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  1. Seen over social media folk sharing paddy pimnletts comments and offering themselves as support, quite ironic really as not too long ago a lot of them were responsible for someone’s mental health to take a massive nose dive and they even contemplated suicide as a way out. Fortunately that person was strong willed and pulled through. 

  2. 3 hours ago, bwfc2003 said:

    WTF happened at Bolton train station after the match ??


    There seemed to be an "argument" on the platform which spilled over onto Trinity St with about 20 odd youths getting involved in a brawl with the 4 plastic rail cops struggling to break up

    Was full of mouthy cnuts at the bar. One bellend being obnoxious to an elderly lady because she went in front of him. It nearly kicked off to say the least. 

  3. 38 minutes ago, bolty58 said:

    Been in Malaga area for 10 days at a training camp which the Scandinavian countries us for World Cup warm ups etc. (Finca Naundrup).

    Near to Sevilla and I have to fly to Zurich yesterday and don't get back until Saturday! How's that for shit luck! Just to experience the atmosphere in Seville would have been amazing. Loads will argue no doubt but you can only ever go off personal experience.  I have never been better treated or made more welcome by any football related folk than by Rangers fans and that has been a constantly recurring theme for me since 1962. The most loyal of the loyal and (simply) the best of the best for mine. Of course if BWFC were to play RFC, I'd still want the Whites to win 6-0! 

    You weren’t in Porto then 😂

  4. 32 minutes ago, tomski said:

    FA cup final is a non event now. Why it isn’t the last game or on its own at 3pm is beyond me. I would take going out in round 1 to help promotion in a heart beat. I like most on here dreamed of us winning the FA cup over most but it’s shite now (hurts to say that) 

    I remember as a kid it was massive. All day on the telly, watching the road to Wembley, the players in suits, the coach journey, we all wanted the cup final. 
    now I cba with it. League fixtures are taking place after it for goodness sakes. 

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