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  1. Roger you're a red twat. But that's good memory and you're right. Ian Bailey who had a couple of spells on loan at Bolton and did well.
  2. Abject. Predictble. Pitiful. Groundhog day part 2. What did Evatt say? We will go to war? Our record in derbies is a disgrace.
  3. This is about right. We hear platitudes all the time about "knowing what it means to the fans". They don't. Not like Blackpool and Wigan do as football clubs, from top to bottom. Those talking about our style of play not being suited to derbies have a point too - but this underlies the whole thing. Hopefully we see some grit on Tuesday, not banking on it.
  4. I just don't see us getting anything. Saturday at Blackpool showed up all the same weaknesses against teams who go for us/local rivals. We've had our traditional sending off in the game before Wigan as well (it was Charles the game before the home match). As others have said these (like Blackpool) will play well above themselves against the hated Bolton. We''ll walk in to that firestorm as it if's never happened before and we'll come unstuck.
  5. I'm an exceptionally weary Bolton fan. Groundhog day. Yet another failure at Bloomfield Road, another absysmal result in a derby, another key player sent off the game before we play Wigan. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I can't quite believe what we've gone and done today.
  6. It does! There's loads our age group the same. Won three times at Old Trafford since we last triumphed at this shithole. Let's hope we see it tomorrow!
  7. With this fixture it's not just that we've gone 47 years without winning there (approx 15 games) but it's the ways we've contrived to balls up great positions. When we played them on Boxing Day 85 it was the first time since the last win at Christmas in 1977. We were 0-1 up with seconds to go (David Cross) and conceded an equaliser. That set the tone. In the Sherpa Van semi final there in 88/89 it felt like a win but it was a 1-1 draw. Deep in to injury time they were down to 10 men and Jeff Chandler missed a sitter to make it 1-2 on the night and 3-1 to us on aggregate. Anyone remember 89/90? We were 0-1 up late on in an FA Cup first round tie there in November and later the same season in a league (Easter). We lost both 2-1. Absolutely grim on both occasions. Even in 92/3 under Bruce we were leading 0-1 until the last couple of mins only for David Burke to concede a penalty. It was galling to go there with a forward line including Sturridge/SKD/Klasnic/Chungy and lose 4-3 in 10/11 in the first time we'd played there for 18 years. Then in the last 10-12 years back in the second tier I remember us drawing 2-2 after having twice taken the lead. I also remember Tim Ream missing a late sitter in a game that finished 0-0. The only consolation is they've had the same catalogue of missed opportunities to break their winless run at ours over a similar timeframe. It's got to end sooner or later. Promotion is the aim - but doing this tomorrow would be a serious bonus on the way. It ain't going to be simple though!!
  8. Yes that second season down looked dreadful in the first two or three months and then everything got shored up by that one appointment. All a far cry from now when we are getting almost double the gates despite being in the third division! Anyway, let's hope we can beat this shower of shit tomorrow!
  9. Must have been one of the last few unless I'm getting my chronology all wrong. Think it was late 90s when it stopped.
  10. It was a brilliant day was that. Second half of that game we tore them apart with Arnie, Frandsen and Johansen. Newsome and Warhurst as a brand new central defensive combination.
  11. Let's hope Saturday is finally the day. It would be a sweet day for old school Wanderers fans.
  12. That's the type of win promotion winners achieve. A goal down at HT against a scrapping side with a frustrating home draw in the previous game. A side with less character would have lost 1-0 or snatched an equaliser and settled for the draw. I hope we can carry that same spirit (with folk like Santos and Forrester back on board) in to Saturday and next Tuesday, we will need to do so.
  13. I'd not get over confident about beating these at Bloomfield. We've missed so many chances over the years, things always, always conspire against us there. In many other fixtures I'd be going in with loads of confidence in the side after last night. I hope Saturday is finally the one there after 47 years but I'm not raising my hopes.
