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  1. Looking pretty certain that Blackpool are about to appoint Liam Rosenior (current assistant to Rooney at Derby) as their boss. Nixon all over it and betting markets shortened markedly in his favour.
  2. I'm still reasonably relaxed. Summers where we make loads of early signings make me wary. I give you 2007 (Sammy Lee and his scattergun) and 2015 (Dougie signing folk like Trotter, Feeney, Danns before the end of May). Summers like that feel like we're paying over the odds for mediocrity. That being said it'd be nice to get one or two more in over the next week to 10 days while also hearing more about the make up of the B-team. The early start to 2022/23 makes June 10 this pre-season more like June 20 in all previous pre-seasons.
  3. Neil Whatmore and Frank Worthington goals I think. We'd played the day before too (Boxing Day). Given the sheer extent of the away following this has to be up there with the best away days. If I could travel back in time to away games I missed or was a bit too young to be at - this would be on the list along with United 1 Bolton 2 in 78/9; Blackburn 0 Bolton 1 in 77/78.
  4. Wish I'd been old enough to be there and witness that huge away following at Christmas 77. Last time won there as well.
  5. Good on ya. Too young for 74 but remember the later 70s and the 80s. They're full of chat about BWFC are Blackpool fans aren't they. Deep down in the seagull shit-stained souls they know the score though.
  6. You have to be a certain age of Bolton fan 😉
  7. With odds at 11/10 it looks a lot like it's going to be Liam Rosenior at Gloomfield. I'm sure The Muckers/Benny's Mob/The Winter Gardens Wet Lettuces or whatever they call themselves will be delighted when the announcement is made. They can go and have a celebratory cup of tea from a flask near the South Pier and reminisce about when they saw Tommy Cooper there in 1973.
  8. I saw Delia had been linked to them earlier and the first though was of Norwich. "Let's be 'Avin you" ....
  9. I notice all that bluster about "The Muckers" mentions 85/6. Doesn't mention the vast away following that day or that Bolton fans had to break in to and invade half of the closed Kop because we'd filled their away end down the side of the pitch. I also notice it doesn't mention all the Bolton invasions of Bloomfield Road in the 70s including Christmas 77 when the away following was half of the 25000 gate. Nor does it mention the pathetic followings they brought to Burnden in the 70s. In addition it doesn't mention our fans all over their pitch after the Sherpa Van two-legged win that got us to Wembley in 89. Blackpool is famed for its tower. On the strength of this it should be famed for its airbrush. About as slanted a version of history as it is possible to imagine. Tinpot.
  10. Gone are the decades when you could be sure England would finish internationals against top nations clinging on for dear life and looking leggy. Overall that was a very average performance but only when set against the standards that Southgate has set. A 1-1 draw in Germany while under par is as good a sign as it gets. Other observation would be that our subs made a real difference whereas Germany's seemed to set them back.
  11. I don't think Preston have ever really registered with any of us. They're more of a sparring partner than a rival. The enduring Lofthouse/Finney friendship sums it up really. Don't like em when we play um, but that counts for most clubs? They were one of the first on the scene with dignified help when our troubles were at their height a few years ago. Blackpool? They're in the Wigan category. In fact in some regards they were the original Wigan. They've always had a deep spite towards us and thus its always good to put one over on them and laugh in their faces. The 70s fixtures against them were very spicy and we invaded Bloomfield more than once. The 80s was similar but to a much lesser degree as it was lower division football. Whisper it ... but Blackpool also showed some class towards us when our administration period was at its miserable worst. The club ... not the fans.
  12. I notice we are referred to as "murderers" again in the Blackpool thread. In the tiny minds of their support if you go to watch the Wanderers that means you are a murderer. There's a lot of seeking to compare our support and support base with theirs and attempts to make out they are as big a club or nearly so. Fact is they are at a pretty high water mark and we aren't. There's no comparison in terms of the two clubs when it comes to top flight seasons, success and gates. Its all piss and wind. When we list our rivalries these don't feature with some folk. They do with older fans to a greater extent. I don't think Evatt will move there - but if he does it'll be like Coyle moving from Burnley to us and Blackpool can expect an upgrade in attention levels from us. In future years that will not be a comfortable place for them to be - as their older fans well know and understand.
