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  1. Everyone seems to be obsessed with finding a pattern of perpetrator when the only clear pattern I can see are vulnerable young females who have been let down by the people who are meant to protect them.
  2. Fuck me you are prone to some bad planning.
  3. Absolutely unbelievable.
  4. They won't announce anything till the ambulance departs.
  5. What was all the shouting in the ESL about.
  6. Is that not because they are left and right midfielders rather than wing backs. I don't watch us that much but they do seem to have much more of a midfield duty than defensive role.
  7. This is good advice. If your 20-30 and single it's very different experience to middle age with a family. Former I would do in a heartbeat the latter would require some serious incentives.
  8. May be worth looking into a small flat near Milton Keynes station. The commute then would be broken up both ways into Euston and Manchester on the train.
  9. I have a vague recollection of turning up at burden when the second half started and the big gates would be open so you could just walk in and watch.
  10. They could be bone idle. Edit: and socialists
  11. They will be dead so not really having an effect on working people.
  12. Great 3 points. Top when we win the game in hand and as pointed out others have to play each other. 2024 is going to be a great year to be a Wanderer.
  13. Hang on. Is this not one of the best arguments for inheritance tax? Many charities are reliant on getting the other bits once the sponging kids get the 1.3mill. I have set up a trust fund by the way.
  14. Electric car battery swap: NIO network explained | DrivingElectric As its a battery I don`t know why more manufacturers are looking to standardise them and just replace the battery every time like you do with most other devices.
  15. That must be a day. They have about 20 barristers having a go, each with a big entourage added to that IT, Facilities, Stenographers and Security etc.
  16. It does seem strange when the air on the plane is probably as fresh as you can get as it is sucked in from so high up.
  17. It usually means the bit of Salford that touches Manchester.
  18. I reckon these four lads have been replaced by the blokes they just processed.
  19. Are you actually posting a comment from someone in the pub to prove a point? Apologies if Zeek is a well know philosopher or great thinker.
  20. I think Welsby and Rosenthal are likely early inspirations, also another bloke who was on Granada Reports for football and did ITV when they had Match of the Day, but I cannot remember his name. This is mainly because Partridge was originally a sports presenter.
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