I don't know whether to be more embarrassed for Suella for taking part in it, or you for posting the clip.
  14. Where's my neck of the woods?
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