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  1. CJG


    Is there a reason why they can't make the road from the motorway junction to stadium all one way before the game. I mean all 4 lanes and then opposite flow after the game?
  2. That's when we need Dixon on the bench to do what notts county did on Saturday
  3. Rather have the outfield subs given we can use 5 of them.
  4. All we know is they will be £20
  5. When shakers went bust they just didn't relegate a team from the division
  6. We are have a shit record at grounds with a Derby postcode like Burton or in Derbyshire like Chesterfield
  7. But the Bristol rovers stadium is not in the zone
  8. Very difficult finding a parking space. Don't bother north of the ground. Spent 20 minutes driving around. Nearest road with no restrictions is EX4 7DH If this was on a Saturday we could park much closer.
  9. CJG

    Wembley 🍕

    Yeah Was stuck outside stoke from 10:30 to 1pm. There were multiple cars and trucks in the crash.
  10. CJG

    Wembley 🍕

    Been stuck on the M6 near Stoke for over an hour. Don't set off yet! The motorway is closed and seen fire brigade turn up
  11. This is the only game in my life I've not been able to get a ticket. The going rate for touts is £50 but don't want to encourage that behaviour.
  12. Mbete not cup tied. He could have played Mansfield in August but wasn't in the city squad
  13. CJG

    Loan players

    We are in a similar situation to Owen Coyle with Wiltshire and Sturridge
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