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  1. According to the Wigan section in The Brewery Tap, Kolo took the training session on Friday
  2. I think it should be just left in the account. That's why we donated.
  3. I must be a tight bastard. Only donated a tenner .
  4. Sorted ! . Looking forward to my 1923 shirt with a Fleetwood ticket secreted in the presentation box . It's a no brainer !!
  5. Any one have a Scouse connection ? Counterfeit tickets ? Or we could just turn up late .
  6. We didn't !! Unfortunately.
  7. Bin today's result off . 2 sloppy goals given away. 1 just after we had got back into it. Roll on November. Ps . Sat with my 5yr old grandson today. That meant more to me than the result.
  8. Wasn't there tonight , working late up Ulverston. That late winner has made my day. Hope the Thunderclap was on form !!!! Roll on Saturday.
  9. Rossendales finest . But the two I spoke to originally from Poland . Very tidy outside The Grey Horse
  10. PART 2 . Fantastic atmosphere euphoria at the final whistle. That 7 mins of extra time was unbelievable, thought Accrington were going to profit from their time wasting earlier. Good to see our kid ( Crawshaw Booth ) celebrating. Bet a few beers went down in THE Tap later. Came out the ground, massive over kill of Rossendales Police force . They were a bit slow off the mark when a Bolton Youth cracked a gobby Accrington fan . He got off on toes and looked as if he got away. Down hill to the Castle for an excellent pint from Bowland Brewery . Bumped into 4 LFC fans ( not happy bunnies, Klopp out !!). Back to Warners , still no ale on . Bat not happy he had left a new jacket and his bins there before the match. Nope no one had seen them. Sputnik was awol in the Crown and it turns out Ashburner Street had binned the match off altogether and headed back to Blackburn. Made my excuses and headed for 18.12 to Blackburn, at the station there was an extra train on , jumped on arrived Blackburn 18.05 . Next train was 18.48, so headed to Spoons . To bump into Jeep and his sidekick Rob. Turns out the General hadn't turned up today . So they were planning a visit to the Achari . Accepted the invite. Finally headed back to the station at 20.12 . Where Sputnik, Pinocheo's Dad, Mr Smith and the Bat were snuggled up in the waiting room. Back to Bolton and the Sweet Green. It's a disgrace whats happened to what was once one of Boltons finest pubs . Sat down for Boltons finest curry at 22.00hrs . Demolished mine, Jeep arranged a doggy back for himself Taxi home , arrived 23.30. Why can't all away days be like this. Ps . Look at the bloody weather today. !!
  11. PART ONE 2-3 away win , great weather , abject 1st 50mins ,followed by 30mins of passion driven from the terraces . Without doubt yesterday was the loyal fans dayout , yes the first goal was the catalyst but the fans ignited the rest of the performance. Let's start at 9.00am , Embankment loitering on Howfen Station. Jeep appears ( early start for him) Not sure about the shorts alot of faith in the weather forecast. Train to Bolton then await for the 10am to Blackburn/ Accrington Usual suspects on the platform. Youth cracking cans , GMP on board as we get on. ( unbelievable amount of police all day , apparently because a scuffle last season). 11.15 , Straight into the Warners for us . Walked past the Stanley and Bees Knees both of which already welcoming numerous Bolton Fans .( what ever the media say , local businesses love us visiting their towns ). Unfortunately the Craft ale in the Warners was bloody terrible. I did ask the barman if he was trying to poison me . " sorry I thought it might be off " Which left me a choice of Madri or John Smiths . Went for the Madri , did notice The Bats son in law supping bottles of Rekorderlig . Left Sputnik and Pinocheo's Dad holding court and headed to the Crafty Fox with Ash . Complete mistake no craft ale , but traditional chippy next door. Returned to Warners with trays of chips for the lads , bloody lovely. Another pint of Madri then headed to the Commercial. The Bat , Sputnik , Early Dart , Padihams finest, Mr Smith not for moving . Woody and Swedish Al had already departed for The Crown. Nice beer in the Commercial. Then a swift march up hill to Grey Horse with Howfen Baz and Talk Shite . Loads of Bolton great banter . Into the ground disappointment all round at 45 mins. Half time ran into Mikkey D and the Ant Hill Mob , backed up with the Vegetarian Meldew family. 2nd half what a difference Dapo doing what he does best but he should have squared it for Kachunga to make it 4. PART 2 , LATER ON
  12. Should have layed it on for Kachunga
  13. Accrington's pitch is exactly the same size as the Unibol
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