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  1. Absolutely massive 3 points that. The difference and the rewards we get when we come out with some intent and play with tempo a real shot in the arm for the players that too with the 2 biggies coming up. With the injuries and soft goals recently would’ve been really easy for them to start thinking it’s not going to go our way
  2. That’s the story game in game out
  3. For a team whose whole ethos is working the ball in behind the opposition full backs whether that be to our wing backs / overlapping centre backs or deep running midfielders our final ball is an absolute disgrace. 9/10 we always make the wrong decision. Absolutely infuriating
  4. You only really notice how important santos is when he’s not there. Yes he has his faults but you can tell the other lads playing either side of him feel far more secure just by his presence. Without him they shrink, there’s hesitancy, no one’s sure who should be going for what, they step off half a yard and it just looks absolutely shambolic. Coleman will look better with santos in the middle too. id be more concerned if his and Baxter’s respective times on the sidelines where the other way round.
  5. For 60 minutes that was the type of performance that Evatt regularly calls not good enough / unacceptable yet continue to litter our seasons. no tempo, poor decision making to a man, stupid behaviours and overall a lack of any quality. last 30 minutes were better but we cannot expect to only start playing with any intent / tempo when we’re behind in games and expect to win. We’re not good enough for that. a team that has 8 or 9 of those type of performances a season (which we do) will not and should not expect to be going up. Either as champions or automatically. we haven’t been playing well recently but grinding out results but we’re treading too thin a line at the minute. Scraping around for draws when our nearest challengers are grinding out wins standards need to improve quickly otherwise it’ll be another season as also rans
  6. These are absolutely shite too but there’s no urgency amongst any of our lot. All want to prance around making another unnecessary pass then it’s a bad one at that then some clown comes in and makes a stupid decision / challenge and any modicum of momentum that was being built evaporates
  7. That Helsinki stadium holds about 36k so away allocation around 1800
  8. Great draw that. Helsinki and Athens always been on the radar so made up with them
  9. 100% would prefer points on the board v’s games in hand come April time
  10. Yeh suppose we could with the additions made. Might also be forced on us a bit if there’s no other wiggle room in the calendar
  11. Shrewsbury at home on the 23rd March will likely be off too for the internationals. Things are looking a bit silly
  12. Didn’t at Plymouth.. appreciate that’s more of an isolated example but I’ve seen worse perhaps the forecast didn’t look like it was getting any better
  13. “Due to the extreme weather” typifies everything about the modern game
  14. Overall a point was a fair result I’d say. Both goals against the run of play. Yes we had the territory and the possession for the most part but they worked Baxter more than we worked their man what I can’t get my head around is we are so process driven in terms of getting to the bye line and putting the ball across yet non of our front men take the gamble the ball is going to be there. no team at this level is coming here fighting fire with fire. It’s all about being solid, containing and grabbing something. So the times we get in to a position of putting the ball across are few and far between. When we do every other fucker has pulled back to the penalty spot. The strikers should be telling the wing backs exactly where they’re going to be but it seems at the minute they’re all on completely different wave lengths. we had 4 strikers on the bench today and there needs to be serious heat put on those front 2 because at the minute for whatever reason it/ they just aren’t working. Either individually or as a partnership
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