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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. Been really impressed by remembrance group, a force for good and what following a football team should be about looking out for each other.. RIP its a legacy to be proud of
  2. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it but I just keep thinking there's zero chance of safe standing being introduced with Neil about. I was looking forward to it as well.. shame
  3. Was definitely sang at reading game, loads of bolton songs just seem to die out.. land of hope and glory used to be sang at burnden.. molly malone has gone in and out of fashion. We don't have many songs compared to most clubs.. it is what it is though
  4. Fantastic prices.. bit of a side note but Hart seems obsessed with killing the atmosphere at the match.. you'd think it was 1970s at The Den the way he goes on about banning fans and police advice.. shutting crazy corner?? Pathetic
  5. Add Kevin Davies last minute to practically relegate wolves at their place to the last minute winner list.
  6. Ghana White


    City away the 6-2 I've got a memory of everyone laughing when he waddled on.. was in Corks I think it was called and he was in there, barstaff said he went in there losds getting pissed as he knew the management.. to be fair if he was doing 7 days worth of coke he was pretty good considering.
  7. Yep it's called that but in reality it's thornleigh 6th form
  8. There was supposed to be a bolton Catholic sixth form, they were hoping to have it at cuthberts but the salesian brothers had a tantrum and they just had thornleigh sixth form instead.. shame that I know me and a lot of others from Joeys would have gone to a bolton Catholic sixth form but didn't bother with thornleigh sixth form. The open day they couldn't have made it more obvious they didn't want us there
  9. My dad worked with him, said he was a really nice bloke, brought the cup into school, apparently in those days you got time off with pay to travel to away games playing amateur football.. Nice little number.
  10. Heard a hartlepool fan outside say that's the best they've played all season which seemed a pretty depressing thought. was pretty poor although we were best team first half and with a bit more cutting edge could have scored.. second half not as great and the goal is best forgotten
  11. Principled boycott of this cup goes completely out of the window when the match is down the road. In
  12. When we played marseille their ultras where in town.. they all had the same hoody on. They were drinking in the elephant and castle when one stood up shouted a few things and they all left en mass.. never work here, people would be telling him to fuck off they've not finished their pint.
  13. Ghana White


    I went to Salford city when they built the new ground as I lived down the road.. annoys me to say but it was very well done.. they had a local brewery in, think it was 7 brothers and Street food as well as generic beer and usual football food.. stick that in a big tent showing the early kick off and not messing about with embarrassing entertainment and definitely no compare or forced fun.
  14. RIP sad news.. as has been said thanks for the friendships and experiences
  15. This is amazing, surely it isn't real?? 2 thousand likes though never let you down liverpool
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