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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Stelios playing for remembrance group now.
  2. You weren’t in Porto then 😂
  3. anewman

    Jake Daniels

    Take it you know him 😁
  4. Shazza will cash in
  5. anewman

    Jake Daniels

    Don’t mind a jd and Coke occasionally
  6. Put my passport away shall I ffs
  7. I remember as a kid it was massive. All day on the telly, watching the road to Wembley, the players in suits, the coach journey, we all wanted the cup final. now I cba with it. League fixtures are taking place after it for goodness sakes.
  8. Evatt Ian’s wanderers 😁
  9. Watching this beats watching any other team
  10. Haha I keep forgetting I’m still a member. I’ll start posting some more 😁
  11. This game is shite. Keep getting bigged up that they’re premiership clubs. Errr no they’re not.
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