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  1. Looks like we are the same build . But it is a very small 3xl
  2. I agree with your remarks Rudy . All I was doing was relaying what the guy said to me.
  3. Or selfish Bastards who don't care about anyone else . Init Bro .
  4. Just been reported . In The Bolton News. The majority of people infected are those that could have had the vaccine. But chose not to do so . And it is linked to ethnicity. Thick fuckers from certain communities. In other words
  5. Tickets in the bag. Wolf Jaw Orange Goblin Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons. Bloodstock Hawkwind Gong Steve Hackett Van Der Graph Generator Ozzy Behemoth Arch Enemy
  6. Just need the rain to stop. Not bothered about it crackin't flags
  7. Is it just me . Tele is crap at the moment. Would rather listen to music .
  8. It is true. Asked in Bolton Central when the away kit was being reduced. " it's not , we understand it is being used next season" Spent my well earned on one of those training hoodys . £22.50 well worth it . Full Zip ; zip pockets , embroidered badge and bwfc ( on hood) Just right for home games and for winding up.the " fucking tic's" in The Brewery Tap. On a side note the " Boohoo" home kit will have an under- boob option with added sparkles
  9. Possible new home kit. Definitely NOT new away kit. That's why they are not reduced at Bolton Central.
  10. Ulverston- 4-1 Holmfirth- 3-1 Barnard Castle - 10-1 Conway/ Llandudno - Evens Bury Market- 20-1
  11. This all over . Total takeover . When ever it happens
  12. Gilks for me . He steadied the ship. Gave Santos the confidence do his job instead of looking over his shoulder
  13. Robert Johnson , Black Sabbath, Culture Club , Sex Pistols , Motorhead , Genesis, The Jam , Hawkwind , The Velvet Underground. LED Zeppelin UB40 All the above were unique. But Sabbath created a whole new genre
  14. Zeppelin had 450000 on August the 4th then 350000 on the 11th. I was at the first
  15. Joshua to be asleep midway round 7
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