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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Visited cloudwater a few times, nice drop. Would recommend blackjack as well when they have their brewtaps, 10 minutes from Victoria.
  2. Just goes to show what a draw the Royals are.
  3. I'm off to Toronto next month for a week. Plenty planned, a day at Canada's Wonderland, day in Niagara, watching a baseball game, beers on the baech, city helicopter tour and doing the edge walk off the CN tower. Cant wait.
  4. I second this, she is a fine piece!! Just needs her mouth filling so that accent doesn't come out.
  5. Jamie Camel-gher Go on Dioufy! https://www.dreamteamfc.com/c/comedy/384949/el-hadji-diouf-calls-up-sky-news-to-slam-jamie-carragher-for-spitting-at-a-14-year-old-goal/
  6. The only word for them West Ham fans..... nuggets!
  7. Forgot that cunt of a linesman. Flag up when they scored then swiftly dropped it. Its up or down not up then down when they score. Cunt
  8. Penned the Bolton fans in the area outside the stand after the game. Let all the Wednesday fans go first, usual mouthing off going on between the fans. Let the Wanderers fans out with a waiting mob of Wednesday fans. It was just pointless and asking for trouble.
  9. Ref was a cunt. Police were bigger cunts. Good point.
  10. Was like an actual wolf charging sheep. how apt.
  11. Does that go down as the biggest shock ever?
  12. I think we took that award in 2005 at City
  13. Do's, don'ts, must see etc. Going in June. Thanks
  14. For wrestling fans of the 80's and 90's Bobby the Brain Heenan popped off last week.
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