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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Hi Paul. I’m going Rotherham Saturday. If your going wouldn’t mind buying you a pint for all those videos you have put on. 

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    2. paulhanley


      I got the 85-87 stuff job-lot off a bloke in Wigan who ran EasyVideo. He ran the firm that was the predecessor of Roadrunner. I had to pay £200 for them at the the time (this was about 2012) but I got copyright with it. I didn't have the technical skill to upload them to You Tube for ages but now I do so they've got to go on. No point in only me being able to see them. It's finding the time to do it that's the problem. 

      Yep - lets meet for a pint one of these fine days.

    3. BoltonBoy80


      I’ve got tapes from jimmy from roadrunner. Used to get them for birthdays and Xmas. After the club got rid of roadrunner I used to go his house in great lever to buy them. He gave me contact number of bloke in Wigan called ian, think this may be your guy also. I bought the Burnley away fa cup game, Barnsley away 87 fa cup, Scarborough away, and chesterfield away 86. He had them all in his loft. At the time I couldn’t afford to buy the lot from him.

      tried to contact him again about 12 months ago to buy all the reminder of his collection. He had moved to Bournemouth and I eventually tracked him down. He said he’d tried to sell them on eBay, had no interest so skipped them all!!!!

      then some of your videos started to appear!!!

      ive spoke to jimmy from roadrunner afew times about buying his collection; he lives in the midlands now.

      ive got big tattoo of burnden Park and Nat on my leg. Bloody loved that place.

      we’ll have that pint one day.

      take care pal



    4. paulhanley


      He certainly didn't skip them all! He started in January 1986 and did them until January 1988. When I fully checked what I'd bought off him there were some missing games from that period but it was 80 per cent of the total plus a nice bonus of Bolton 1 Wigan 0 from 1984/5. I've since got hold of Wigan 1 Bolton 0 from the same season and Jimmy had Bolton 1 Rotherham 1 from the first day of 1985/6 (they filmed it because it was the 80th anniversary of Burnden). 

      A lad in New Zealand got a load of mine and sent me back full copies on DVD, which is much better for storage space. But I still have 86/7 on the original VHS tapes.

      Given that Granada covered some Bolton games in just about every season from the early 70s up to and including 82/3 that just leaves 83/4 as the one season in the modern era in which it seems impossible to find any Bolton game that was filmed.

      I loved Burnden too - but my favourite version was the one I first saw, from about 76-83, pre-Normid with the Embankment split in to three.

      All the best

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