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  1. No fooking picture again!
  2. Taliban have infiltrated IFollow.
  3. Greenidge looked shite from what I've seen of him and I'm pretty sure Evatt think's he's even shitter than my opinion, bye bye fingers crossed.
  4. Phil Jagielka in for training.
  5. Amaeochi signs on loan for 6 months
  6. Joel Dixon goalkeeper, incoming!
  7. Yeah I agree, Politic would be better suited in the middle, probably just behind Doyle or an attacking midfielder.
  8. Declan John's Twitter account does say he's a professional footballer for Bolton Wanderers, so he must be coming back.😁
  9. Not bothered about Delaney and not surprised he's gone. Glad Gilks has signed a 12 month deal, would be great if we could sign Josh Griffiths for competition, he kept 10 clean sheets for Cheltenham and he looked a cracking young keeper when we played them.
  10. I got the impression we were just a stepping stone for John, it worked for him and us too, he's decent but it wouldn't be the end of the world if he joins another club, Ben Jackson would be a decent replacement if he's available.
  11. Yeah! I still remember when we Signed Scott Green from Derby for about 50K back in the eighties, the Teletext heading said " Bolton go Green " Can't remember what my Mrs said to me about 5 minutes ago though.
  12. Looking promising already in our recruitment drive, the hard part will be to sign a decent striker to push Doyle.
  13. Not arsed about signing him, but good luck to him anyway.
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