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  1. 5 hours ago, Cheese said:

    Mine is early 60's. He turned into a full-on racist in 2016. Almost overnight. It was bizarre. Maybe it was always bubbling away inside him but he just hid it, and felt the EU Referendum freed him for some reason. Or maybe I just didn't notice it before then. 🤷‍♂️ 

    Racist , is a very strong emotive word  

    That I my opinion is used way way to often.

    Nowadays it's an immediate response towards anyone who speaks openly about their concerns regarding mass illegal immigration or the weekend rallies being held across the country.

    One of my trigger points now is "  you cannot say that "

    Why ? Because you don't agree with my point of view ? This can be on a very varid number of subjects . 

    I respect your opinion but don't try to just shut me down by telling me not to talk.

    Have a respectful conversation instead. 

    Ps , politics and beer don't mix ever.



  2. 5 hours ago, desperado said:

    What are you going on about at half 6 in the morning?

    Either there’s new info, in which case post the links.

    Or it’s just more inane ramblings

    That interview was before the match .

  3. 4 hours ago, paulhanley said:

    Just about all of the other threads are very understandably very negative and that's my over-riding emotion since Saturday too. What a bunch of bottlers.

    Any year Bolton Wanderers spend out of the top two divisions is a year too long. We are now going to spend a sixth consecutive season in the lower divisions. Slowly but surely we're escalating towards the full decade we endured in the 80s and early 90s. 

    However ... taking the long view, are there reasons why a further year in League 1 might prove to have been the right thing? 

    1. This team bottles big games. In the Championship there are big games far more often. Quite apart from debating the balance of the squad and the quality in the side they simply seem to lack to the big game mentality. The Championship would surely have chewed up and spat out our lily-livered playing staff. 

    2. Ipswich are an outlier. It's not often promoted teams thrive at tier 2 these days. You have to get a foothold and scrap your way to safety. That would be a problem linked to (1) but how many of the current squad can we honestly say are Championship ready in terms of playing standard alone? Going back to the late 1980s and early 1990s, we would not have been ready for tier 2 with a forward line of Storer/Philliskirk/Reeves - as much as they did good things for us. However we were ready with Walker/McGinlay/Lee. Things sometimes just need to evolve a bit more before they align. 

    3. There are scores to settle in League 1. We still want that win at Bloomfield Road (hopefully while preserving our own long unbeaten home run against the orange wankers). Then there is Wigan. That run of misfortune v them has to stop. Next season we get at least two more shots at it. I recall the double over Wigan in 92/3 when Bruce got us promoted. It felt like the right way to be saying goodbye to them (for what proved to be more than a decade).  A much lesser local issue but Stockport fans are a mouthy lot and like to point out they've never lost at the Reebok. Be nice to sort that. 

    4. Combining the themes of derby matches and whether we were Championship ready this year - I'm not so sure I'd have fancied having to play Burnley, Blackburn and PNE with this present lot. It could have been carnage.

    Hopefully we will come to view our failure this season as a necessary evil as we develop/evolve further so that when we do hit the Championship we are properly equipped.


    Wow , that is an awful lot of sense

  4. 3 minutes ago, mickbrown said:

    Fair play to Barnsley, thought at 2-1 we’d run away with it, but they had a right go. 

    And will somebody tell Santos he ain’t Paulo Maldini. Wish he’d stick to what he’s good at. 

    Santos  has been playing with injections for the last 4 weeks.

    They worked him hard , was blowing out of his arse that second half .

    Their second goal was 100% down to him.


  5. 9 minutes ago, freds dad said:

    I'm staying over tonight and need to get to Ashton U Lyne for 9am. For you regular commuters what's the traffic like around the M61 / M60 junction in the morning?

    It's an absolute mare 9 days out of 10.

    I work in Heywood most days .

    To be onsite for 8am , I leave Westhoughton at 7.15 .

    When I'm on a course at HSS ,,Ashton I leave at 7.15 at the latest . Junction 18 is a mare .

    Good luck. 

    PS do not attempt to go via Barton Bridge. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Ratwhite said:

    Giddy Goose in Las America's for me 


    Get to Marshalls Sports and Entertainment bar ,  better beer . Just up the slope from the Goose .Same block as the Chieftain.  Good Italian next door.

    Great atmosphere. 

  7. 2 hours ago, only1swanny said:

    Can't get tickets online, 


    apparently I am attempting to buy more tickets than I am allowed to.. I have 4 season tickets.. I'm trying to buy 4 tickets.. 


    You would think with tickets going on sale at 5pm, they would have people on hand to sell them!


    Left work early , queued up outside ticket office. Got through door around 16.48 , got served at 17.10 got home 17.22 . All sorted


  8. 33 minutes ago, freds dad said:

    They will wait to see what happens at weekend before offloading

    Keep hold of your surprise voucher number , for your  priority Playoff Away ticket .


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