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  1. embankment


    Worst kept secret in Horwich
  2. Shazza , just knocked on and thanked me for becoming a member
  3. Doyle not happy . May be next.
  4. Big Sam on his way back , according to Talk Shite
  5. 1-1 . Small steps . 11032 on . Not decided on Howfen or Chorley pre-match.
  6. That was bobbins . Now we know our pedigree. Onwards and upwards
  7. Interesting . We shall see
  8. Can we please delete this topic and move onto BWFC subjects. If Rooney's smoke blowers want to wax lyrical about the muppet they can surely find a more appropriate site.
  9. Howfen Wiganites in full cry this evening. Kept my powder dry. 1 more sleep. What ever happens , I will be on form at 17.30 tomorrow
  10. Alan Shearer wins . Players I have watched . If we are going of goals per games it has to be Nat Lofthouse
  11. That's one hell of a fishing rod you have .
  12. You may have mitigating circumstances but this is why having a season ticket is the cheapest way of following Bolton. Less than £11 a game . NSL.
  13. 1 adult - it will be in Sheffield at 11am and then in various pubs . If you want it get in touch
  14. They have even put a beer festival on for us this time . Hence we are on a late train back
  15. No , they had a sale on. And our transport manager was all over it .
  16. Got ours weeks ago . £4 return .
  17. Jones will play Saturday. Cards are now competition specific
  18. We lost to a decent team. This league is a massive step up for alot of our players. It wasn't for lack of effort that we lost . Folk have got to be realistic in their expectations.
  19. Bloody Hawkwind postponed , looks like I am scurrying around for a match n rattler ticket
  20. embankment


    This is total karma for the abuse and piss taking we suffered at their place. I have never seen Early Dart as upset . Ripped him to the core. And it's a long shit walk along that canal back to the station
  21. Name the drummer , the rumours were true
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