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  1. I agree with that yes and we could discuss whether or not the things we have tried in his absence have been wrong/the same/all we could do... ... but ultimately my point is that the manager wants him to play through the pain barrier because the time is up to try different things... We can't afford to not score or lose as we have been... we need tried n tested... we need what got us to the top of the league.
  2. People always claim to know the inside truth during situations like this and we would all do well to ignore all the "my insider mate says... " stories. One thing is for sure if we could play all the games again where Madine was not available, with him in the team, we would have "walked this league" and been 5-10 points ahead of Sheffield United! The facts are, for whatever reason, we have not won a game without him and with him we rarely don't win. He is not a goal machine in anybody's definition but HE IS THE MOST VITAL cog in the Bolton Wanderers wheel this season and if he is being a bit soft or sulking or refusing to play then we should apologise, beg him and tell him he's Maradona because we need to start winning again NOW!!! ... and we don't win without him ... check the stats folks
  3. Some entertainment Less negative tactics Less defensive midfielders ... 1 preferably Consistent best 11 with consistent game plan as opposed to manager trying to prove what a master tactician he is 2 strikers, especially at home Not to be patronized by manager or told I understand what he's doing when I don't If we have to use loan system, bring in players better than what we have from teams much better than us Far more wins at home! Less defensive substitutions when we are a goal up An apology for one of my worst ever seasons football-wise in nearly 40 years
  4. Yes, correct! To me though stop doing this as a tactic regardless of personnel. It is negative and weak. It also backfires more than it works!
  5. That's not surprising ... 1 nil up, trys to hang on by removing Mark Davies and going 5 at the back with Zat
  6. Negative manager ... got what he deserved ... he never learns!
  7. When a manager says he's satisfied after a performance and result like that... I worry his standards are lower than they should be. I know we lost heavily the game before but to send out the message that the football served up today was satisfying it leaves me wondering. I have no illusions we should be a Premiership team. I'm not even sure I want to be trying to compete with the likes of City given our finances. I do expect better than this season in terms of quality though. It's bad! I would prefer to know he knows I am supporting despite it being BAD!
  8. Smith had a great game that day... possibly our best player in a very memorable game of football. Sad to hear of is passing at such a young age. I was in the embankment that day (or one half of it) ... me and my brother (and his mate who was a Leeds fan) were sat on the fence at the front when lots of the Leeds fans climbed over. I remember my brothers mate went back over the fence with the Leeds fans ha ha I was absolutely overjoyed when we scored the second and third goals ... great days ... thank you Brian and RIP
  9. It wasn't the result or the manner of the defeat it's just I really have struggled to see what makes any of our managers pick a player with the worst ball control in the history of the game! Pushing him up front when we need a goal is beyond idiotic and completely depressed me even before he predictably did what everyone knew he would and waste our chance of a point
  10. Dougie please please do not put our useless skipper up front ever again! Its bad enough he's woeful at the back, but with minutes left, the nice pass from Moritz out to the wing could have produced a good chance. What it did produce was one of my lowest points in 35+ years of watching the Whites!
  11. Sadly I have to say Ronaldo's debut for Man U as second half substitute at Old Trafford ... came onto the park during a close game that we we losing 1-0 and completely destroyed us with every touch! It was chaos!
  12. It's a bit unfair to be comparing DF to Billy Davies. The latter is a proven manager with many years experience and success wherever he has gone. Which ever club has taken him must be backing him with money otherwise he would not be there. Lets all be honest about it and admit that as encouraging/discouraging things have been so far under Dougie (depends on how you view a cup containing 50% liquid) ... he's only just started out and may turn out to be a World Beater or Hopeless I don't believe the hype and I also don't expect a team to win many games with free transfers/low wages no matter who is at the helm!
  13. After 2 league games I feel Beckford's first touch seems a real weakness, so our passing into him has got to be perfect weight or something he can run onto. Medo is way too good for this league. He's been my MOM in both games.
  14. Medo is better than most Premier League players. Incredible signing and our best player easily! As you were
  15. Owen Coyle is an ex Bolton striker who I have fond memories of during a great spell for our club. He must have fond memories too as he left a club he was doing really really well with to come manage us. We were all pretty happy at the time. The Burnley fans spoke a lot of desperate, jealous nonsense at the time. So a few years on... it didn't quite work out and despite an attacking style and a good first 12 months we went downhill pretty quickly. Tactically Coyle was found wanting and we had to part company. Come on now guys lets not start to rant jealously if he enjoys a good season with Wigan ... ultimately we know he will be found wanting when the bad results start, but that could be a few seasons away yet Come on you Whites!
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