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  1. Trophy is regionalised for next round, but not the quarter finals onwards.
  2. We would have been playing Crewe at home AGAIN had we won
  3. Let's draw Barrow, Bradford, Morecambe or Wolves U21 then move it to Saturday.
  4. Not seen anyone post the goals. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/63502999
  5. 7 games 5 defeats
  6. Wrexham 2nd at home to Oldham 18th so it would be more of a shock if Oldham won. Solihull Moors 3rd in NL have a fantastic chance of upsetting Hartlepool at the bottom of the football league, but that was not selected.
  7. Probably waiting until 8th November for the group stage to be completed.
  8. It'll be Crewe at home or Tranmere away obvs
  9. First goal conceded under the King. 357 minutes.
  10. Sunday is the more likely day England play if the group is won. Saturday if not!
  11. Mansfield trial 1pm kickoff.
  12. Derby manager gone Replaced by Paul Warne of Rotherham. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/62986369
  13. By this logic we should be moving the Shrewsbury game to a Sunday and Exeter to Friday night.
  14. Beck has played 2 league cup games. Bradley had played 5 cup games.
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