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  1. Wasn't gutted was fucking livid. Never seen anything like it and never will again.
  2. I'm not sure why this is specific to football players? Should any or all of the top 10 or 20% of earnings be giving up their salaries in order to allow their employees or lower pay grade colleagues to be paid? Not sure why football clubs are a special case. If you think that then surely likes of Branson should be paying their own staff - he can afford it.
  3. They were a better side than us and yes they weren't busting a gut but we huffed and puffed but in truth never looked much like getting anything. I'd not call it spineless just not very effective. We tried. In truth we'd messed it up long before that - we only had a chance that day because of an unexpected and out of character win at Villa. Had we got a bit more backbone and people who could actually defend in that season we'd have been mid table.
  4. He played in the Derby game. He'd been here a month by then.
  5. Losing to Chelsea wasn't spineless we did what we could that day - we should have stayed up comfortably that season but we lacked proper organisation and threw too many points away. Even then we were cheated out of it. Oldham for me sticks out. Would have been a semi against Man Utd - we'd battered them for first 20 minutes or so - could have easily been 2-0 up but they hung in there without doing much - they were exactly the sort of rubbish side we struggled against in that period - we did better against stronger sides. It was just a gutting way to lose. However, I don't think I've been more gutted than losing to Villa in the semi. Chance of an FA Cup final and we really, really should have won.
  6. That De Freitas equaliser is definitely my favourite moment as a Bolton fan. Listen to it with the roadrunner commentary, fantastic. It was a world class goal too. Stubbs picks it up plays it through midfield to Thompson who picks out a defence splitting pass for Fabiano to run through and pick out the bottom corner with a brilliant finish. He’d been slagged off all season then did that. Pure magic.
  7. Yeah it was buzzing under the stands at half time - only time I've known it like that when you're 2-0 down having been completely outplayed!
  8. We had so many injuries going into that game. I remember the feeling after Keith saved the penalty - I just knew we were going to win then.
  9. There may be - but I suspect we'll be amongst the worst hit. New owners who aren't here to bankroll. Large staff. Large running and operating costs relatively. No squad for next season. Its not a great position. In the plus corner our owners will do what they can and are professional.
  10. More the statement itself with them saying this is the hardest thing they've had to navigate and the warning of job losses. We're arguably in a more vulnerable position in many ways - we will need a complete squad rebuild before next season as we have about 4 signed on for a critical season. And if we limp through it could be a very rough ride. Not surprising and we will absolutely not be alone in this. As a business I'd hope we've enough scale and scope to survive. On the pitch....it looks a different story.
  11. Its not surprising but still worrying. I'd happily buy a ST for next season if it would help them. We're going to need to help keep the club alive.
  12. Of course - I misjudged the preparedness and ability of the modern world to take extreme measures. I assumed we'd basically be letting it rip through - but clearly the world has reacted completely differently. I misjudged the way the world would react.
  13. Why? You can have 9 at the back if the midfield is walked through and runners let go you're in trouble. The most important role in the modern game is the space between the midfield and defence. Its the area you absolutely have to fill, ideally with some quality and someone who can read the game adequately. Sam was way ahead of the curve here with Warhurst, Campo, Hierro all playing that role superbly.
  14. Come on. FV spent months messing round. Only fair we gave Bassini a go.........................................
  15. When we play with some tempo we don't look too bad. But when we start passing sideways and backwards - its always a sign we've lost our way and will soon give the ball away.
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