  13. It seems Nixon is reporting that Blackpool do have an interest in Evatt as well as Liam Rosenior who is on the staff at Derby.
  14. I look forward to the day when we put ourselves in a position where the idea of Blackpool nicking a Bolton manager is laughable. I appreciate these are special circumstances given IE's long history with Blackpool but us being a division below them is something that has happened incredibly infrequently in history. It happened for two seasons in the early 70s (when ironically we had another Blackpool legend as boss in Jimmy Armfield) and in 87/8. It had rarely happened in the decades beforehand so this is all very anomalous. It'll get put right at some point- the sooner the better.
  15. There's a Bolton link to one of the two names being linked to the donkey lashers job but it ain't Ian Evatt. Dean Holden and Michael Duff. https://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/1131537769?-2804:1017:latest_news
  16. He's a good player but injury prone. If we don't get him its no disaster. The fact we are fishing in the same pool as Championship clubs is a good sign. I'm glad to read that there are three Championship clubs interested. One of them is bound to be Wigan given that their whole transfer strategy will (as usual) be geared around trying to peevishly get one over on Bolton. However pretty much every other club in the division is bigger than Wigan so he's more likely to choose the others.
  17. Not even in the betting here. Wigan's manager is though: https://www.lancs.live/sport/football/football-news/next-blackpool-manager-odds-after-24133500
  18. I doubt they'll want to pay the compo for a manager in a job already and as others have said, we're the bigger club. He will feel as much loyalty to us now as to them. Wouldn't be surprised if they appoint Steve Thompson, who is on their staff.
  19. These are the definites from those five seasons. Every chance I've forgotten one or two so if folks know of others please do add them. 1980/81 West Ham 2 Bolton 1; QPR 3 Bolton 1 ; Bolton 0 Nottm Forest 1 (not on You Tube, on ITN Source) 1981/82 Bolton 2 Chelsea 2 1982/3 Charlton 4 Bolton 1 1983/4 Bolton 0 Sunderland 3 1984/5 Bolton 1 Wigan 0 ; Notts County 6 Bolton 1
  20. Yes. I've got it and got copyright on it. Bit naughty of them to be putting it on You Tube therefore. Not that I've any room to talk! I'll do it and folk can add to it if I miss anything....
  21. Me too. That's the game in which Frank scored a goal that he always reckoned was better than his famous one at home to Ipswich. At some point I will go through 80/81 to 84/5 and list what is on You Tube. From 85/6 onwards the amount of footage increases significantly so that's less relevant.
  22. Don't think I'd seen that before. Even though 80-85 was a crap era for Bolton it's always a pleasure to see footage from then because compared to the 70s and the second half of the 80s its less commonly found. Seems like there was no segregation at Loftus Road that day! Marland's books says this was 11 October and it was Brian Kidd with our goal.
  23. I'm sure Liverpool fans reading what we've written would be outraged. There'd be no self-reflection as to the past behaviour patterns and attitudes that lead people to form these views in the first place. Just the knee-jerk outrage and attempt to vilify and ultimately silence people. I do hope the media don't run scared of them and report in the fearless way they mostly do about other issues of the day. If they come through a formal investigation and such journalistic scrutiny as clean as a whistle - fair do's.
  24. I'm sure the French authorities/police have cocked up the organisation here. However that's likely to be just one half of the equation. Scepticism knows no bounds when it comes to the behaviour of Liverpool fans. As sure as night follows day there'll be an investigation, there'll be tales of forged tickets and attempts to jump barriers - but the scousers will turn it all in to them being the victims. Then they'll turn viscous on anybody who dares challenge their version of events. The only reason I wanted them to win last night was because I knew it would have hugely pissed off United fans. Anything that does that gets a big tick from me. I may dislike Liverpool but nothing like to the depths of the other "reds" from down the East Lancs.
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