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  1. Noticeable how it was home fans on the middle section of the Embankment. Didn't happen too often!
  2. Got it! https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/video/nottingham-forest-v-bolton-england-bolton-burnden-pk-play-news-footage/810172654?adppopup=true
  3. That replay at Burnden was filmed by ITV and I saw it on something website they had with news clips from various eras in the past. Needless to say I can't find it now. 0-0 after 90 ... but in extra time Jim McDonagh came charging out and got rounded in a one on one with Francis and he slid it in to the Embankment net. 20000 plus on that night. In the first game I think the often forgotten Dave Hoggan played a blinder and scored a couple.
  4. It was only a season or two but he did well for us in a team that was going backwards. Looking at the old listings it appears that LWT did show Granada's footage of that game so we've every chance. Later in the same season there's the possibility of Bolton 1 West Ham 1 with an enormous away following. Screened by ITV. I bet they don't show the massive brawl in the Manny Road North terrace!
  5. If they do 80/81 our luck might be in .... Bolton 4 Newcastle 0 from August 1980 - Brian Kidd hat trick and the Geordie's walking off the Embankment en masse. Would love to see that again.
  6. Aye midweek. It was the year we got relegated to Div 4. Perryman somehow managed to control the game from right back. He may even have been their player manager. It was 0-2. It was absolutely freezing.
  7. There's a chap called Carl Spiers written a book about Oldham Ath in the 70s and it is full of tales of admiration about massive Bolton invasions of Oldham and the ensuing trouble. I can only really remember from 77 onwards and even then through the eyes of a child ... but it seems we just overwhelmed the grounds of our neighbours in derby matches. Blackpool fans would reluctantly admit the same thing. Pity we never played Wigan in the 70s - although they got a milder dose of the same thing in the 80s more than once. Coldest at a match? I remember a home match v Brenford in the mid-80s w
  8. You can't get over democracy-denying. We saw in to the hearts of what many people who call themselves democrats really think. It was an ugly sight. If you imagine that's ever going to be forgotten you're wrong.
  9. Misunderstanding democracy?! I refer you to the period 2017-19 when various people in this country sought to undermine the result of a nationwide referendum on June 23, 2016. It was the most startling and glaring example of "misunderstanding democracy" in the modern history of this country. When it comes to misunderstanding democracy - this is the standout event by some considerable margin (Adonis, Grieve, Gauke, Swinson). Any debate about "misunderstanding democracy" will use this appalling period in our history as its yardstick both now and for many years to come.
  10. They were magnificent and part of what made Burnden so great pre-Normid. Remember a handful of occasions when away fans on the Embankment sought to scale them!
  11. Not too fussed about the first game - will guess at Shrewsbury or Crewe. What I'd really like is to get Wigan in August or September before they have a chance to settle down and they're more vulnerable.
  12. With Delaney gone I'd say that means we need a further central defender unless Evatt considers that Senior or Edwards have progressed enough to be considered first team material. Greenidge isn't close to being good enough from what I've seen. You need four central defender that you can trust - we've got Santos, Baptiste and Johnston.
  13. That midfield looks strong now (although with the exception of Sarcevic its not overflowing with goals). I'd say we'll be looking to loan out Darcy on the strength of what we have in stock. The signing of Johnston means we are fully stocked in central defence as long as Delaney signs a new deal (sorry if he has, I've lost track). We need two left-backs because Gordon isn't good enough and we need a goalscorer and maybe even two strikers overall. Very impressed with the area of the market we're looking at - players in their mid-20s who are clearly already well thought of and have sc
  14. That's what you get for hurling gratuitous insults like "chav" and "gammon" around while not seeing the contradiction between that and your holier than thou stance on issues to do with race. If you choose to go down the route of insults then insults you shall have.
  15. You're not interested in debating with me because you'll be exposed as a complete fucking charlatan.
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