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  1. Must be disgusting if you’re asking that question
  2. Death by a thousand cuts or one quick slice of the throat.. I don’t care. Every minute will be enjoyable
  3. Sarcevic was moving to non league so no window. you’d also assume his contract terms were sorted with Stockport hence the agreement on both sides to terminate. No player in the right mind would walk away from a contract if he was unable to sign for anyone else and/or pick up a wage. as we know ourselves they just become creditors if they sit where they are
  4. You can only piss with the cock you’ve got and theirs is struggling to break the zip. relegation, possibly further sanctions & reduction in spend and aims won’t be attractive to an already small fan base when flogging season tickets.
  5. Think the majority of signings they made last year on big money are coming to an end so they’ll be let go. Not even much revenue off sales “living within our means and focus on academy“ means they’re skint. The club will generate next to nowt in order for it to sustain its operations
  6. Supposed to be paid again in a fortnight for this month and the club don’t know whether they have the money
  7. Players have refused to train as they’ve still not got their money
  8. QR self scanner at the gate so either or really. I’ve never had a problem printing
  9. No way I’m holding everyone’s tickets in my wallet or forwarding the email then trying to explain to people how to do it for both apple and Samsung users downloaded mine and the peasants I’ve printed off for and they can carry the A4 paper round all day
  10. There’s only 1 or 2 I would wish it on. And these are definitely in the top 1.
  11. Either way I will love every single minute of it. Anyone who took pleasure in our demise can get fucked
  12. They spent £157 on wages for every £100 coming in to the club last season it’s only a matter of time… 🕰️
  13. When the CB is saying it’s 100% a pen. It’s a pen. The ref so so far behind he couldn’t see the contact. Maybe if the Lino was that side he would’ve but wouldn’t hold my breath. At the other end with the crowd influence he’d of given it referees do seem to get influenced by the crowd. Not because they’re particularly weak but because you can see them thinking “if they all think it is I must’ve missed it and it must be” you can see it in the delay of decisions being made
  14. Admitted to Evatt it was 100% a pen
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