  14. Chris Thompson presented our trophies at end of season do for the Bolton Federation team I played for. By then he was a Blackburn player though. I don't remember the circumstances of him leaving or whether we got a fee. He was certainly a good un for us in a pretty bare era.
  15. These three upcoming away games are an acid test. Two derbies against clubs who deeply hate us and a fixture against a rugged mid-table side. I'd love us to be up level or a point beyond Derby by the time that phase of fixtures is done. Appreciate everything folk are saying about Derby's weaknesses but I'd rather seeing it showing up in their results before I belive it. Hopefully soon. I think Pompey signed wisely in January and will go up. Posh look like they've blown up now, but Barnsley remain dark horse material. Don't see top two threats outside of those. Bottom line: It's in our hands. Oh - and surely now we are due that elusive run of games without lots of injuries knocking about in the squad.
  16. I can't be 100 per cent sure that didn't get a bit of a deflection on the way through. If it did then that's his excuse.
  17. Been an awful lot of change in that squad lately and it showed today, especially in the first half. We weren't cohesive. Dempsey and Maghoma were the bright spot today. Both very energetic and dynamic. All three of our goals very well worked. I thought Charlton's goal owed as much to luck as poor defending, their second was pure poor defending and the third could easily never have happened had the ref stopped the game for the injury. Bit unlucky overall but we're certainly not looking as good as a few weeks OK. My eye is creeping towards Blackpool and Wigan away and I hope we buck up for then.
  18. That goal against Spurs was something else. If you look at the clever two footed jinking moves he did in the lead up to the Whatmore goal v City you get the gist. He beat about four defenders in a very tight space and slotted home. It was in the Embankment penalty box on the Manny Road side. I also remember a very late goal he got in a 1-0 home win v Orient and a wet Autumn day. It was in one of those early 1980s second division years of struggle. I believe he played for Wrexham in the famous promotion winning game of ours in 87/8. One of a number of footballers who were seen as bright prospects in very late 70s/early 80s who came through when the likes of Roy Greaves, Tony Dunne, Big Sam, Peter Reid, Neil Whatmore were moving on (Phil Wilson, David Hoggan, Mick Bennett, Mike Graham, Chris Thompson, David Burke)
  19. We needed the win however it came. We got it. Same again on Saturday please. Derby will have enjoyed that convincing away win just a bit less having seen our result.
  20. In the cold light of day we've had shit luck with injuries and the defensive signings are all young and would take time to bed in irrespective of the circumstances. As others have intimated I think neutrals would look at that table and say we're currently likely to finish 2nd in this league. Alongside the injuries, what we have to overcome is a tough set of away fixtures against sides in and around us and two awkward derby games. I'm slightly encouraged by Derby's little slip-up at home to Shrewsbury yesterday. Slightly discouraged by Barnsley's form, all along I've seen them as the dark horses. I've given over trying to predict Peterborough they are as eccentric as hell as exemplified by what they did in last year's play offs. All is certainly not lost with two straight draws. We've two home games now. Aesthetics go out of the window. We need wins. Check back to our promotions seasons - 77/8, 92/3, 94/5, 96/7 00/01, 16/17 and 20/21. Lots of examples of hard fought narrow wins chiseled out of an otherwise pretty forgettable 90 mins. A collection of them will do nicely.
  21. Pompey were always going to win so that equalizer in the context of the Derby and Posh results is brilliant. Got an eye on Barnsley, that type of late win they got today will give them momentum. Time of year to be looking who promotion rivals have next up, before we know it the weather will be warmer and we'll be into the febrile latter stages of a battle for the automatics. I hope we look back on this point as a key moment.
  22. You'd have to lob Brighton in to that conversation too.
  23. I would avoid that date like the plague. We play Blackpool that weekend and Wigan the following Tuesday. Give them a rest and get the game rearranged for April when we don't have a single midweek game. Annoying stuff when a game is abandoned but that rain and the state of the pitch would have been a leveller, more so as the night went one. We've a good few injuries. Play it in April when Cambridge will be drifting listlessly in mid table with nowt to play for.
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