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  1. I suppose it’s contingent on Dempsey being completed, as he would probably have to be deregistered from playing.
  2. Heard that he was forced to go into training at Gillingham, to meet the new manager before being allowed to drive up. So don’t expect this is imminent, as he would need a medical too etc. Unfortunately, Paul Scally is controlling this at the moment. It’s only done when it’s done, when he is involved. I wouldn’t take it for granted. 🙏
  3. Absolutely certain that Stockton will not be coming to us. Any budget that we did have had mostly gone already.
  4. Not even been launched yet but we live in hope.
  5. Evatt wants a ‘back to goal striker’ can’t see Dodoo being brought back. I would rather have Chris O’Grady, at least he offers hold up potential.
  6. You would think so, he had been released by Cambridge and the data led recruitment would have highlighted him
  7. Agreed, playing Jones on the right, is like a double benefit at full back. Kioso could play further forwards if he stays, he wasn’t great defensively anyway.
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