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  1. Well you've certainly had plenty of the treatment described above on here. Many, many times over!
  2. He forced the referendum that got us out of the deeply undemocratic, hidebound bureaucratic quagmire that is the EU. Then he helped win it and we got the hell out of there. Your last sentence is transparent. This is your opening gambit in trying to undermine and marginalise wanderer1984. You'll play with his answer irrespective of what he says and conclude that he is a racist/sexist/bigot or one of the other words you've put at the top of your lexicon to label anybody who doesn't see the world the way you do. All done from the moral high ground you think you've annexed for yourself and f
  3. Your gobshites point is an interesting one historically. Nowadays that end of the party is indeed absolutely infested with wokist sectarians interested in identity politics and virtue-signalling. Back in the 80s it was extremists in the unions, Militant, Derek Hatton et al. The thing they all have in common is that in the eyes of the large majority they are unelectable. By the late 80s and early 90s Labour had started to listen, gets its act together and appeal to the centre-ground in the way you describe in your second paragraph. I don't believe Labour is capable of doing that now. As I've sa
  4. He's right. So is Tony Blair. We don't want this woke shite.
  5. You are right but players can be paid off too .... a player with a year left could be given a severance payment and told he was free to find another club.
  6. It's the first normal pre-season we'e had for ages. Last year nobody knew what the hell was going to happen with football until mid-Summer and the season started later than usual, the year before Ken Anderson nearly took us out of existence and the year before that was pockmarked with him not being wages and player strikes. Normal first bit of action/indication of how things are shaping is the retained list. Generally it happens in the first fortnight after the season's end and its been happening at plenty of other clubs already. Be very interested to see who gets released/paid off.
  7. Perhaps it would have been better if they hadn't got carried away with trying to undermine the PM on false premises in the first place. They clearly got a bit giddy and carried away with their liberal prejudices. Just a little bit like they did when they were cheerfully beating everybody around the head with Project Fear. People have seen through the BBC. If we want to read stuff that will know will turn out to be wholly wrong we'll buy the Guardian and read the likes of Monbiot, Jones and Toynbee. The state broadcaster should be better than that.
  8. Remind me again ...weren't we all supposed to be in poverty having left the EU? As Britain booms again, let us scrub ‘despite Brexit’ from the lexicon By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Business Editor, The Telegraph By early next year the UK is set to close the entire economic gap with the eurozone that has built up since the Brexit referendum. Britain’s coiled-spring recovery is now an economic fact, and it looks even stronger than the most giddy optimists had dared to hope. Barring any upset from Covid variants or a bond rout, the British economy will be the G7
  9. Pretty sure you are right in that he was the captain right from that first game at Southend in August 1988. He was certainly a big influence for many years on the pitch and fas part of the coaching set-up. It was actually £17K that we paid - must have been some haggling going on between us and Halifax to arrive at an odd figure like that! That summer of 88 though we all wanted Andy May signed - not a full back from Halifax Town!
  10. Well that all happened in June 1988 and to be fair he did live up to his billing as a goalscoring full back. WIthout looking it up I think he got a good few in the first half of 88/89 for us.
  11. A lot more dramatic than Saturday. The other big difference was that Wrexham 88 was not in our own hands. We needed Torquay to lose their last two games and they promptly did - which was pretty incredible!
  12. Was there in the late 80s too. Absolute gash and about 64p a minute. You only had to ring it once before you settled back in to waiting for the BEN every day.
  13. Yep - that's pretty much exactly as I remember it. Rushing out for the BEN mid-afternoon only to find half the time there was some national sports story or Bolton League/Bolton Association cricket on the back page. I remember us potting Derek Scott and Dave Sutton on frees soon after the season ended. What we all really wanted to see right the way through May, June and July was Neal making a move to sign Andy May from Huddersfield. He'd been on loan to us in Div 4 and made a real difference at the end of the campaign. Remember being very underwhelmed when reading about us spending
  14. Its such a long time ago ... but the parallels are there. Clinching promotion on the last day of the season away from home and finishing third. I hope we do better than our first season back up in Div 3 in 88/89 - although in the end it was a creditable finish. I think 88/89 was a season of trouble. Seem to recall there was loads in our first home game v Cardiff, then more at Port Vale and one or two other places. Our defence that season was very often Brown-Crombie-Winstanley-Cowdriill. Mark Came who was great for us the year before had his leg broken with a horrendous c
  15. Saturday's final day drama will have brought back memories for those over 45 of the last time we got promoted out of Div 4 v Wrexham in 1988. Its obviously brilliant that we've made sure our stay in the basement was for one year only and on Saturday, as in 88, we achieved it with a last day away win to secure third spot. (79 points this time, 78 points in the days or Robbie Savage, JT and Phil Neal). Lots of talk on here now about us going through League One like a dose of salts and making great signings this Summer. It was similar last time. In the event it took us another five years be
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