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  1. My dad went to that game, he was on the lever end with the Everton fans. There is a picture of Dennis Law missing a sitter in front of a packed embankment, it was in one of the old football encyclopedias.
  2. Another professional performance just like Saturday. Tutte mom, also thought Delfonso had a good game. Team looks more confident with Gilks in goal. Let's grab a few goals against Southend on Saturday. Evatt not looking to bad now his he.
  3. That actually costs the pubs money has they have to pay their employees for the extra hour without making any money themselves.
  4. Pointless exercise by the government, 90% of the country will be in tier 3
  5. darrener


    If you want a manager sacked before we have played 20 games then you are the problem. Have you forgotten the last few years of financial turmoil? So you want us to pay up his contract and employ someone else? It's no wonder the club ended up in so much trouble. Give the fella a chance ffs, at least a season.
  6. darrener


    He's got a plan unfortunately some of the players that have been cobbled together just aren't up to it. Listening to his interviews he obviously knows it and eventually he will sort it out. We aren't going up this season but next season will be different and hopefully we will all be there to see it.
  7. darrener


    Crellin is probably the worst keeper I've ever seen wear the white shirt, I actually thought he was going to bring him off when Tutte came on. When we got it down and played we looked more than a match for them but atm we have to many players who just aren't up to it. Crellin, White, Gordon and I'd even say Crawford are just not good enough. Isgrove looked OK when he came on and Tutte is far better than white. The left side is a big problem. Evatt isn't going anywhere he's building from scratch and a lot of these players won't be around for long.
  8. I don't think he was evatts first choice over the summer, wasn't Blackman in the hotel waiting to sign but was too expensive. At the moment the lad just doesn't look very good and that doesn't install confidence in the defence. I think Biggish Dave has it right, play him on Tuesday and then let one of the others have a go against Crewe.
  9. If we are only going to give a manager 15 games with a completely new team then we have lost the plot.
  10. They are nothing special all the problems are self inflicted. Baptiste and Crawford are just waisting a shirt.
  11. That crellin is fucking terrible, I thought he was bad in mid week but he got mom
  12. What's happened to Crawford? He looks shit
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