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  1. A pub round here had a barrel of it on a couple of years ago, I think a small brewery got permission from Bass or whoever owns it to make it. They did the same with Bass as well.
  2. Win 2 of our 3 in hand of the leaders and we are top of the league 2/3 of the season done. The players currently on the books have got us in this position and judging by our previous late season form are likely to get us over the line. Bank the money and save it for championship standard reinforments over the close season.
  3. We are definitely progressing, this must be the first transfer window for a long time nobody has asked about ALF.
  4. I'm sure the powerful Bush family have set all this up so we think fondly of the George Bush Jnr era.
  5. Leverhulme Park on a Sunday.
  6. Has nobody seen Suicide Squad or The Dirty Dozen, it seems to work quite well actually.
  7. I always find this a little disrespectful to our armed forces. People who choose to sign up for whatever reason are lumped in with people who have broken the law and don't have a choice. Don't know what you do for a living but I would be pretty pissed off if everyone kept saying that criminals should be sent out to do my job.
  8. This recent report is actually about the way that child exploitation has been dealt with by GMP, not Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs. My point is that if we keep concentrating on the specifics of the grooming gangs we are missing the point of the report and nothing changes.
  9. The point I and I believe others are trying to make is that these children were neglected not by the parents but by the system. In many cases they were not listened too or even considered to be part of the problem. This is what needs addressing, as abusers from take aways, vape shops, scout huts, churches, sports teams and even home will not go away.
  10. Lot of work on David Attenborough's back catalogue being worked on I believe.
  11. Everyone seems to be obsessed with finding a pattern of perpetrator when the only clear pattern I can see are vulnerable young females who have been let down by the people who are meant to protect them.
  12. Fuck me you are prone to some bad planning.
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