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  1. Through to the T20 final after beating Yorkshire. Lovely stuff.
  2. Two of us going, out Sunday night back Wednesday. Should be a good few days.
  3. Seen Wimbledon play a few times this season as some of the wife’s family are season ticket holders and it’s 20 minutes away door to door. They’re missing Hartigan, Woodyard and possibly Rudoni as well. Even with their best 11 I’d fancy us to turn them over comfortably and they’re looking increasingly depleted in midfield for this one. A one goal win is par score for this. As an aside their keeper is awful with his feet under pressure so I’d hope Charles is on top of him throughout.
  4. Thanks Micky that's done the trick.
  5. The website doesn't seem to want to process my payment for tomorrow night. I've tried several cards, so it's not down to the bank as the website suggests. Very odd. Nobody picks up at the ticket office either. It's painful.
  6. I thought this would shift back to a Saturday now that the Rugby has been postponed but it's looking increasingly unlikely. Odd given that England also have a televised game that night so we'll likely end up with a lower crowd than usual. I'm wondering if it's safe to book trains for that now or if it's still up for debate.
  7. The cost of train tickets from London down the drain. What a farce.
  8. Big one in my household. I also live about 2 miles from the ground. Recommend attacking this via the Northern Line - plenty of good places to eat and drink at Tooting Broadway like the Antelope, The Castle, Kings Head - also great for a curry after the match. For the trendy types Tooting market has loads of bars and independent restaurants - worth checking it out. There's also a Portuguese bar in there called The Secret Bar - it has Super Bock and Super Bock Stout on draft and they set fire to sausages and serve them as bar snacks, it's ace. We should get a decent allocation for this, Wimbledon were only getting 4k on at Kingsmeadow, so they're over double that now. There will be demand because it's the first game at New Plough Lane but I'd hope they'd give us 1,500.
  9. Super Bock

    Euro 2020

    They have refunded everybody who had a last 16 ticket for Dublin as it's been relocated to Wembley. UEFA have said that they'll prioritize former ticket holders in the resale period for that match, so I'd hope they'd take the same approach for other fixtures. I can already see the website crashing and people missing out.
  10. Super Bock

    Euro 2020

    Strange, I know mine has been determined because it says 'ticket refunded'.
  11. Super Bock

    Euro 2020

    No email yet but if you log on to your account you can see the results.
  12. Super Bock

    Euro 2020

    If you’ve got tickets through UEFA the ballot has been finalised. Lost my Scotland tickets and Semi Final tickets. Gutted but not surprised!
  13. Brentford, Sunderland and Morecambe
  14. The Morden whites will be out in force.
  15. Another +1 for not celebrating the goal properly as I was waiting for the offside to be given. Not great commentary in that moment but it’s not helped by the cameras. They really need to pan out, they’re so focussed in that you can’t even see options available on 10 yard passes, never mind flags for offside. Anyway, I couldn’t care less right now, get in COYWM!!
  16. This fixture is two days before the lockdown restrictions are completely lifted. It'll be interesting to see whether this goes ahead with a limited crowd or the government allows it to go ahead with a full crowd. Surely a full capacity crowd with away fans included will be a great advert for the government and the success of the vaccine roll out. I don't know if that's just wishful thinking on my behalf but it seems a shame to have this played out in a mainly empty stadium for the sake of two days.
  17. Automatic promotion this year and then we can win the League 1 Play Offs next year when the pressures off.
  18. Hopefully we put a decent run together. It’s easier to buy into a management style if it’s producing results.
  19. Well hopefully that removes any lingering doubt about the current squad getting it together. We need a very active transfer window and Evatt deserves a crack at it. Doyle really is a cut above the rest in this league and priority number one should be getting the ball to his feet in the box.
  20. I can just see us lining up against Chino’s at Wembley in May
  21. We’ll need to score 4 to get anything out of this. Win.
  22. Bad one to lose this. Expectations are creeping back up and we are playing a team that would appear to have had very little preparation for today's game. Win 3-1, Two for Delfouneso and one for Sarcevic. Pitch forks stay in the shed.
  23. I’m in danger of enjoying this
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