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  1. I am bricking it already. A long time since I was as this apprehensive before a game. Hope we have a replacement keeper on the bench . If its going to be a draw , let's hope its us that scores an injury time equaliser. Too close to call this one.
  2. 10 minutes later , it reversed . That day , the word went out that Chelsea were after the Lever End . Some were in there early doors , when they were joined by others from the Embankment it was chaos . I was outside , seen Bolton lads climbing out the turnstiles. I decided to go in the Embankment , not in there long as within 5 mins it kicked off again in the Lever End and we went the length of the pitch. It was bedlam in the Lever End all match. Yes Chelsea stayed in there all match , but heavily protected. Its weird I remember nothing about what went on after the game.
  3. Benji has a helicopter. Yes this is Newport related.
  4. Woke up. Happy with the point. Lets see what Monday brings .
  5. Peter Reid - had shares in Bennys along with Brian Robson and Paul Mcgrath. Had some great nights in there. Used to serve breakfasts at 5am . Had to walk home once . Flaming knackered when I got back to Ladybridge
  6. Jonny Rotten thank you for a sensible reply. Victor - swivel!!
  7. See in todays Bolton News the flag has been made and is now in the ground.
  8. Sorry Victor, you lost me.
  9. Sorry Zat Knight takes the crown . Should have been a bloody traffic warden the amount of pointing he did . Also a head like a threepenny bit. Absolute fuckin bobbins . Stole a bloody living
  10. I know its against the grain. But I honestly believe they will stay up. Mainly just to piss off us lot.
  11. When fans are allowed back , will attendances be on a par with Pre - Pandemic. Or will they all be rammed out. I think there will be an initial increase but it will soon reverse back to normal.
  12. Oh , don't worry, we walked all the way to Spoons. Then nipped to a "recomended" ale pub. Landlord pulled 3 pints - barrel ran out. And he had been passed the night before , so hadn't prepared any more beers. Went in a shite Yates. Admitted defeat headed back to Station . Found the bar. 36c Barmaid, started supping . 3 hrs later caught train.
  13. Still not forgiven them for calling that match off as we departed Sheffield Station and we decided to spend 4hrs in the land that time forgot . Worksop. Birth place of Bruce Dickinson and Graham Taylor. And the only decent bar is on the train station
  14. Talking of flags . I see there are still in full flutter at the stadium. Unlike when Kenneth was in charge.
  15. Get off that fence Gonzo
  16. There is now an App available to download if you want to switch clubs . It even finds you an ideal club based on your latest profile details. Enter - place of birth. ( it does warn that it is 56% guaranteed that is NOT the club you want to support). Current top of the league. ( this is important) It records your actual location on matchdays , if a high percentage of that is your home address ,automatically it narrows down suggestions to the current top 4 clubs in the Premier and the previous 3 seasons FA Cup winners. As a add on to the app. It changes any photo in your Internet history wearing a club shirt. To your latest club. App is - Glory Hunting Tossers . Massive uptake in London Postcode areas .
  17. After further investigation, I now know the answers to all but the Chelsea reference.
  18. Have donated, just a couple of questions. 1) who is Steven Green ? 2) who is Al Mather ? 3) why the Chelsea reference 4 ) any idea how much the banner/giant flag will cost ?
  19. Done it. Look forward to seeing it .
  20. OK. Ya right . Let's do it !!
  21. Got removed from their twice before kickoff. Went back in for a third time. But in the stand. God - football was cheap in those days. Cop on the gate at supposed away section. "Right lads what river flows through Bolton " Spurs likely lads standing around, copped the question. In we go , 20 mins later carnage. No fences , I bail onto the pitch. " get back in there , " eff off , first eviction. Pay to get in again. Bolton numbers have increased, it kicks off again , this time we had the numbers. Coppers come in mob handed , this time they drag me over . Around 15 marched out again . Match result , think we lost 1-0
  22. @kieronmaguire @davidcasey @alannixon £600000 Article goes into cost per hour charges.
  23. After the weekends revelation that 11 bids were being prepared. The shits hit the fan again today. Administrator's have increased their fees. Mmmmmm - about to pull it !!
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