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  1. Glaring omission- Swedish Al was with us .
  2. One of Early Darts grandsons was at the match today . Think he is around 7, his first away game . And he was still in the ground when we scored. Made up for him and all the young un's. Days like yesterday nature the next generations of Wanderers Fans. So so important
  3. Well what a day. Up at 7.00 , thought about knocking on for Jeep as I strolled past his gated abode. Early morning rattler from Howfen. Met Early Dart on the train , grabbed a coffee at Piccadily, plenty of Wanderers Fans mooching about waiting for the 9.30 to Shrewsbury. As soon as it turned up grabbed a couple of table seats , Ashbourne Street Market Stall , Pensioner (sputnik)Stan , Pinocheo's Dad , Grump Bat , Mr Smith, Woody and young Phileas Fogg in attendance. Train was packed but with mostly vintage fans . Boltons youth unwilling to get out of their pits at an ungodly hour. First pit stop in Shrewsbury was the Bulls Head , doors were shut but unlocked (schoolboy error from the landlord) . " Are you open ? " " I wasn't, but you lot look like you need a drink " Excellent beers flowed . Moved onto the ancient Three Fishes , after deciding to forego a Spoons breakfast. Turned out to be a good decision. Devoured double egg , home made chips and slices of delicious ham. Locals a friendly bunch went above and beyond welcoming us , within 40 mins Ashburner St got an invite to a swingers party. Moved onto The Wheatsheaf , as soon as we got through the doors the management locked the doors . ( Bolton's Youth had started to desend on the town). Turns out the pubs have a watts app group. We pitched up in a corner spot ( felt sorry for the couple sat trying to avoid eye contact whilst supposedly have a quiet Saturday meal ). A few man's best friends knocking about. Cockapoo named Lemmy. Couldn't resist it , whilst it's female owner was oh a toilet break offered the husband a fiver he accepted it !! The look on her face when she returned as he explained the situation was a joy to watch. Pub was in uproar . Turns out it was a neighbours dog. Fiver and dog exchanged again. Shrewsbury is a great drinking town but it's a bloody route march to the ground . On route found The Bell View ( cash only) , resulting in Early Dart negotiating how much of a pint he could purchase with the few coins in his wallet. (3/4 pint ). Onto the stadium, great atmosphere, Wanderers fans in full voice . First half both sides cancelled each other out . Not good but nice to achieve 0-0 at half time. Half time presentation on the pitch to the legendary Tony Kelly from the Wanderers Remembrance Group . A visibibly moved Mr Kelly a credit to our great club . The guy has been through a very tough couple of years. Bumped into Jeep and Mikkey D ( not the famous Motorhead drummer) Back to the football , Wanderers came out looking to attack more . Vela was being a nuisance all over the park for Shrewsbury. It was nice to see alot less passing the ball amongst our defenders and keeper. As the clock ticked on , I convinced myself that a draw was a good result. Then the ball smashed into the net , a sublime one touch followed by a rocket of a shot . The place went mental, players jumping into the fans . This is the moments we all live for . The rain sodden disappointments of Fleetwood and Accrington forgotten in an instant. Limbs everywhere at full time . Bumped into Mr Kelly as I walked out , the grin on his face once again proved " once in never out ". Back to the Bell View , walk back interrupted by a phone call from home , " have you bought a bloody dog ? " The joys of social media !!!!! Got settled into the Bell View . Soon packed with Bolton fans good atmosphere. Away Win , last minute goal , it doesn't get any better . Even Grumpy Bat had a smile on his face whilst in a Rocking Chair looking like a modern day Cyril Fletcher. Mr Smith had battled on for the day but was not ready for another route march to the station for the 7pm train. Not 1 taxi available in Shrewsbury. A few good souls stopped with him and eventually got the 9pm. The rest of us set off , arrived at the station. No sign of Ash !!! Looks like he took up the earlier invite !!! Train back was rammed but the journey flew by . Bolton Youth in great voice. Roll on next Saturday.
  4. embankment


    Can some one explain the EFL's statement please
  5. Just wish City would chuck in a goal machine and a nasty centre half
  6. This is it in one . And I reckon it was all about fannying about with the ball 15yrds from our own goal.
  7. Better than I expected. Get some steel into this side . Onwards we march Have a safe journey home all those that went .
  8. Jacko says he is NOT going . Doyle that is .
  9. Iles saying Evatt has not confirmed, but rarely no smoke without fire. So I stand corrected
  10. Mmmm , not convinced. Mr Iles would have announced it yesterday
  11. Twitter in melt down , mainly Doncaster and Morecambe. Ah well.
  12. Forgot to give Jeep a mention, spotted him having early afternoon cakes n a pot of tea . Looked a quaint cafe for fans of a certain age.
  13. Early Start - rattler to Accrington. Limo for Mr Smith to The Warners Arms . Landed on our feet with that one. Rest of us followed at a statigic distance behind some of Bolton's finest . Who announced their attempt to get in The Bees Nees by chucking smoke bombs and carrying crates of ale. Then looked on incredulously when barred from entering. 1 of them lifted by the coppers at 11.05 . Visited the Grey Horse at 1.30 . Good atmosphere and buxom barmaid . Excellent fish barm from over the road. Onto ground where Ash had sorted seats under cover . Good Lad . Match - shite . Let's leave it there. Nice to watch in the company of Victor . Walked into town after . Did a couple of pubs till around 8pm . No mither . Rattler back to Bolton, then a curry in the Achari with the dog. Role on the cavalry arriving as promised by Mr Evatt.
  14. It was frustrating to watch . Once again 17 passes on the edge of our own penalty area . Time and time again. We ain't gonna to score from there. Linesman with tinted glasses. Time-wasting- master class. And the dad who let his young daughter run onto the pitch . And then when ballistic at the stewards for interfering. All the youngsters want a shirt but that's not the way to do it. Poor girl ended up frightened and scared .. Muppet of a Dad trying to pick a fight infront of her.
  15. New ground for me .. So I fortunately don't have bad memories of the place . Looking forward to it . Itinerary yet to be sorted.
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