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  1. Yes but I don’t think he sees himself as that. Wants to be playing week in week out he’s never going to displace Santos or Jones. So if not now (which I don’t think it will be btw, Jan wouldn’t surprise me)
  2. Irony being we did know when the teams were released and it was announced he was out due to injury
  3. Can’t see how really he’s our main man up there.. I know Aimson has been asking about his game time though..
  4. That’s the next step after sat when again they’ve sold right up to the barrier with little seg
  5. Blocks IL1 and IL2 will show as completely sold out however there are spare seats. Goes back to them not allowing anyone “new” to buy in there
  6. Advised on the Fanzone sponsored an award sorted some free tickets involved in her game too discussions MBE’s all round. They must be absolutely fucking bollocksed. What an exhausting year
  7. All cos us horwich. Bless.
  8. Aimson comes in against a pretty blunt side (probably without Stockton) We’ll be sound
  9. Yeh it’s the better movement at a higher level that would kill him. At this level in the middle of a 3 he’s very decent. But the level of striker is nowhere near the champ
  10. Not being blamed for the decision in itself. Just being blamed for when already on a yellow giving the officials a decision to make 40 yard out with cover in Behind he doesn’t need to be grappling. Even if the striker does get him turned I’d back Santos even without the cover to snuff out the threat.
  11. Rightly or wrongly it’s how Santos defends. He loves pinning a striker. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been shouting “get your fucking hands off him” particularly when he’s 30-35 yards out. Alls it does is give a free kick and invite pressure that wasn’t there beforehand. I think he realised after an initial grab he’s on a yellow and took his hands away. Their lad made the most of it. But Santos didn’t need to give the officials the chance to make a decision he’s quick and strong enough to stop defending like that full stop
  12. 3-0 Dapo, Bod & Lee doubt Stockton will be playing for them. Close to moving to Fleetwood apparently. Didn’t play in their game against them yesterday
  13. Would also say you’d need to be starting JDB. All of them up top too 🤔
  14. Yes perfectly timed too. Those runs from deep from both Dempsey and Morley are a new element too didn’t really play with a 10 did we. Was more of a midfield 3 with licence for 2 of them to really get up and go beyond the front men
  15. Get what your saying but I think it stands out a mile anyway, way before yesterday. just might not be Baka’s game but you look at him and just think he should be bullying folk with his pace and power and really making it stick up there
  16. Dapo already looks like he’s got a new lease of life up there. Think that No 10 role was too congested for him apart from when he’s clearly knackered I can’t imagine a time where you’d drop him tactically really? The pass for Morley’s goal and how it just delayed it until the perfect time non of the other 3 give us
  17. Very little negatives about yesterdays game so won’t criticise Baka but what I will say is you saw proper No 9 hold and link up play when JDB came on. It sticks
  18. Their message board is called the Gasroom
  19. Giddy as today shorts on 1-0 win
  20. No issue with it really. Another revenue stream for a club not yet out of the woods financially say what £3-5k a month? Couple of the players weekly wages that. more handy to the club than the quid is to me
  21. Just under 2k sold yesterday. Not too shabby at all
  22. Think he said the other day he’s pretty much mapped out his different starting XI’s for the first 4 or 5 games
  23. Yes then added postage on too
  24. Can’t tell the dullard on the entrance slip road I’m just dropping someone off at the hotel and jib paying anymore then..
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