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  1. I think the club will probably stick with Evatt, but whether Evatt wants to stick around only he knows. If Evatt does move on though, I would go for Gary Rowett, he's a really experienced manager and he's managed the majority of his career in the Championship, he's available too.
  2. Well tbh, I am being indecisive, I honestly want things to work out for Evatt, but like I said, if the board decide to get rid, I won't lose any sleep over it.
  3. I'd be underwhelmed if he took over tbh.
  4. He's got a stay of execution for now, I'll give him 10 games at the start of next season to be right up there, but if we're not, then it's bye! If the board do decide to get rid now, I fully understand it.
  5. Blondi

    The Final

    Me too, one of my mates sent me some WhatsApp messages taking the piss after the game, it's not funny.
  6. Blondi

    The Final

    If Evatt is still in charge going into next season, it won't be easy to get promoted either, Birmingham will be on a mission and they've got Rowett in as manager, Huddersfield will be up there too, certainly won't be a walk in the park.
  7. Blondi

    The Final

    That performance was unacceptable and quite embarrassing tbh, we were pathetic for the vast majority of the game, just don't know where to start tbh.
  8. Blondi

    The Final

    Oh that's good, cheers!
  9. Blondi

    The Final

    Are we at the opposite end to last season when we played Plymouth at Wembley?
  10. Blondi

    The Final

    That seems low, thought they were expecting at least 35/40K to be sold for the final.
  11. Blondi

    The Final

    Oh cheers, just don't want to miss out.
  12. Blondi

    The Final

    There is a possibility me and my mate could get in a box for the game, but there's no guarantee yet, should I just buy a couple of the cheapest tickets available now, just in case we can't get in the box, or do you reckon we'll be fine if we leave it for a few more days?
  13. Renault 5 Gordini Turbo and the Alfa Romeo Sud, oh and the Lancia Delta Turbo.
  14. Blondi

    The Final

    We've booked there for Friday evening, that's where we ate last year when we played in the cup final, my mate owns a pad in Murcott.
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