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  1. Wonder if Burslem's finest will be out in force?
  2. I live in Culcheth, only about a mile away from the murder, the local gossip is that the lad has previously been suspended for drugs, the girl got expelled from Culcheth high school and then ended up at Birchwood high school where the victim attended, nothing nice to say about the female from what I've heard.
  3. Blondi


    Has anybody taken any decent muscle relaxants on prescription? I've got a busted right sacroiliac joint and when I go away, my back can start to play up, especially when sleeping on a different mattress, I really could do with some pills, just in case of an emergeny back problem when I'm on holiday.
  4. Watched a mini series on Netflix called the Snow Girl, Spanish thriller based on a 5 year old girl that get's abducted, really enjoyed it.
  5. If she did fall in the river, bit odd her phone being left on a bench.
  6. Going to Meloneras in Gran Canaria early February, going to Nice in May and Wengen in Switzerland in July, also going Barcelona in September.
  7. Blondi


    How old was the Bouncer about 12? Can't see Dempsey giving a bouncer a twatting, unless his Dad is maybe Lenny Mclean MK2.
  8. Sadlier, Kachunga & Isgrove are the likely exits in January IMO.
  9. Nothing to worry about for the Ruskies. https://twitter.com/francis_scarr/status/1591108456416690176?s=20&t=6z-gDUQ7uFsilH_N1PDlyg
  10. Been watching Spartacus (series) on Amazon prime, tits, fannies, shagging and sausages galore.
  11. https://twitter.com/visegrad24/status/1587776575487057925?s=20&t=GTqcKDwlXvZCdp-qAMWj-w
  12. Luca Connell needs chinning.
  13. https://twitter.com/visegrad24/status/1578742125474512896?s=20&t=cOViNVOQ6kcxZEVUfuiBzg
  14. https://twitter.com/christogrozev/status/1578640392966131712?s=20&t=RAKzveWpdZGv31a-MTAH9g Not looking good for Putin, main bridge connecting Russia and Crimea bombed.
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