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  1. The strengthening that Brum and Rotherham have done is certainly something of which we should all be very aware. However we saw how long it took the likes of Sunderland and Ipswich to get out of this division. Nothing is a racing cert.
  2. No bother. We've got a fax machine.
  3. You beat me to it. Was thinking exactly the same thing a couple of minutes ago!
  4. "We'll only sign players who we feel are right for this football club" "We will only pay what we think a player is worth, we'll not have the club held to ransom"
  5. I've been wondering all the same things. Iles doesn't usually operate this and neither does the club. In whose interests does it serve? Far more than meets the eye. I'd be pleasantly surprised if we sign either of these players. Let's see...
  6. He's never really been that way in tournaments. He's gone for it against sides he's known we're safe to have a do at (Panama in 2018 and Iran in 2022). Not been much else. Qualifiers and friendlies were a different kettle of fish.
  7. A Spain win was probably the fair result based on the tournament as a whole and the match. However .. there's no question that for a spell after our equaliser we got on top. A quickfire second during that phase was far from impossible. Instead we did what we did against Italy three years ago at Wembley ... sat back Oh well. That win over Holland in the semi will long live with me.
  8. I would be surprised if Arfield started many games. He's therefore not the full time "midfield bastard" many of us are on about. It would be great to have his experience in the last 20-25 mins of games especially when we need to tighten things up when ahead. I can see why folk are saying he's there to make up for the loss of experience with Jerome leaving the squad. In terms of being worldly wise though (and purely in terms of midfield) he's perhaps a belated replacement for Kieran Lee.
  9. Spain are the favourites and have looked good in the tournament. We need to find a way to contain those dynamite wingers of theirs. Holland played an attacking formation against us in that first half and it opened up the game for Phil Foden. It's that type of development I'm hoping for again. Somehow this one doesn't yet feel as pressured as Italy at Euro 2020. Maybe we're all that bit more experienced in the latter stages of tournaments now - fans, players, management, the lot of us. Come on England, absolute chance of a lifetime.
  10. It's a signing that could help us take off.
  11. Last night was as good as it's been in my lifetime watching England. Magic stuff. Too young for 1966. The only other final we've progressed to was also on home territory. Beating Denmark in that semi-final was great. Beating Holland last night on foreign soil has to be better. Nowt wrong with the Danes but historically the Dutch are a stronger nation and this was not on home territory. Given the Ronald Koeman factor I can't help but think Graham Taylor is somewhere on that football training ground in the sky saying: "Do I like that". Onwards to Spain. We're real underdogs because Spain have been absolutely excellent throughout. You just never know though. It's far from impossible that things go our way on the night. Enjoy this everyone - stuff like this doesn't come around too often.
  12. He's been decent for us but nothing more. At £500K I'd accept, reinvest, move on. If there's a Pompey fan reading in: Big question mark here about whether JDC is Championship standard.
  13. I'd say we need * RWB unless he intends using Jones there in competition with JDC * LWB * 2x centre mid. One of them the "midfield bastard" oft mentioned on here who actually just needs to be a midfielder with some height, physique and ability to put his foot in. It may even be that the signing of Forino means he thinks he can play Johnston or even Santos in that defensive midfielder role. Nixon reckons he has some Bolton news tomorrow.
  14. Aye. There's a modern playbook and its good to see someone not abiding by it. The other one I'm fed up of (and which has been on show loads in this tournament) is the hipster dinky low cutback across the channel between the six yard box and the penalty spot, irrespective of if there's someone attacking that space. Just cross the bloody ball sometimes and let someone get their head on it!
  15. I agree that area needs strengthening but I'd put it on level pegging with getting some power and physique in to the middle of the park.
  16. You have to wonder. Best to comment when the full picture has emerged (ie recruits). The best I can say thus far is that the two outfield players brought in have height and (hopefully) physique. I want to see how he recruits to that midfield before I let my confidence wax or wane.
  17. Not too much by way of BWFC celebrity stuff. Delivered papers to Julian Darby's house when he played for us. Once had a good natter to Alan Waldron. Chris Thompson presented us with our end of season trophies one year for the Bolton Federation. Also had a good natter one night in a boozer to the ref who gave the penalty that McGinlay scored v PNE to get us promoted in 93. I think he was called David Allison. I can claim to be three steps from a Beatle. My mate's Dad was George Harrison's bank manager.
  18. I think Italy won it in 82 after drawing all three group games, Mick. Didn't Portugal do the same in the Euros a few years ago too?
  19. In any other period of the game that throw in goes backwards and we end up with the back four passing it between themselves. Again. You'd suspect Switzerland will have way too much for us but stranger things have happened. Sides have won tournaments without playing well until well in to the knock out games. I'd be amazed if that happened with our lot.
  20. Over the years Switzerland are one of the sides to have a very poor record against us. Without checking I think they've only ever had one or two wins. ... anyway, tomorrow night first. Slovakia beat Belgium and we've been well below par. No formality!
  21. I don't understand why he doesn't consider Joe Gomez at left back. He's been doing it for Liverpool. Anything has to be better than Trippier constantly cutting back inside because he's right footed! Tomorrow night I'd be going for Pickford Walker Stones Guehi Gomez Mainoo Rice Palmer Bellingham Gordon Kane ..... Foden and Saka coming on as impact subs later in the game if needed.
  22. My expectations may have been close to that type of level 12 months ago but events since have dampened them, and I'm not just talking about the group games in the tournament. We were very average in the four friendlies in 2024 (Brazil, Belgium, Bosnia, Iceland) and Southgate has got his squad cycle horribly wrong. I don't care whether players are getting in the first team at club level or not. If you are leaving Mount/Rashford/Grealish/Sancho at home and picking folk like Bowen/Gallagher there's summat gone wrong. If they shut me up and end up going far in the tournament I'll be as happy as the next bloke. But if they don't I think Southgate has had a good crack at it now and it might be time to move on.
  23. I'll be honest I've no idea what to make of this as regards how it'll affect us on the pitch. What's abundantly clear is that Evatt is being backed to the hilt by the board. Did we have a smaller management team than the likes of Derby, Pompey? Dunno.
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