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  1. I took my 4 year old to his first match against Oxford. His face stepping into the stadium was brilliant, he enjoyed it but told me he was a Boro fan with 10 minutes left... the battle continues
  2. What's the general feeling with leigh fans? I can't believe it I thought it was a joke, Featherstones piss take on twitter was as credible.
  3. Bumped into a lad in sedgefield in a bolton shirt this week.. turns out his dad's side are all bolton fans but he supports Sunderland. My lad told him and his mum that his dad only lets him wear bolton shirts.. I don't but its good he thinks that
  4. Lived in Liverpool for a few years, great place, even better now. Its hard to compare to other places because I've lived in different areas and changed career but you could get your shopping done sat in the pub sending some lad into kwik save.. and you could get loads of designer gear at work as people happend to get stuff that had "fallen off the back of a lorry." I got mugged at knife point, house robbed and an attempted break in all in about 3 weeks of each other but lived for years there besides that with no trouble. Never had any problems on a night out. Seen miles more fights on a night out in Bolton over the years. My only small grumble with the place was its a bit insular and they were obsessed with wools and plastic scousers.
  5. Went to a gig about 4 years ago, damaged my ears, didn't leave the house for about 3 months then redid it about 5 months later and couldn't go anywhere loud for about 6 months. Missed football season and loads of other stuff... I'd miss the gig or stand away from the speaker at least.
  6. Doing well westhoughton, good night out now, Bolton Council are selling off the town hall and community meeting spaces, seem to have waited to announce it till its too late to do much.. I heard that plenty in the public meeting about it wanted westhoughton out of bolton to escape the council and stop them damaging westhoughton.
  7. Stockton on tees knocked down the shopping centre and is building a park, moving shops into existing retail units. Council basically said the retail battle is lost but we can make it a destination in other ways. Had an empty shopping arcade, charged 50 quid a week for a unit it's now full of micro pubs and bars. Did up the old theatre which has been massive success (huge chance missed by bolton Council and the old odeon cinema) puts on loads of well attended events. It's a rough town with probably poorer prospects then Bolton and a huge out of town retail park. Council have been prepared to try new stuff though and so far it's helping. Even middlesbrough has purchased a terraced street and filled it full of bars and restaurants that do very .. the market hall vaults was a fair idea aimed at a market that didn't exist though. Bolton isn't on its own but other councils are light years ahead. Like Zico mentioned with Stockport, built a foodhall there, few bars and a foodie Friday has changed the town centre. When I worked there no one went to town for a drink now my Facebook is full of ex colleagues out in Stockport. It's a shame with Bolton but it could be turned around.
  8. Bit unlucky Bolton with Whiteheads selling up and market hall being revamped as an empty hall.. otherwise just gross incompetence from the council that killed the shopping side. Real shame. It was always a rough night out though. Although I remember bringing some mates from uni in the 90s out in bolton and they said it was like being in Spain on holiday with all the people out and bars packed... I feel like the towns not moved with the times much for a beer although definitely maybe and northern monkey have started to change that. I wouldn't rebuild Crompton Place, just have a massive square for events and less empty shops.
  9. I've done all the stands but south upper was only because I had a wander round the ground on the Reebok open day to sit in your season ticket seats when it opened, got discovered by a steward and thrown out of West Upper.. surely I must be the first person thrown out of the ground?
  10. Yep was a shame CH different breaks he would have been a top athlete any long distance event we went to he won easily, was always sound with people who went. I vaguely remember a few mates saying Long was a kick off merchant, worked out pretty well for him in the end..
  11. Didn't CH out if your year and HB turn up at school one day with some rivi lads. HB ran into the yard and kicked a lad to the floor before running off and jumping into the back of a mini.. CH in your year was a nutter by all accounts but was always sound with me, he could have run for England him if he'd wanted, was definitely good enough. Was there any truth in the rumours Sean long left because he was getting battered by him all the time and not intact because he wanted to go to a rugby school? As for schools fighting each other I remember being called cat lick a few times by westhoughton high kids but was mates with most of them. They reckoned that Deane had showed up at their school one day and lads with cross bows were shooting them from "the bonk." I can't vouch for that actually happening..
  12. I've no idea what's happening in UFC, fairplay to the8n obviously top athletes but it's not for me
  13. I like him, seems genuine and he's entertaining. My nephews a scouser and bumped into him at a cricket club a few months a go, said he was telling everyone he was going to be on everyone's tellys soon. My nephew had never heard of him and said he just thought he was the local bullshitter till everyone started talking about him last month or two.
  14. They've got about 15 young lads who look for fights at matches now when big away following come, it's a proper shame as on the whole they're decent fans there who seem embarrassed by them. Club need to do something about it but don't seem to know what
  15. Was it 2022 for the football league? Always had it in my head 2020? Still not achieved it, they're even getting a new stand... its crazy the money in non league now. Boyes the marske united player who led the teams out at the FA cup final, he's on 450 quid a week allegedly, got offered darlington or marske and chose marske, he certainly didn't go there for the ground. Some benefactor allegedly putting in 2-3 grand a week to pay wages which would explain some of the players they've had this season. Liversedge the same.. if the benefactors get bored they'll both sink like stones. They'll both be good sides in premier next season, if colls fans visit marske look out for their "firm" proper pathetic.
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