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  1. There were some shambolic performances in the first 6 months of IE’s reign and that was up there with them. front to back looked like a bunch of strangers playing together
  2. Not 100% on the stats but something like 5 defeats now in 30 odd games? 2 years ago that was how many wins we had in the same number of games it was a fucking chore to watch us for a while now no fucker can wait for saturdays that’ll do for me
  3. A lot of fair assessments to be fair. My 2 penn’eth worth.. We were simply outthought and outfought be a very Wiley and structured side & their manager. Looking at the football aspect alone we (again) played some lovely stuff. Not many teams in this league can live it with. However we need 5 or 6 good moves to create 1 or 2 decent chances and even then our conversion rate is very poor. Last week was an exception to the rule where every chance went in. Yesterday, Burton and Cambridge demonstrated the issues. Doyle. Works hard but I agree with a few who say he’s hit his level. Works hard (tries) to run channels but does need 2 or 3 chances to score 1 which were just not creating for him. His link up play with Dapo and Isgrove was great yesterday but he’s 30 yards away from goal. He’s not quick or strong enough at this level. CB’s are better quick and stronger and his touch to get it out of his feet is poor. There’s been a few instances over the last few games where it’s been played in but he’s tried cutting back or the balls stuck under his feet. It should be one touch and bang. back 4 are all comfortable and we play through the thirds really well but it always breaks down in the final one. You get the impression they all went to score the perfect goal and make another pass rather than get a shot off. Warne outhought Evatt yesterday. First half they pressed so high on our goal kicks we couldn’t build out. The gap between their front 4 and back 4 must’ve been 30 yards. So we had to go long. As such without any support from deep it broke down. 2nd half after they pinched 2 goals they sat off and we found it hard (as Evatt referenced) to break down 2 banks in front of us. Baka is a big miss. Physical presence with pace that can unsettle a back 4 and give us another option. I applaud IE and the teams insistence on continuing to try and play no matter what the minute but he needs to come up with other plans particularly as other teams will see how Rotherham set out against us and try to mirror it. we’ll win more then we lose playing the way we do and it’s far more enjoyable watching us try and do it this way then previous regimes. We just got done by a more street wise and knowledgable unit yesterday
  4. A good few off the boil today. 1st half Santos looked gormless, Dapo didn’t wanna be there, MJ was off the boil and Isgrove could’ve been at home. Slightly better in the 2nd half but not going to get anything at this level playing to that standard. Looked toothless too. They banked 2 rows in front really compact and we ran out of ideas
  5. 2 evenly matched teams who cancelled each other out and probably will do in the other 2 games this season. But both be right up there. first 20 minutes we controlled the ball and looked ok. They came in to it up to HT. 2nd half they pressed us better and we were camped in for a bit but neither side had any clear cut chances. Their 2 changes up front had a greater impact than the Doyle change. There was about 30 minutes where Sheehan didn’t see the ball and it showed. We lost control and they got on top. as a result I couldn’t give a shit and I don’t about Wigan as a club. It’s their following that piss me off now. They’ve wanted our attention for 30 years and now they have it they claim it’s us who see it as a rivalry 🤬 cunts to a man
  6. End holds 5200 I think? But they can’t sell to its capacity now as the concourses aren’t big enough to deal with the number of fans If that isn’t tin pot I’ve no idea what is
  7. Both sides will make changes and are both evenly matched. I won’t accept those tin pot fuckers winning a corner let alone the game for the ‘greater good’ winning breeds confidence and mentality and those wankers are due being turned over by us
  8. Beaten the play off finalists and team who made the play offs in the space of 5 days and over the course of the 2 been the better side yes defence doesn’t look as stable but going forward we look Superb (keegans Newcastle springs to mind) If anyone wants a barometer of where we are and where we could / should be expecting to be the last 5 days gives you that indication
  9. Needed 3 more got 1. Straightener outside the club shop for who has it
  10. They net those off now plus there’ll be netting down each side of ours. First block on sale for them is the 2nd one
  11. There’ll be 10k on max they’re all waiting for the league game at our place apparently 🤥 if there was ever a day these men or bury tipped up at our gaff with a bigger following than we had it would be time to pack it all up. Absolute muppet brigade
  12. Ticket office spoken to. The remaining 1500 (aside from spares that drop back in) sold in 10 minutes Club are looking for more but the issue is getting em to us in time?!? Only 20 minutes away get in the car
  13. Get 5,200 for the league yet 4000 for the cup. GMP deciding that all day
  14. As I implied above the £15 charge sits us they will think at about 4K so bang in the middle of your figures. However it being so early in the season I reckon we will sell out itll prob have a knock on effect to what we take there in the league mind
  15. Maybe exactly the reason why they have done it. however I still think we’ll sell out the probable 5k we will get. All this “give us 2 sides of the ground” stuff is nonsense. school / college holidays will mean a large Yoof contingent
  16. 3 games in and I’ve said the same after each one. We look as good going forward as we look weak at the back. players need to realise quick the mistakes we got away with last season we won’t in this league. Johnstone last week and Santos today.
  17. When you reach the end of the season in the play offs and chuck everyone under the bus and state non of it is your fault, there’s no unity and the lads who aren’t playing are causing issues what the fuck do you expect? can’t keep his mouth shut and thinks he’s cleverer than he is. Fucking weirdo my only wish is that they kept him for the play offs as now they have a chance
  18. He’s got it right once when he had the freedom and budget to identify the players he wanted. He’ll get it right again. Not had as much faith in a gaffer in getting it right since Sam kick back enjoy the summer, enjoy the Euros, enjoy the announcements and enjoy the ride next season
  19. Interesting to see IE refer to the salary cap in his post match interview paraphrasing but “working with a salary cap that held us back” so we were operating under the £1.5m as he said countless times but it was also holding us back. So definite scope for us to improve attract better players and still be within our means
  20. ‘Meet my grandson.. Sharon’ 🤣
  21. Congrats to all the family I expect him to be named Antoni, Alodapo, Eion or Lloyd
  22. The fact that it’s promotion from league 2 is absolutely irrelevant. the Demise if this great football club over the past 10 years has been horrific. Not many if any have gone through anything like it and I’m not just on about on the pitch. The club was given its last rights and it doesn’t bear thinking about a life without BWFC and football every Saturday with familiar faces. The joy, the celebrations, the tears all of it. that chapter is now closed. This huge, fantastic, community football club one of the founding statesmen of the league in this country is slowly but surely coming out of the dark. we have the club we know and love back. We’re connected, we trust it and we’re starting to see it giving it us back in return
  23. Just watching all the vids from last night. Bursting here. We’re connected again. Superb
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