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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. The only word for them West Ham fans..... nuggets!
  2. Forgot that cunt of a linesman. Flag up when they scored then swiftly dropped it. Its up or down not up then down when they score. Cunt
  3. Penned the Bolton fans in the area outside the stand after the game. Let all the Wednesday fans go first, usual mouthing off going on between the fans. Let the Wanderers fans out with a waiting mob of Wednesday fans. It was just pointless and asking for trouble.
  4. Ref was a cunt. Police were bigger cunts. Good point.
  5. Was like an actual wolf charging sheep. how apt.
  6. Does that go down as the biggest shock ever?
  7. I think we took that award in 2005 at City
  8. and to take the piss further the TP express website isn't working
  9. Without McGinlay there wouldn't have been Davies. McGinlay every day of the week for me.
  10. Think thats it, had Martin Johansen on trial if that counts.
  11. Where is the winner though? Plus that video has a nonce in it and they say Djorkaeff joined Bolton for the money, what money?
  12. Still not seen it. I mean the away game end of 03-04
  13. Djorkaeff makes it 4!
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