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  1. on a separate note we looked very lob sided tonight. Cannot remember anything going down the left whilst Beck was on. Far too easy to defend against when it’s so predictable
  2. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he gets a new contract
  3. If I was any of our other attacking players I’d be fucking raging at the amount of chances, roles and playing time kachunga gets
  4. 90 minutes of irrelevance sandwiched between 2 goals And I won’t listen to anyone’s justification for Kachunga’s inclusion in any capacity any longer. Awful
  5. Don’t play your leading goal scorer and most creative player and you don’t score goals it’s hardly rocket science
  6. Quickly becoming tiresome this possession in irrelevant areas and creating nothing lark that forward 3 starting tells you how it’s going to go right from the off. The most impotent forward line I can imagine
  7. Be interesting to see any table of changes to the team so far this season. We’ll be right up there and wouldn’t surprise me if the teams at the top end or low to bottom consistency starts with team selection. Until this last week which has been an absolute mind fuck we had the best defensive record and one of the worst goal scoring. our back 5 has been very settled and our attacking players chopped and changed. Coincidence?…
  8. It isn’t Just about that is it though. when you have the level of performance, the lack of creativity and softness at the back we’ve had over the last few weeks in games you would expect / hope we’d get the results from then it’s bound to raise questions. Throw in lower confidence levels, errors start coming in and compounds the problem. negative results haven’t been as a direct result of mistakes
  9. Is a plus -1 not zero?
  10. From the day he walked in the building 3-5-2 was what he wanted. He changed it half way through L2 because of our position and the players available demanded it. as soon as he could he brought in players to better suit the 3-5-2 and we went on a run last season so it completely vindicated the decision now with a mixture of teams sussing us out and our strongest asset being front foot football and our attacking options he’s almost back to square 1 where a change in formation is required he’s tried to placate the clamour for Dapo to be in by playing him in every position he can within the formation he wants. It hasn’t worked. It’s detrimental to the team and the player. 4-3-3 might piss of some players who have been quite comfortable but he’s already doing that with the others on the fringes anyway. id much rather him try and find a solution by acknowledging what he wants might not be the best thing for us currently over dressing up the same formation with different players as our Plan B.
  11. Jones at fault again today. His main asset has been his reliability. He’s definitely not at the standard we expect from him
  12. It’s simple. He’s on the shoulder and he’s played in. It’s what he lives off and what we don’t do nearly half as much as we should
  13. I can see what you’re saying with that and I agree. To a point there’s been a lot of noise recently about evolving players. Sorry but I ain’t arsed about evolving Dapo from what he was and what he’s good at to a front man. Just fucking play him where he can cause damage. And No 10, up front or LWB isn’t it said something similar about Morley the other day, up to the point where he got dropped he was probably our best player. stop trying to change the world and give yourself the best chance of winning football matches
  14. Sick to death of this Kachunga / Charles “partnership” the don’t work together, they don’t link, they don’t press as a twosome, play 20 yards away from each other, one makes a flick on one way the other one makes a run the other and finally and worst we’re completely fucking impotent
  15. Key difference being the top 2 can play badly and win regularly we play well and lose
  16. That’s just what we should introduce on the forum.. pronouns
  17. Think the only scenario not looked at yet is Iredale at LCB and John LWB For me Iredale did look more comfortable in the back 3 last night
  18. Sheehan’s ability & willingness to play through and in between defenders for runners is what he offers v the others. tried 2 in the first 5 mins of being on the pitch last night. First he miscued but the 2nd he put Bradley in behind that’s got to play in to the hands of Dion and Dapo too
  19. Think Lee picked his shirt up and took it over hoping the same
  20. Probably going to face a defensive set up again. He and Morley pass progressively, I’d be content with him starting and pulled after an hour but get your point
  21. MJ Morley and Sheehan midfield 3 please
  22. Left on 85 mins 1 down cos it was just fucking winding me up. Had a right rant lined up 🤣 but great determination and resolve shown once again. Huge win that what I will say is, first shot on target 80 mins plus? We’ve got to stop letting the fucking fodder like that in this league a chance to pinch results
  23. Against teams like Burton at home you can still play 4 at the back, defend with 3 and not lose the forward impetus of your full backs MJ drops in front of your 2 CB’s, full backs push up alongside your other 2 midfielders and are closer to support / get round the outside of your 2 wide men of the front 3 basically making a 2-1-4-3 plus as your full backs aren’t as high up the pitch as they would be as wing backs it’s easier to drop back in to a back 4 when we lose the ball JSL
  24. Said he knew accy like to go man to man and match up so played Dapo LWB cos he would get the better of their RB and he did that. Particularly in the 2nd half overlooked the change in formation that got Dapo directly at him
  25. Not really having the reasoning from IE about why Dapo played LWB. The 2 halves were night and day. 1st half didn’t get the better of his man as he was picking the ball up mid point of our half. 2nd half terrorised him cos he was played as an attacking winger anyway, 2-0 Dapo and JDB after coming on
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