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  1. Come on City. Sky is the limit here. Destroy the wankers.
  2. Correct re one touch too many. In particular Charles needs to pull the trigger sooner. Over-elaboration. It's a detail that can easily be ironed out in training and we'll improve for it.
  3. Enjoyed the game. Agree with Evatt. We just lack that final detail sometimes. Over-elaboration or poor control means we don't take as many chances as we should. Thankfully teams have so much trouble getting the ball off us that they can't build a head of steam up. Overall we're in a really good place with the fixtures we've ticked off and the ones to come. Can only see us improving too
  4. In the first nine games these have been high scorers and high conceders. Not least in their last game - a 3-6 win at Bristol Rovers. Apparently though Bristol had no fit central defenders. If we have any aspirations this type of game has to be a routine home win really.
  5. Glad to see it counts as a draw in the record books irrespective of the daft penalties.
  6. When I first started going to Burnden the tannoy was little better than a man with a megaphone. All kinds of echoes and faults. Before my time ( in the 60s) the tannoy announcer would apparently quite regularly say the following at about 2:58pm at a Saturday home game: "Ladies and gentlemen, here are the team changes. There are no team changes."
  7. Tremendous result! Looking at our opening nine fixtures (the opposition and results gained) you'd have to say we're vdefinitely much looking better than last season's ninth placed finish. On paper October, November and December provide far more "lower half of the table"/"small club" opposition. We are in a very, very handy position. One potential upside of having so many big clubs/fallen giants in this league is that we can be just a little bit more under the radar than a club Bolton's size would have been in many previous third tier seasons. All the focus on Pompey/Ipswich/Sheff Weds today. Suits us down to the ground.
  8. Momentum well and truly on our side here - but clearly a dangerous opponent in terms of their attackers. I'm often drawn to a "law of averages" rule in terms of predictions. Peterborough are due a draw and we are due a home draw. That wouldn't be a disaster but a win would put a serious marker down. Other things due: an outfield league goal by a striker; a sending off for the opposition.
  9. This is another classic example of the ills of social media. This has nothing to do with cancel culture - it's to do with having the basic manners to show respect for a widely loved person of national and international significance who has just died. There just seems to be an undercurrent of people in society who want to pin "racism" or some other "ism" on everything that moves. It's very polarising and is in itself intolerance.
  10. Funeral won't be for about 8 or 9 days from now - and I am led to believe that day will be a public holiday. I agree that games should go ahead this weekend and people should be allowed to pay their respects at those matches.
  11. paulhanley


    Seems to have been a thing about being a Bolton fan that when local rivals are so far below us in the pyramid that they're almost out of view, I start hoping they do well. Then eventually they start playing us again and we find out they hate us and I wonder why I bothered. Stockport are the prime recent example. However, it happened with Burnley, Wigan, Blackpool and others who popped up in the Prem after we'd got there. No doubt it'll happen with Oldham at some point. Bury? Very doubtful. But for a good few of their number, hating Bolton Wanderers will be their last big attachment to league football, be under no illusion. I'd still much rather much have Bury than Morecambe, Fleetwood and Accrington. But when we do get back to the Championship I hope we are strong enough not to struggle with Blackburn, Burnley, Blackpool, PNE and Wiggin. Lancastrian local rivalry is rich, internecine and packed with history. I despise losing to any of the above and glory in victories over them.
  12. Completely agree but with the way Morley and Dempsey played against Wycombe and in some of our other games that midfield is going to keep changing. Sheehan back soon - plus Evatt has said that Lee at 34 will need resting. There's clearly a "horses for courses" element to all this too - team selection based on opposition. George Thomason is only 21 and is progressing very nicely. It speaks volumes that he's not been loaned out and it was never even really suggested. If he keeps up this rate of progress he's going to some player in 12/18 months.
  13. Interesting to read about Santos. My thought on that is that the difference between footballers capable of Premier League or Championship football and the better League 1 players often boils down to the frequency of mistakes/lapses in concentration. On a good day Santos is very much capable of football above this level - on a day when he makes a couple of daft errors he's not at that standard. It's probably why no side from the top two divisions has taken a punt on him yet. To use Evatt's frequently deployed catchphrase: "there's still improvement to be made".
  14. That's a real settling result after the two consecutive defeats. Name of the game for us in September is to end the month in a roughly similar position to the one we are in now. They're not easy fixtures. Then in October/November/December we're playing (on paper!) the lesser sides and we can press on from a solid base and hopefully be right in contention come the turn of the year. Hopefully at Cheltenham next week we can get a striker on the scoresheet in a league game.
  15. Didn't know that. I wonder if they'd be interested in my collection of the original videos from the wonderful 1986/7 season - pre-Roadrunner but still Dave Higson. Some right sights!
  16. Just before Christmas 1982. Simonsen was like a little boy lost at Burnden that day. ... Charlton got their revenge big time on the last day of that season though.
  17. I think this is all about focusing Iredale on the three central defensive roles and having two left-wing backs to allow that to happen. I thought we needed two new central defensive signings right back in May and with Iredale now able to focus on that role we have them. The announcement of the signing on the BW website specifically references Iredale playing centrally. For me the big thing we want now is holding midfield competition for MJ. I'd love us to sign another striker, loan out Kachunga and bring in a new reserve keeper. Can't see all that occurring though!
  18. Nixon strongly linking us with Owen Beck, a 20 year old Liverpool left back. It would be a loan. Iles is already speculating that Declan John's injury may be a longer term one. If not then maybe we're viewing Iredale as a central defensive option only.
  19. Sobering stuff just now and we'll have to manage our expectations. I still don't think we are strong enough defensively - been saying that since May. What's more concerning is that we've played six games, failed to score in three of them and scored from open play in only two of them. Early days still. We need some activity on deadline day though.
  20. Lee, Kachunga and Bodvarsson have good Championship experience but are the wrong side of 30. Could we seriously claim any of the rest are Championship standard? I guess Sheehan is an age where hs still has scope to improve, Thomason is still in the very early days of his career and can develop. When I read that list it does make me think we've got more evolution to go through before we're fit for purpose in terms of automatic promotion contention and we'll need some of these off the books in due course.
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