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  1. Fooking hell! Didn't even know we kicked off at 7, that'll teach me for not checking in future.
  2. Cheers Rudy, I've bought one of those off Amazon for my daughter's car, I'll let you know how we get on.
  3. Can anyone recommend a decent ish dash cam for between £50.00 and £100.00? Even better if anyone can recommend an auto electrician that can do the job lot, obviously pay the extra for the fitting.
  4. Blondi


    Good luck to the lad, hope he gets better soon.
  5. Glad I took 40/1 for us a while back to win the title, I'm not cashing out, not a chance!
  6. When I was a kid, I remember watching a fight between a wasp and a moth, went on for ages, one of them died in the end.
  7. Roger Hunt still lives near Culcheth, also don't recall him being involved in a pub. Talking about Frank Worthington, think Bill Shankly tried to sign him for Liverpool, but didn't because of his high blood pressure, Worthington went away to relax in Majorca or somewhere and his blood pressure was even higher when he came back. He would have made a dreadful pub owner.
  8. Blondi

    Walsall (H)

    Who are we playing Walsall or Hungary? It's like a preseason friendly so far.
  9. I'm not expecting to have a summer holiday abroad, so not booking anything, would be over the moon to get a week or ten days in the Canaries, maybe November or December this year at best.
  10. Never been to Turkey, but read great reviews of Kalkan.
  11. So Hagler died from side effects of his Covd jab, thought the jab was supposed to be safe?
  12. It's certainly different, depends on your cup of tea I suppose.
  13. I enjoyed it, watched it twice now.
  14. Shite game so far, we're notoriously slow starters, Vale are no mugs, still fancy us to nick a goal late on for a smash and grab and 3 points.
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