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  1. Was injured at PNE. Watch his reel on YT, he can cross a ball! and his corners look tasty. Different player to Bradley but a £6.5m rated right wing back is no benchwarmer.
  2. The song that provides the melody for this, is the chorus from Crocodile Rock, if that helps.
  3. The tune is the one Liverpool lad sang, “chips and peas and gravy, I’ve ate the fucking lot, ole ole ole, ole ole ole….
  4. Was at Cheltenham and whilst the atmosphere was pretty good, the only song that really resonated with the fans was ‘we’ve got super Ian Evatt…’ got to thinking, we need something new. What do you guys think of this, if you like it, how do we get it going? We’re the famous Bolton Wanderers, since 1874 our team in 39, even went to fight a war we nearly lost our club, cause Anderson’s a twat but Sharon’s Football Ventures soon put a stop to that Now we’ve got Ian Evatt and the Whites are back on track and everyone’s shit scared cause the Wanderers are back Ole, ole, ole…..
  5. you’ll see sooner than you think, how confident he is 😉
  6. I have heard that there were concerns around the Wilson medical, despite the press version. The payment structure may have been made to avert risk. I have no doubt that a fit Wison would have been a good addition to the team but one knock and it could have been an out for the season injury.
  7. I suppose it’s contingent on Dempsey being completed, as he would probably have to be deregistered from playing.
  8. Heard that he was forced to go into training at Gillingham, to meet the new manager before being allowed to drive up. So don’t expect this is imminent, as he would need a medical too etc. Unfortunately, Paul Scally is controlling this at the moment. It’s only done when it’s done, when he is involved. I wouldn’t take it for granted. 🙏
  9. Absolutely certain that Stockton will not be coming to us. Any budget that we did have had mostly gone already.
  10. Not even been launched yet but we live in hope.
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