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  1. You do get to wank in the office though
  2. Silverwell Street Sports Centre - Big Daddy V Giant Haystacks 1983.
  3. Rio Ferdinand looks well pissed off. No make up or owt.
  4. How do you spell widgi again? and what is the plural? Also should you have more than two?
  5. I seem to remember Per Frandsen spraying the ball about for fun on his debut.
  6. Good point. That was how they did it in the other rounds. For this round they just take the numbers across from the Ipswich game. As pointed out by someone else earlier. Ill keep me mouth shut in future.
  7. It is all done alphabetically from the start of the comp. IE Atherton LR will be number one till they get knocked out, then that number is free for who comes in next and they all move up to fill the gaps. I think it may be explained better elsewhere. But it is why Arsenal tend always to be No1.
  8. It is in the mouse socket at the moment (not very snugly). I will try it in the USB later and see if that helps. Thanks
  9. I have just installed an optical mouse and for some reason the arrow keeps darting to the corner of the screen for no reason. The old mouse used to have a mind of its own as well, hence the replacememt. I have checked the software and turned off anything that might automatically point to icons and I am not pissed whilst using the computer. Any ideas as to what it might be?
  10. Happy Christmas http://www.praguepissup.com/merry_xmas2004.htm
  11. I thought it was embarassing. Way to soft for my liking. Step On - Happy Mondays, Now thats a great cover.
  12. My perfect match is this little lady. http://www.belleperez.be/ Doesnt have her phone number though
  13. http://www.celebmatch.com/birthdayform_119...tri_Bulykin.php Will you be able to make our new signing feel at home? 63% Me 90% emotional though so he could come round for a heart to heart if homesick.
  14. That path at the bottom of the football pitches on leverhulme park? Oppositte the house I grew up in. Ahhh Memories
  15. Coutesy of Football-rumours.com Would be fun. If it was not complete and utter bollox.
  16. I am guessing Mixu Mixu Mixu Mixu Mixu Mixu Paaa te leinen.
  17. Make me smile (Come up and see me) - Steve Harley Oohhhhh Sha la laa
  18. I have noticed a lack of people wearing a poppy here in London. I dont know if its because of the current war, ragging ignorant if it is, but I am sure more people had them on last year. Also kids do not seem to be wearing them, it was almost part of the school uniform when I was at school. Is it the same back home? Off to the river later to watch the bombers drop the poppies on the Thames and buy a few of the old boys a drink.
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