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  1. When you reach the end of the season in the play offs and chuck everyone under the bus and state non of it is your fault, there’s no unity and the lads who aren’t playing are causing issues what the fuck do you expect? can’t keep his mouth shut and thinks he’s cleverer than he is. Fucking weirdo my only wish is that they kept him for the play offs as now they have a chance
  2. He’s got it right once when he had the freedom and budget to identify the players he wanted. He’ll get it right again. Not had as much faith in a gaffer in getting it right since Sam kick back enjoy the summer, enjoy the Euros, enjoy the announcements and enjoy the ride next season
  3. Interesting to see IE refer to the salary cap in his post match interview paraphrasing but “working with a salary cap that held us back” so we were operating under the £1.5m as he said countless times but it was also holding us back. So definite scope for us to improve attract better players and still be within our means
  4. ‘Meet my grandson.. Sharon’ 🤣
  5. Congrats to all the family I expect him to be named Antoni, Alodapo, Eion or Lloyd
  6. The fact that it’s promotion from league 2 is absolutely irrelevant. the Demise if this great football club over the past 10 years has been horrific. Not many if any have gone through anything like it and I’m not just on about on the pitch. The club was given its last rights and it doesn’t bear thinking about a life without BWFC and football every Saturday with familiar faces. The joy, the celebrations, the tears all of it. that chapter is now closed. This huge, fantastic, community football club one of the founding statesmen of the league in this country is slowly but sure
  7. Just watching all the vids from last night. Bursting here. We’re connected again. Superb
  8. Roll up roll up get your ST’s or you won’t have a chance
  9. Overriding feeling of relief now. That’s it. after what we’ve been through if we had of dropped out of the autos there it could’ve been catastrophic. Had a losing mentality and slowly but surely IE has changed that over the course of the season. Falling at the final hurdle could’ve completely taken the wind out of us seeing us in the headlines for the right reason is something I have missed. Didn’t realise how much until 5pm. We needed out of this league ASAP. momentum is with us, belief is back and we trust everyone associated with the club again. what a beautif
  10. Filling up here watching the IE interview. He gets it gets us and we now get him and his team. Long May it continue
  11. That covered the players salaries then no more than that
  12. No chance. He didn’t even know it had been done men of his age can’t deal with modern technology and are prone to scammers on the phone
  13. Renewed x 3 was always happening but at those prices it’s criminal not to hopefully cheap enough for @Big E to put his trunks away and treat his missus
  14. All clubs and SSN are doing it from Friday - Monday
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