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  1. Port Vale on Saturday Bloodstock on Sunday. Not worth coming home .
  2. We go to Fleetwood when it's pissing down midweek in March
  3. Yes I will show my face for a couple of hours .
  4. But we still won't be allowed in the hotel after .
  5. embankment


    6 weeks till season starts,plenty of time to get sorted . But I as we know their fans are going through mental hell.
  6. This is where I am at. I work for a m,cr office Out of 24 guys , there are only 2 who has season tickets ( aussie has a city one). The rest are all avid City , and red Bastards from their armchairs . They all rhyme off numerous international players who are supposed to have signed or might be . And I don't have a clue about 94% of them. Yesterday they were discussing how crap England have been recently, I did try to explain its a meaningless replacement competition for friendlys and haven't watched 1 second of it. Back to my original point , I follow BWFC , I know our current opponents in League One , take an interest in the Championship and League 2 . But know very little about Current elite footballers around Europe or the Premier League. Does this mean I am a Bolton fan rather than a fan of football ? No I don't think so . Must admit things get agitated sometimes when I ask why they don't bother going to games . " we are younger than you , have got young families etc " My response to that is " bollocks, I've watched Bolton from the terraces all my adult life ,as I have gone through everything life chucks at you " So top six in the Premier League next season. What do I think . City - money is king( spent sensibly, with a good coach) Red scousers Then , Arsenal , Spurs , Chelsea . Hope the great revival is along way off and the red side of mc,r finish 6th or 7th . That way I get to fast forward MOTD to watch them lose whilst sat in bed on Sunday mornings recovering from watching My Team from the stands & terraces of numerous football grounds next season.
  7. Walked off the complex in the Dominican Republic , for about a mile along the beach . There was a group.of huts on stilts general market stalls found a very small bar , BWFC were on tele . 2 mins later dad and lad walk in with Wanderers tops on. Watched the match surrounded by disinterested locals , who were watching cricket on their phones . With hindsight it was just like a Sunday afternoon in the Raven in Wigan. Locals more interested in a different ball game.
  8. embankment


    Already there appears to be favouritism. Dead line passed .( deathly silence from EFL) No count down to extinction clock on Sky Sports.
  9. Any bets ? Or is this old news
  10. I had wondered if you were an uncover steward, couldn't shake you off in Crewe
  11. embankment


    Bassini next up on Jim Whites show .
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