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  1. Series 3 Ep1 was the standout episode in my opinion, Daniel Mays is a quality actor.
  2. So she has admitted we will have a border, such as England has with France, and in the interview she was stating, they would rather have a border with us than the EU. Again I'm struggling to see similarities with Ireland and how this wont appeal to people who want independence in Scotland.
  3. But how is that an issue. Not saying I want it but the difference between a hard border between NI and Eire is a very different matter than one between say Norway and the EU and similarly Scotland and England. Certainly not one that would put off an independence voter.
  4. How is a border between England and Scotland an issue? Genuine question, I get why the Ireland one is but this is completely different and could be easily dealt with in the same way other land borders are in Europe.
  5. Isn't H "The Hill" where they all worked.
  6. It was about 20 years ago since I went so that makes sense. O my know about the pub as I knew a few of the regular s.
  7. Just had to endure reading this entire thread with that God awful Jamiroqui song going round and round in my head. For that reason alone I will not be buying one.
  8. No. They accept that the partially constructed buildings are not in compliance with the approved plans but that the efforts they have made to mitigate this are justifiable from a planning policy perspective and the Local Authority have not dealt with it fairly. The fact it was recommended for approval and then refused gives them some grounds for this. Intention to deceive wont come into it or emotions or financial loss.
  9. Yes, they are appealing on the grounds that planning ought to be granted. They halted the original appeal so no decision has been made by the inspectorate already.
  10. It piqued my interest so I read the statements of case. It looks like they agreed a scheme with the Planning Department and this was recommended for approval but was then refused by the planning committee. So it may be that the proposals are satisfactory and that if the inspector agrees with the planners and not the councilors then they stand a chance.
  11. It is difficult to see what is actually being appealed. They don't seem to be appealing the planning refusals which have subsequently been made so accept that they have no argument from a planning policy perspective. So they are just appealing the enforcement notice and seemingly from the point of view that they didn`t know and that they have been wronged by a developer. The only way I can see them winning this is if the council have made an error in serving notice or dealing with the enforcement from a technical perspective. The argument they are making is for a when they take the devel
  12. The argument on these terms is for example you built it too high and therefore to remedy the breach you take it down a few courses and not demolish the whole thing as ordered. That doesn`t seem applicable in this case.
  13. Seems a strange submission to an enquiry, "enforcement notice issued by the council to demolish the homes was excessive and too harsh to remedy any breach in planning regulations" The law is clear on what grounds you can appeal an enforcement notice and the only one they can be thinking about is that "that the steps required by the notice to be taken, or the activities required by the notice to cease, exceed what is necessary to remedy any breach of planning control which may be constituted by those matters or, as the case may be, to remedy any injury to amenity which has been caused by
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