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  1. Bradford Park Avenue.
  2. Wonder what it will be worth in 2021 , when the world has been in lockdown for 10 months. A virus from the other side of the world will destroy the economy.
  3. Happy with 4 point. A bit of luck and we could have been 2-0 up at halftime. Sluggish start to 2nd half . Goal down but got a draw out of it. Could have won it. Be Reet !!
  4. Does his son wear trackys ? Bet he has an apartment in the same Monaco complex.
  5. So , do you want to bin him ? Now or at the end of the season ? I definitely would give him the season.
  6. Yeah , but that walk back along the canal/ river is a killer. Especially after you have just been relegated. I remember being totally pissed off.
  7. So what was the building overlooking the pitch ? Genuinely interested
  8. Wayne will have to stump up some dosh. Thats if there is any left after his Mrs's has finished fighting Rebecca in court. Expensive do that. Would have been better off,winner takes all naked mud wrestling. Winner gets the video rights. Could have got one of Wayne's granny's to referee and possibly join in.
  9. The one at QPR was from his own half , looked up and drove it into the top corner. ALWAYS ; thought about it when the media were licking Beckhams arse when he scored from the half way line. Frankly was well inside the half. Cannot remember if we won the game. But its one of the goals I will never forget. Met him a couple of times. But the stand out one was at The Strawberry Duck. Spent about an hour chatting to him and Alex Higgins,
  10. There was one earlier today up middlebrook. 1/3 rd off. Slight damage in the last but one segment.
  11. Got a 3m one twice last year. Brilliant birthday presents
  12. The 3-0 Jones Hat Trick , wasn’t my first game . But is my first stand out match.
  13. I just cannot see the Northern Monkeys being in a lower tier than the Southern Woke Luvies. But the rates in Manchester i believe are lower than scouse land. Itz all very confuzing.
  14. Latest on the Tiers , we might be all getting a bit previous in our hopes of dropping one.
  15. Not as wide as the Embankment. But it’s bloody steep and higher
  16. Hope you are not complaining about them sending that naked cleaning service around again. Getting a bit prudish lately .
  17. Yeah but ya wiv me 😂😂😂
  18. Not got mine yet. Shaźza will probably give us a bell
  19. Evil Dead 2 is good also Fog . But Rivington have now upped the prices . £1 a can. Best value now is in my opinion is Black Edge or the 12 bottle option from Bank Top. Tin Head comes in at 6 cans for a tenner. I was informed last night on getting home. " your beer cupboard is full " i have tidied it up . "And sorted it out into drink by order." I can only suspect the hoover is knackered.
  20. On a side note have you been to Tin Head ?
  21. On the official site. It is not a brew i have noticed before. Who stocks it locally ? Wrights ?
  22. You won the bloody lottery ? And i thought Rivington Brewing Company was expensive. DEYA . £6 for 375mls
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