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  1. Agree on Maguire being a massive miss. Out of who’s in the squad Guehi is who I trust the most. But that isn’t saying a lot only way Walker plays CB is as one of a 3 on the right side. Would feel even less comfortable with him in a 2 as I do with Guehi in there.
  2. Lad from down Stoke. Seemed pretty sure about it. however it is rumour season..
  3. Asgaard for wigan off to Stoke. The asset stripping continues down the road
  4. It will be trippier 100%. Expect Shaw will get some minutes in maybe the Denmark but definitely the Slovenia game in order to get himself in some kind of “match fit” position for the knock outs
  5. Liverpool are usually pretty diligent in their loans too. Look how long it took us to get Bradley and the visits they made before making the decision. That then opened up other opportunities the fact this has been done so early and he’s had a few in quick succession I think demonstrates where Liverpool rate him
  6. Taken any reference to ‘England’ off his bio’s on socials. Sulky fucker. Done absolutely nothing since he came back from injury so should’ve been thankful to be in the 33 in the first place. If he thinks he warrants a spot as a number 10 ahead of Bellingham, Foden or Palmer he wants his head testing
  7. To be honest aside from the Slovenia game I’ve swerved going directly in to Germany. Games in the NW area means there’s plenty of routes like Amsterdam / Brussels / Eindhoven which have remained relatively cheap then train across the border
  8. £600 flights? Fuck that right off. found a bargain for the potential semi if we win the group yesterday. £15 in to Eindhoven. Rude not too
  9. £50m? Madness absolute insanity
  10. I’d pie Gallagher right off. Not having any of him. If it’s 3 defensive midfielders in the squad, for me it’s Rice, Mainoo and Wharton. Youve then got Trent in to mix too. Gallagher will go and I think one of the others probably Wharton will miss. But he shouldn’t
  11. Mate of mine bumped in to Charles on holiday 10 days or so ago. Ended up having a couple of beers with him. Charles said he was still having to take painkilling injections before every game when he came back.
  12. Yeh that’s the one pal. Free regional trains from 6am on the day of until 6pm the day after the game
  13. Match tickets landed, free rail pass live, all getting a little bit close 😎
  14. Achieved united and England leading scorer when not being as selfish as others. Criminally underrated in my eyes
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