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  1. Difficult to say a point gained with any home game but reluctantly that was. JCH goal was inevitable with Santos not starting but forrester did really well on the whole. Could’ve maybe nicked more if we adopted the last 20 min approach from the start of the 2nd half. Lady Luck was on our side though with the post 3 times over. But they were there to be got at any time we pressed both with 11 then 10 men jones and now Thomasson out next week the squad is looking very threadbare
  2. Wholeheartedly agree. There was no need to have him anywhere near the pitch. Whether he did it as a confidence boost thing? Nice and easy, 2 up, go and get some minutes? No idea but it was completely unnecessary Guehi had had his best 45 mins by some distance and alongside Dunk had smothered their attacking intent. Better for all concerned if they had continued. Then bring Colwill on with half hour to go. The jocks were absolutely flat. Ground was a library with the realisation they had been outclassed in that first half. then suddenly Maguire comes on, they all start a bit of a pantomime, crowd gets up then bang they’re back in the game. does a good job of protecting his players does GS but he chucked Maguire straight in to the line of fire tues
  3. Only way JCH comes in is as a replacement for Charles. We ain’t having both with the other 4 as back up rumours about Charles and Stoke won’t go away but if it does happen I’d actually see JCH as a bit of an upgrade. bigger, quicker, stronger and more prolific. Don’t know what’s not to like about the opportunity
  4. In my defence Marcly it was early 😴
  5. Haha surprisingly, no..
  6. Wanderersways run by a small group of ultras and not representative of the majority of Bolton fans according to some white over on latics speyk 🤣
  7. They’ve revelled in our recent games so any win will do. if it isn’t a convincing one they will also take great comfort from that too so being overly greedy a commanding one where we look a different level and reality dawns for them
  8. The decision was a mix of don’t know what. Dion is clearly still in the refs ear as Lynch is placing the ball on the edge of the box. However. The ref points back towards the goal to indicate that’s where the foul occurred. So it looks like he’s booked Charles for a foul on the keeper in the first instance of the kick out at him. But it’s just a delayed reaction to then book him.. oh and these 4th officials need to get a fucking life “ref can you come here please that man said some naughty words” pathetic
  9. Asgaard out for them it appears which kind of counters our Dion loss. He’s one of their better players and they’re already having to look at squad depth
  10. They’re charging Pompey £28 a week Or 2 after. Yes it is steep but it’s a wider football problem. whilst I do agree with the twenty’s plenty approach and what the Prem are doing to cap simple fact of the matter is they can afford too. Clubs at our level have to take advantage of the pay days when they come along. policing, stewarding and catering of that stand probably doesn’t put it in to profit for the majority of the season
  11. It’s our business model now. Buy low, improve the player, sell on, rinse and repeat. Now we’re doing well on the pitch the players who are driving us in that are clearly going to catch the attention of others. but we seem to be in a position these days where we don’t need to sell. Anyone who does move on we will get a fair fee for and that’s driven by us
  12. Become a decent player has Moxon. Was Carlisle’s main man last season I think double figures for goals and assists and will be there main man this season. Scored a pearler first game of the season also would expect him to fit in to the brief of our recruitment policy. Technically decent, good age and coming to the end of his contract..
  13. As a percentage it’s not bad. However, it’s 20 minutes away at their hated and despised “rivals”…
  14. 3400 they’ve done and been on open sale since last Weds they are absolutely gash 🤣
  15. Carlisle (a) us (a) Barnsley (h) Blackpool (a) charlton (h) Then quickly followed by Pompey is a run that will hopefully put them in their place. The challenge of Sat - Tues with a threadbare squad (8 lads from the academy played yesterday) will eventually take its toll
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