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  1. We lost to a decent team. This league is a massive step up for alot of our players. It wasn't for lack of effort that we lost . Folk have got to be realistic in their expectations.
  2. Bloody Hawkwind postponed , looks like I am scurrying around for a match n rattler ticket
  3. embankment


    This is total karma for the abuse and piss taking we suffered at their place. I have never seen Early Dart as upset . Ripped him to the core. And it's a long shit walk along that canal back to the station
  4. Name the drummer , the rumours were true
  5. Finally we get to see it . Dust in my eyes . Plus Nick Mason on the pitch with Shazza .
  6. 2 evenly matched sides , playing very similar football. Could have been another 3-3
  7. The issues at the hotel were caused by a wedding. ( not their fault). The Window area was sectioned off , for guests only . The Bride And Groom arrived at 17.15 . Followed by a full coach load . So security had been told to limit numbers . The wedding reception was to be held upstairs in one of the large sponsors lounges .. Due to the horrible weather and the fact the M61 was shut causing massive jams in the area , the people in the lounge were reluctant to leave . I do think the hotel ( remember under new management) had never experienced or expected a 16000 attendance were totally caught on the hop. As usual the people on the frontline got the flack ( unfairly). In that I include the door men who at times were getting dogs abuse ( from people I have never seen in the hotel before) . The barstaff were doing the best they could. Hopefully on Monday there will be a hotel management inquiry into what happened.
  8. Maybe , but we need to sell out.
  9. Well , absolutely loved it. Obviously very disappointed with the 3 goals we helped them to score. Bit overall a decent gritty performance. Remember we have stepped up a league. As everyone has said , support from the stands was unbelievable. Don't know why Eisa started making gangster signs to the fans after he finished celebrating. Can put up with him cupping his lug holes . But to start flapping his digits like that is a disgrace. Honestly felt we should have had a free kick prior to their 3rd. The celebrations for the equaliser were fantastic. Moan now - The hotel need to get their act together. Yes I know it was the first game and there was a wedding on . ( official photographer was fit as ) but to stop fans going in after the match ( we waited 45mins ) without proper explanation was wrong. The queue for beers before the game was bad enough, Ash waited nearly an hour. I have been in there with 21070 on the gate and not had to wait like that. Back to the game . More positives than negatives.
  10. The Big surprise is when you get to your seat , there is a thank you note from Shazza . Plus a voucher for 50% off a Carrs pasty .
  11. Glad it's back. Wondering if my substantial donation swung it . Out of interest, what's the percentage of posters that do actually donate. Must admit over the years , I do not regularly. Just chuck a tenner in every now and then.
  12. Going to be a long day . Rattler uncertainty, let's hope we all get there on time
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