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  1. That was one mooch back to the train station
  2. Was Dave from walkden, it was hot and cramped on that train. He’s ok now. Got his blood sugar levels up etc
  3. Met him recently, really nice chap. Wish him well for the future.
  4. Well done Evatt you proved me wrong. from a pisspoor start, Phoenix got fkd off and you turned it around. Had the balls to drop the keeper and change the system. Brought in some good players and got us up. I was an Evatt out boy but you can stay now 😁
  5. Where were Reading at this stage?
  6. I’ve just invaded the park across the street
  7. Don’t rate Maddison at all. pissed it til 60 mins then the subs came. Just leave them be whilst dominating
  8. I’m going for an absolute fkin hammering. 4-0
  9. Best I’ve seen us play that today but just knew them scabby fuckers would get one. Pity Doyle has a 50p head or we’d of been out of sight
  10. Haha as soon as the ball was played I said offside straight away. now Evatt jumping on the bandwagon deflecting the fact we were kak on satdy. our crossing was pathetic, our corners were woeful and free kicks couldn’t even lift over the wall. Evatt should look at that before blaming the commentary
  11. Reading through some of the comments on here has just reminded me why I can’t be arsed posting on here anymore. Full of fkin idiots
  12. I spoke to fish recently he’s up for doing a stream too
  13. Mike Whitlow was brilliant. What a fella he is. looking forward to Robbie Savage tomorrow
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