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  1. Gazza all day long.
  2. Nixon has mentioned that we have an interest in James Collins a 6'2 striker at Cardiff, Derby want him too.
  3. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/61317194
  4. Burnley are going to drop like a stone now.
  5. Heard Big Ron is taking over at Crawley.
  6. Blondi


    Trafford will be our number 1 keeper next season in the Championship.
  7. 2 of our players are wearing gloves tonight, not a game on on that pitch for soft lads.
  8. "The Swatch group stadium" from what I've heard.
  9. Getting hit with a lighter or a coin is nothing, darts & bricks used to be thrown back in the 70's and 80's.
  10. I must admit, I thought Evatt was going to be signing another Billy Crellin, an experienced kid that will probably ship a load of goals in for us, how wrong was I. Early days, but this lad looks class! Does anyone know what his contract situation is at City? Anyway, he'll play for England one day.😎
  11. Surely a piss take!
  12. "Worst result in 143 years" is one topic on a Sunderland board🤣
  13. Nah, still signing Dempsey.
  14. Kieran Sadler incoming from Rotherham.
  15. No doubt Evatt wants Fonz out of the door to make way for a signing, wouldn't be surprised if he could be one of those players we deregister if he doesn't go out on loan.
  16. It was but with a worldie thrown in.
  17. Brockbank must have settled for about 500 dollars a week and I bet he's shacked up in some 10 dollars a night motel, anyway, hope it works out for him.
  18. We're supposed to have increased our bid to 150K plus bonuses, Gills fans seem to think they should take the money, not sure if Scally will though.
  19. Think Dempsey comes from Whitehaven, can't blame him wanting to move back up North, pretty sure he'll be Sarvevic's replacement and he's the Gillingham captain, so another leader on board and he's only 26, just hope we do sign him!
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