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  1. ticketsales@bwfc.co.uk. Thats what i did. They replied with a link to the survey
  2. Or have you gone into hibernation mode ?
  3. Email them . You get a reply back in under 2 hrs. Normal day time hrs. Not the middle of the night. On a side note . Are you nocturnal ?
  4. Went for group. Even though me n Ashburner St sit apart from our not right associates .
  5. Nope just spinning round and round . Which will do for the moment.
  6. Super John - under the cosh . brilliant
  7. Went for B+ , randomly issued match , but guaranteed pre-match pick up by either Emma or Shazza
  8. Small world . Used to walk down the slope to the front , turn left and there was a cracking indian. Thursday nights in the Lemon , show my face on site , then head home at 11am.
  9. Under The Cosh . Super John. Not seen it before. Lovin it
  10. Out of interest was it the Hairy Lemon ? I stayed in a B&B right opposite it ? What happens in the Lemon ( you know the rest)
  11. Another Notts County anecdote .( differant game) Certain poster on here managed to slash his leg open at some point during the procedings and i got the bollocking when we got home. " you were supposed to look after him "
  12. The only landslide i remember v Notts County was against us. Bloody night match away. Think we were 2-0 down before i got through the turnstile. Eventfull afternoon in Nottingham College halls of residance prior to attending the match. Long drive home via Leeds listening to Bob Monkhouse on the radio. Cannot remember the final score , but we got battered.
  13. 1981 - Motorhead and Ozzy took the main stand. Mental that day !!!
  14. See a young person has done it !! look at that terrace !!! Best in the North .
  15. Lets hope the run continues. They have been in free fall . Think they will park the bus. Hopefully we can nick a 1-0 . But i am going for 2-2
  16. Just been sent via Wats App an 11 minute clip of the 1945 North v South cup final. First 4 mins are off the Embankment and team training for the semi - final against Manchester. Problem is i do not know how to post it. I also cannot find it on you .tube Some clever Young person needs to find it and post it on here.
  17. So as i tip the scales at 15st 4 , which makes me " a below average fan" I would like contest that fact. The simple fact that i have travelled the uk rail network on Saturday mornings with at least 38% of the not rights on here to support BWFC makes me a Very much above average fòotball fan.
  18. Remember watching Wigan Rugby League v Manly . Central Park was packed . Official attendance 36895. There must have been 43000+ on that night. A lot of very rich turnstile guys
  19. 85000+ in the ground . Was reported when disaster struck.
  20. I cannot compete against his Owain Wyn Evans satorial dress sense and mannerisms. "I am what i am " as our Gloria once uttered.
  21. Get off that bloody fence ,Jeep😂
  22. 1933 . 28,087 on for the City game. All slim buggers 19785 on the Lever End same day
  23. 1933 . 28,087 on for the City game. All slim buggers
  24. Woah - think about it , The Cab is raised up from the carriages. So only the driver and fireman could see over the concrete wall. Get ya bloody facts reet !!
  25. Shazza - knocked on handed me a print off . Cards coming in December , complete with Santa is a Wanderer bobble hat . Plus a cloth to wipe the pigeon shite of my seat for the first game back in the stadium.
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