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  1. That last few mins was was very enjoyable. Rarely can I recall us coming back from 2-0 down with so little time remaining. Pleased with the point given how bleak it looked but overall ... we badly need to address our defensive frailties.
  2. I wasn't there on Saturday for a number of non-footballing reasons and the result did nowt to raise the mood! Here's what annoys me. Our last result v local opponents in home derby matches: Blackburn LOST Burnley LOST PNE LOST Wigan LOST Oldham LOST Rochdale LOST Bury DREW Blackpool DREW You can even chuck in Morecambe and Accrington as draws. Do we count Salford and Fleetwood? If so they were wins that hardly get us racing to raise a glass. We've been a pushover for ages in these fixtures. Not able to fight our corner and wide open to gleeful opponents with better sides only too willing to have their moment in the sun. We've got a 35 year unbeaten home record v Blackpool ..its about all there is to crow about. Trouble is we've not won at theirs since 1977 ... and other than last year's win at Oldham our general away form in derbies is pretty naff too. Three consecutive home defeats v PNE, two consecutive v Burnley, our last two league games v Wigan we've lost 5-2 and 4-0, Accrington 7 Bolton 1; Bolton 1 Rochdale 3. All stuff I'd never have wanted in our record books. In distant days our last two v United and City were defeats as well. When we've started drawing a line under this is when I will really know that BWFC are back.
  3. One of the very best according to my Dad and various uncles. Particular memories of him being talked about include scoring a screamer in a 0-3 win at Old Trafford. RIP Freddie Hill.
  4. Yeah we still got relegated. It was the one that ended with the 4-1 defeat at Charlton. Great tale though. I think that was the side if theirs with Lineker and Lynex. Maybe Jim Melrose too.All prolific.
  5. CIder guzzling bastards. Worzel Gummidge would have put up a better fight. I actually love Somerset - it's a beautiful county but their batting form has been hopeless late-season and we've paid for that today. It's a strong young squad so let's hope that we have a few more shots at the title in Septembers to come. I guess today would feel a whole lot worse without 2011 in our back pockets.
  6. Too right! I was at work that day, keeping in touch indifferently at first because the odds going in to that last day didn't look good. Ironically it was Warwickshire v Hampshire. We need Hampshire to hold out but they were already three wickets down going in to day 4. Despite already being relegated they did stubbornly bat out the day and we won our game at Taunton. A real feeling of elation that evening. This time ... well we're obviously watching from the sidelines and hoping Somerset can do us a favour. I reckon they'll have to bat out about 85 or 90 overs. Warks having nothing to lose really. They'll thrash 120 off 20 overs or thereabouts and give themselves those 80 or 90 to bowl Somerset out for 270 or less. It seems it's been a good Edgbaston wicket. Let's hope that remains the case and that it doesn't start turning too much.
  7. What a bloody meal we ended up making of that Who cares Come on Somerset. County Championship for Lancs has happened once in my lifetime and only that same once (sole champions for my Dad). And he was only at primary school in 1950 when we shared it with Surrey. Rare stuff. Tomorrow is a big day.
  8. This is a serious chance now. Chasing the highest score of the match in the last innings is never going to be easy but we are making a serious fist of it. With Somerset being so stubborn v Warks a path is opening up for Lancs. Let's we see it over the line this afternoon and then tomorrow goes our way too.
  9. He finances the whole lot. If that source of funding goes then they'll end up descending the leagues very quickly.
  10. Bit of a reality check there after a 2-5 away win. Very, very early days still but my thought after the first eight games is that we're an improving side and club but there are better sides in this league who are more experienced at the level. No side escapes a season without injuries but it would be interesting to see how we'd have done today and against Burton with Amechi and Baka available. Different options. We're not an out and out poor side defensively but there's certainly room for improvement in that department and the goals against column tells that story alone.
  11. I think you need to knock a 0 off that away following otherwise we're going to be over-run by them sheepshagging Yorkies on Saturday afternoon.
  12. Just clocked the gate at Blackburn last night .... 9,140. Very poor ! PNE aren't doing much better this year either! Blackpool's gate last night was just over 11,000 as have been all their home games this season. That's actually not bad for them! It does go to show how good our gates are at the moment with hopefully a bumper attendance for our game on Saturday. There's clearly a lot more energy about the football in Bolton than in neighbouring areas (Given this is a post about attendances, Wigan don't really come in to the conversation)
  13. Like watching England play. The overall standard will no doubt improve. American's women's football is very skilful because it's been going for longer. The difficulty I have with the domestic game is the lack of context. We all know the history of all the clubs in the men's football league - we know when Bolton have won against a big successful club or how shit it feels when we lose at home to tinpot crap like Tranmere. We know the derby matches, the grudge matches, the matches with a bit of history to them etc. In the women's game you get clubs with the same names but that history isn't there as a reference point.
  14. Club that size will get its act together at some point.
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