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  1. Yeah - felt a bit Evatt’s Bolton that moment.
  2. Still not over Wembley now. England although it was a disappointment 5 minutes after full time whistle I was beyond it. Didn’t expect to beat Spain and it was for me the first tournament in my life where I’ve not been that bothered. The thought of another slog in league one is not whetting my appetite though I’ve got to be honest. Building a decent squad though and Evatt says we have more money to spend so maybe by August that will change.
  3. Midfield was chasing shadows all night, didn’t have the energy left. Southgate needed fresh legs in there but put an already tired Bellingham in.
  4. Pretty limp performance this from England. Barely had an attack.
  5. You think Trump isn’t going to do that? Really?
  6. Imagine being a Ukrainian fighting for your country and seeing the events last night. Imagine how absolutely sick in the stomach they must feel? Trump handed the presidency and their country about to be handed on a plate to Putin.
  7. Well obviously, I meant external political leader types….whether they say so or not.
  8. Three of our last 4 Tory PMs have publically criticised Trump. Sunak wouldn’t confirm he would work with him. Johnson famously launched into him and said he wasn’t welcome in London in 2015 and May has frequently criticised him, including when she was PM. The only person looking forward to Trump winning is Putin.
  9. We’ve seen 5 years maybe 8 if you count May (which you should) have socially conservative leaders. I think there is the likelihood as in 97 of a major miscalculation in the Tories. If everything is dreadful in 5 years time and Labour have fallen apart then they win by default again. But let’s say Labour achieve some modest growth and are by the end of the parliament investing some back into public services and ending the child benefit cap. It means the Tories would need to win back a significant portion of the centre and centre left vote in all reality to have a chance. I think it could be a huge miscalculation to chase after what would only be a proportion of the leave vote and bleed more to the LDs, Labour and the greens the other way in that eventuality. There aren’t enough votes a reform lite Tory party can win. A full blown reform party with Farage as leader might win them. Not a Tory lite version which would alienate the centre further. The same argument was had in 97 and let’s face it the Tories let Labour squat over the centre ground and were it not for Iraq it’s very possible the Tories still wouldn’t have got back in by now. The only difference now is the chance of Labour collapsing and failing is far higher because the world’s a mess.
  10. Their 2019 manifesto would need a centre or centre left Tory to deliver surely? Certainly not Braverman or Badenoch. Given it was bar Brexit a lot of centrist economic stuff like levelling up… Beyond Brexit I’m not sure anyone cared about their policies in 2019 to be honest. If Labour don’t deliver it doesn’t matter what the Tories do they probably win. If Labour do ok though then sure their only way back is to compete for the centre ground again?
  11. One might argue they can’t win over a significant proportion of reform voters short of a merger or getting Farage as leader. I think that the problem they have is that as they drift into reforms space the voters they might win back will almost certainly be equalled out by their loss of further voters across the blue wall areas. A lot of reform voters are Brexit voting former Labour voters who have zero interest in voting for the parliamentary Conservative Party. Irrespective of who lead it (unless it’s Farage).
  12. Not true. They thoroughly vetted them to ensure there was no danger of decent human beings sneaking through.
  13. I think bluntly he knew July was a bad plan electorally but feared he would be ousted in September by his own party after a summer of headlines that would have likely given impetus to the coup being instigated against him. Headlines of ‘Sunak releases Rwanda detainees no flights for months’ ’Record NHS waiting lists’ ’Tories to release more prisoners early as system collapses’. He wouldn’t have survived to the election. I think he knew that and wanted to have a shot at winning effectively on his own. I think he believed that by calling it with his small team on his own and just shouting lie after lie about Labour he could scrape a win like Major did in 92. That was his entire plan. I think he knew he’d be ousted before any election otherwise.
  14. Sunak knew that the economic performance news was broadly irrelevant to the public until people felt better off and that wasn’t happening by January 25. But he also knew he’d have to increase prison early release, see nhs waiting lists rise further and small boat arrivals increase, plus he also knew Rwanda wouldn’t happen - hence why he released the entire plane load of people being held for the flight on bail. I think he went July because he knew what was coming up and knew the headlines were all disastrous for him. And fundamentally was worried not about the electorate but the right wing of his party trying to kick him out.
  15. I don’t think sliding down the islamohobic rabbit hole of reform or Tommy Robinson is a good idea. Equally though I also think pretending there isn’t an issue isn’t a good idea either. To me it seems like a small group of Muslims in this country, co-opted by elements of the extreme left are a potential problem and the election simply confirmed that. I don’t think we want sectarian politics which we are in danger of getting.
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