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  1. I think he knew he had antagonised us enough and his afternoons work was done. Would have been on the refs "let's screw up BWFC " Whats App "group. Gloating by 17.31.
  2. Wigan Casino, mm Before I start , great music must have been good to be part of the "scene" if you actually went . R . Only lasted 8 yrs as a venue have met loads who claimed to go . But their ages don't add up . Obviously I am totally biased but Jillys in Mcr was a better all night venue. My self I usually stayed closer to home , frequenting the Swan Cellar Bar and the Lower Nags .
  3. Absolute muppet, are we convinced he is a Bolton fan ? Those stewards who completely failed to take him out on the pitch need binning off .
  4. The Good Bad & The Ugly . When Angel Eyes is battering Tuco . " story of a soldier "
  5. Must be a few Thin Lizzy fans on here that will take them off your hands.
  6. Deluxe people carrier booked Complete with reclining seats , pop up bar & air fryer . Reality . Big bazz's cheapo van from Daubhill, possibly taxed . Built for 8 but 12 at a push . Apparently picking up from the Albion 8.35 Doesn't understand sat nav, so can we provide a map with the required route highlighted in pink crayon . No toilet breaks , so considering the average age of our group , empty coke bottles will be provided. £195 for the day . This could be epic.
  7. Do they check BWFC away fixtures everytime they decide to strike !!!
  8. embankment


    Was ok with the 1 bus at 13.05 from Westhoughton. Plenty of time for a pint and kebab in the Fan Zone and then into the hotel . But last match ( Derby) it was late only arriving at the Stadium at 13.55 . So massive queue to get in the fanzone. So went to Nam Ploy After the match with 8 mins extra time , "buzz' didn't get off the carpark till 17.30 ish . That's way too long . There is a service bus leaves Middlebrook at 17.50 back to Howfen. Might as well get that . Or share a taxi back at 18.30 when all the traffic has gone.
  9. embankment


    At one time the "buzz's" got priority when leaving the carparks , now have to shove their way out. All the extra time doesn't help. Last season the barmaid in the Tap , had my beer ready at 17.34. Now it's anytime up to 17.53
  10. All sorted, rail cards are the only way to do it .
  11. Day returns at £42 . Fill ya boots
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