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  1. Obviously hope we give these a good pasting. Little prediction: We've had two red cards in two games. Law of averages - the opposition will get one tomorrow.
  2. They should have a glance at our head-to-head record against them over history. Truly embarrassing for them and will remain so even if they win tomorrow and in their next 5 games against us.
  3. I can't watch Match of the Day. Bet I haven't seen it for seven or eight years. The whole thing does my swede in!
  4. Just depends if they are any good a presenting. Some are and some aren't - same as blokes. I have to say the female football commentators like Vicki Sparks and Robyn Cowen are a throwback. They just commentate on the game in an undemonstrative way. No painfully pre-prepared lines, no irritating chumminess with the co-commentator and very few annoying tangents. The shrieking is kept to when goals are scored which is as it should be. People like Peter Drury, Sam Matterface and the like should take note.
  5. That Villa and some of the European games are an example of how fickle our support can be. From memory it also took ages for our attendances to warm up when Rioch was pushing us towards promotion in the Prem. We were top of the Championship and getting 10-12,000 until about Feb I think. Just now things feel different. That's why I compare what's happening now under Evatt to what happened under Armfield and Greaves in the 70s rather than what happened under Rioch and Todd. Irrespective of the team/tactics/personalities of the managers - the support base just feels more like 1970s BWFC than 1990s.
  6. Yeah good point. It'll be good to read about some of the old characters of broadcasting like Peter Jones, Bryon Butler etc. Plus some of the types who started big broadcasting careers elsewhere on Sports Report - Ian Darke, Jeff Stelling, Peter Brackley etc. I have to say I found Hall's florid match summaries irritating. When he was at Bolton there was always a faux Lancashire lobbed in at some point.
  7. Completely agree - even taking it in to account the kid we signed from Norwich looks useful.
  8. I'll predict just the one (unless there's an unforseen outgoing)
  9. Around three weeks until deadline day now. Does anybody definitively know how many places we've got going spare in the squad? The rule seems to be that League 1/2 teams are allowed 22 players but keepers and under 21s don't count towards that total. By my reckoning we've got two places spare - could be wrong.
  10. Great to tear these local wannabes a new arsehole. Let's hope we nail Morecambe next Tuesday too. (also great for 5 different players to get off the mark for the season)
  11. Think this is poor. I appreciate people get info from mobile devices now in a way that wasn't available in most of James Alexander Gordon's day but you can't be on your mobile if you're driving. As an aside Pat Murphy soon has what looks like an interesting book out about Sports Report - comes out in September BBC Sports Report: A Celebration of the World’s Longest-Running Sports Radio Programme: Amazon.co.uk: Murphy, Pat: 9781472994226: Books
  12. It's a very strong area of our squad. We can rotate to keep players fresh as well as selecting the right combinations based on the particular opposition we're facing. The other real conundrum is how we fit Sadlier's attacking threat into our team. I think Evatt is wrestling with that one. Hopefully he gets a really good run-out against Salford.
  13. These play their League Cup game on Weds (Rotherham at home). So we've got 24 hours on them in terms of recovery for Saturday.
  14. No I know. You could argue Aimson could do that job as well. Indeed you could even argue Santos would be top notch there. Why rob Peter to pay Paul though - they are our central defenders. I just think - why take the gamble. We struggled when MJ wasn't in the side last year and Evatt has been clear that we want two for every position. To me it's glaring that it is the one signing to get done before that deadline. Sorting it now is only going to make us more robust and ready for the months ahead.
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