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  1. Not been the same , since it was stopped being made in Atherton. Taste - used to taste like very sweet cough medicine. But was addictive. When I worked there , on a Friday you could take home as much as you wanted . They were one of the first to can wine . You were limited to what you could take of that. Especially after the local pubs were flogging it off by the case load.
  2. Not on sale yet .according to their loyals in Howfen
  3. Atherton nailed on. Cannot see myself going to any others
  4. Bobby Moore got sent off in the Fulham game. Fulham walked off with him. Took.about 8 mins before they returned. Minus Moore of course.
  5. Step , I need clarification. Who are you and more importantly who is your Dad ?
  6. We need more information. I am totally confused
  7. Now that I have not seen before
  8. There is one of Angus as well . But ya wrong with Bon Scott it was Brain Johnson.
  9. Been in the White Lion . Second Half was on, City fans obviously massively disappointed. Slagging the manager and owner off. " Bloody hell lads " you haven't done bad . Premiership League Cup Champions League Final Fa cup - semi final. " fuck off what have Bolton done ? " Got promotion and we are a Bloody alot happier than you lot . End of conversation.
  10. Confirmation email yesterday. Asking what size complimentary home shirt I wanted . Plus preference of free first pint in the hotel.
  11. Bet Doms not on the stag do
  12. Make sure it comes out in one piece . Serious shit if it doesn't. Then plenty of warm salt water for the next few days. Gargle like a bride on her wedding night. Seriously get someone to look at it.
  13. If she does not fully recover And it turns out it was a person of colour ( D Abbots terminology not mine ) who fired the gun. Obviously BLM means eff all to him .
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