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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. He cannot stay after that pathetic sh1t show yesterday. id of sacked him at half time personally
  2. anewman

    The Final

    Has he been sacked yet?
  3. We’re not going up. Barnsley will beat us. sack Evatt now for me, we should have gone up automatically. The season is a failure.
  4. Why do you all hate being English?
  5. Show some patriotism you bunch of left wing wet wipes
  6. He was piss poor tbh
  7. Was right in front of me, long was stood in an offside position when the ball was kicked and blocked our defenders running back to try and clear. obviously a training ground routine that they never got away with
  8. I’m old fat and unfit with a bad knee(have I mentioned that before) but I’m confident that I could make a better strike partner for Dion than the other lad who started alongside him.
  9. I was being polite. I normally refer to them as wetwipes, bed-wetters, tree huggers, unwashed scruffy c n uts, Labour voting lazy fkrs etc etc
  10. What’s crack with these lefties? firstly they kicked off because of the environment and costs. Now they’re kicking off about the talk of it being scrapped.
  11. Will the lifts be fixed in time for this game?
  12. Taking the knee was and still is a load of sh1te. some made up rubbish from the BLM idiots. why aren’t they making a statement on that clown who stabbed that poor child on her way to school last week? Also they have done away with the takings 😂😂😂 what’s that saying about you can take someone from somewhere
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