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  1. Nearest beer garden the friendship although golf club might have one which is slightly closer and the star inn might have one the other way
  2. How much does a cherry picker cost?
  3. Unbelievable, let the family grieve but don't impose it on the rest of us..
  4. Lakes and Peak District both fantastic, love it around keswick.. went to snowdonia on holiday couple of years back and that was incredible, if the steam train journey there was based in Italy rather then Wales travel hipsters everywhere would be boring people stupid about it.. beautiful place
  5. https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2020/04/04/ohio-church-service-covid-19-pandemic-tuchman-pkg-ac360-vpx.cnn
  6. I'm just being pessimistic to be honest but once vaccine gets rid of Kent variant it's if anything replaces it, hopefully it doesn't and we can crack on, or the boosters keep us ahead of it..
  7. Slightly off topic but why have mosques and churches stayed open during the pandemic? Surely religion is just a hobby and as important to mental health as going to the football or rugby etc for a lot of people.. as for the picture just feels like everything else at the moment, extremists take over and get given respect they don't deserve
  8. I reckon we should get August and September in the grounds to some extent, after that God knows, just hope it works out. Can see no away fans next year and loads of home ends full of bolton fans jumping up when when we score
  9. Yep loads of Americans are obsessed with the royal family and cant believe when you're not arsed about them.. all just seems a distraction for the press so they dont have to confront the real news
  10. I take the persons obsession with us as a compliment.. love pathetic stuff like this, we're in league two and still matter enough for other fans to do crap like this.. keep it coming
  11. I'm going to come across as ancient but as a teenager we'd get mugged in manchester by kids with knives, we knew most other kids in westhoughton, you'd get the odd scrap, I remember some army cadets twats beating my mate up but we knew who they were and the police caught up with em. The idea you're getting scroats with knives doing kids over in westhoughton is nuts
  12. When I was there I never got called but asian lad I talked to would come out of a trial and be back in the next time a trial started, I guess its trying to get a representation but he never stopped in the two weeks. A trial was delayed as well waiting for a juror to return from dinner, she rolled in about an hour late with10 bags from primark, she couldn't see what the problem was, few of the potential jurors were proper off their heads but met a few sound people
  13. Thought we did alright, Doyle has done alright and like others have said I feel like we're slowly improving, I'm not expecting miracles its going to be a long road back but getting a team together that can go up
  14. Yeah can't even imagine it poor bloke, I'd forgotten about pep until you mentioned it, amazed by him being able to keep going.
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