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  1. Ordered . Will put a review on here
  2. Keep hold of your surprise voucher number , for your priority Playoff Away ticket .
  3. Yep , we got sorted though. All aboard the Rattler!!!
  4. Why does that change it ?
  5. Going for the day out .
  6. What is strange is that if away fans are heading to Wigan , loads stop off in Westhoughton. But very few coming to our humble abode bother with Westhoughton. It's weird.
  7. embankment


    Santos didn't do a full session this morning. Let's hope it's just a precaution
  8. embankment

    Pompey (H)

    A couple strolling about this evening. Not spotted a bell yet though
  9. embankment

    Pompey (H)

    Howfen preparing it's self for an invasion of ticketless fans .
  10. embankment

    Pompey (H)

    How many tickets have Portsmouth sold ? Do we think many will come without tickets for a party ?
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