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  1. i do remember a bit about that,what year roughly was that.The two cocks fighting was a yearly event,but all came together to fight St Annes, as we had the higher ground and could march down hill,it usually didn't last long
  2. i was there for the fun and games,we merged with breightmet high when i was a 5th year
  3. exactly what i thought of you ,you hussy
  4. might as well he did it during the transfer window
  5. go on.you know you had a bit of a crush on him
  6. get coyle down there rapid
  7. i honestly think he took over when we had a decent squad i.e holden ,elmander,chungy and looked to be doing a great job but think he was riding on the crest of a wave and by the end of the season his tactics was starting to kick in leaving us just above relegation at the end of the season
  8. do you think the players out of contract are waiting for big sam to come in for them
  10. and so say all of us!!!!!
  11. all the bolton players should wear them on tuesday
  12. i'm pretty sure i remember scott sellers scoring from a corner when he played for us
  13. he had a terrible time over the past few months with the cancer but always had his chin up and was still cracking jokes whenever i saw him my heart goes out to all his family r.i.p.mick
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