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  1. Mill road is a good shout, it is the student area so generally cheaper. You can pick up your half time vegan treats as well if you don't have any pocket meats. By student I mean Anglia poly.
  2. The Maypole is a decent pub for the real ale types.
  3. Is that what we are expecting this year. Maybe I am too pessimistic but staying up would be an achievement.
  4. They should have two defensive minded midfielders who can drop in behind the wide midfielders and cover as required in tougher games, but it is a flexible formation in that these five midfielders can be rotated depending on the opposition and state of the game. This is where the manager leaves himself open to criticism as he will decide on the mix of the midfield and therefore the success of the formation in each match. The fact still remains that this sort of tactical approach will not bear fruit overnight and therefore I still think we will lose/draw as many as we win before Christmas but then hopefully things click and we push up the table.
  5. 15+ new players, new manager and a style/formation new to most of them. If we are top 10 at Christmas we will be doing well, start to judge them after that I think.
  6. Spending £30 on a Chromecast may be worthwhile. Basically turns the TV into a smart one.
  7. He may not be that bothered about the money. To be fair he could phone (or fax) any club in the world and get a game if he wanted.
  8. I would guess Italy is the preferred choice, probably Milan. Napoli?
  9. I'd be surprised if he did, he left over 20 years ago.
  10. I think world cup winner Hernandez was a decent signing. Signing him with the doubts about his fitness is the gamble they took and it failed.
  11. Get giddy everyone. Play offs here we come.
  12. Football manager is out soon so we should wait and see which coaches rate 20 for fitness are free and then sign them up.
  13. Clicked at the beginning of this thread by mistake to see us linked with "Liverpool starlet Cameron Branigan". And there he was last night playing for Oxford. I got halfway down the crisp related players before I thought I'd heard them all before.
  14. Nowack

    Take Over

    Heard that JB was not in the best of health a few months ago. Hoping he is doing well and wishing him a happy birthday. True Bolton Legend and one of the good guys.
  15. I'm not sure Withins exists anymore. I'm sure I remember someone posting photos of it being demolished when I was on Facebook.
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