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  1. With Big Vic in the squad, may as well get rid of kachunga now
  2. This needs contesting, this was a wways word from years ago
  3. Tell them to bring some Pierogi. not had any since we left the EU because of the ban on European foods
  4. From when Cameron got in after labours last failure and 2008 recession I’ve been doing well. Just need to look at the cities skylines to see how much work has been going on. Since 2010
  5. I dread to think what will happen if labour get in
  6. All that nonsense about the drinking etc. proper smear campaign by the media. and Cummins
  7. No pal it’s what realists are thinking. The left forced him out and won’t be happy til it’s a labour government
  8. Reap what you sow. get Boris Johnson back asap
  9. Utter shite that game. I thought we had a team full of David Battys for most of it and our strikers couldn’t score in a brothel.
  10. The WhatsApp group is disgusting 😂
  11. Massive statement that today. Great performance
  12. See they’ve arrested that girl who was being naughty in Liverpool that’s doing the rounds on WhatsApp
  13. Christ what’s this site become? w@nking off over FDF get back to the kitchen ffs
  14. Ref had a shocker. great point down there
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