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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. WARNING 24th September Portsmouth falls in international break
  2. CJG

    Neil Hart

    The ones ones facing away were Bolton. The ones facing me were Wednesday. I got a video of one Wednesday fan looking for trouble who threw first punch and gets jumped by 7 Bolton lads. Obviously not sharing that.
  3. CJG

    Neil Hart

    Yep I saw it with my own eyes. Wednesday fans blocked the path back to de Havilland way. Then made their way down to meet us. Only 2 gmp unable to hold them back.
  4. CJG

    Neil Hart

    Question for Neil. Why were we kept behind after Wigan, but Wednesday are allowed out to attack us?
  5. I was in that. The Bolton and Sheffield fans seperated by 2 gmp officers with batons on both sides. Riot police arrived then the horses. That just moved the problem on to Tesco car park. I told gmp that the problem had moved further up but they didn't listen
  6. Subject to change Iran on Friday at 13:00 USA on Friday at 19:00 Ukr / Wal / Scot on Tuesday 19:00 Win group / Last 16 = Sunday 4th December 19:00 QF = Saturday 10th 19:00 SF = Thursday 14th 19:00
  7. CJG

    Donny Away

    Likely we will relegate them 🍻
  8. Been running a business for 10 years so I'm not interested in any of the jobs. Every time I put a job up there is always a salary range to save everyone time.
  9. It's fucking disgusting that no salary is mentioned. Why waste applicants time?
  10. CJG

    Burton (a)

    Anyone driving along M56 the junction for A556 junction seems to be currently closed 😡
  11. CJG


    Paul Scally of Gillingham https://www.kentonline.co.uk/medway/sport/chairman-shocked-at-lack-of-vaccine-uptake-at-gillingham-259320/ Not in the article but on radio says "Maybe it's because the players are being tested every day they feel in a bubble".
  12. CJG


    Another team in EFL had a chairman on radio today. He said the main reason was that the players hadn't got round to it. It's not like any of them are against it.
  13. CJG


    Null and void the season so the Wigan game didn't happen.
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