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  1. The great rivalry debate is in full force I again I see. 

    I don't get folk who say our hate for United is embarrassing. Everybody hates them because their fans are the most arrogant specimens walking the face of the planet. Why more for us? Well its fair to say that the club most fans hate is the one nearest to the one they support. Look on a map for where Burnden was - Old Trafford is the nearest football league ground. It's not rocket science. Clearly the younger end of our support base doesn't feel it quite the same. Things evolve.

    Wigan seem to have achieved their lifelong ambition of making us dislike/notice them. As others have said if the status quo resumes and we get consistently a league or two above them that'll fade too. 

    Blackburn/PNE/Burnley - all in the same bracket. Not intense rivals but very feisty when we play them and a bad day if we lose to them. 

    We know Bury hate us. Not everybody knows that Blackpool do, second only to PNE. I hope we nail Blackpool twice this season too. 

    Nobody ever lobs City, Oldham, Rochdale or Stockport in to these conversations. No surprises. But without the huge concentration of football clubs in our area one or more of them probably would be rivals. 

    Wolves? There was a phase in the 90s when we played them a lot and there was needle. Couldn't give a toss about them now. They're a big midlands club with a loyal, massive fan base, good luck to em except when they play us.

    Tranmere? Just dog shit and not worth thinking about other than when we play them.

  2. They're a tournament-wise, unflappable side. They get to the latter stages of tournaments and know all the angles. Semi-final against a host nation that loves to beat the English at any sport? No problem, 3-1, on your bike. Impressive stuff.

  3. When we play Blackburn, Burnley and Preston I look forward to it as a slugfest Lancashire derby against teams in the same ballpark as us in terms of club size (obviously I think we are bigger than them but then I am biased!) 

    When we play these, Blackpool and (in days gone by) Bury they play against us as if their whole season depends on the outcome. It brings a whole different feel. In the past our failing has been that we've only been up for it as much as we'd be on a standard Saturday. I'd be amazed if it's like that on Saturday.

    They're not as weakened as we might have hoped but they are certainly beatable and a 1230 kick off after traipsing all the way back from Carlisle last night with little squad rotation over their four games thus far won't help. I won't make a prediction. I'll just hope we can nail them and then plough happily in to the next few fixtures and promotion optimism.

  4. Was pleased when I saw GT wanted to stay. It's clearly a sign of a footballer with a good attitude and a level of loyalty. More than that though it's a sign of a player valuing the stability we have at the club at the moment. It counts for such a lot and we can't honestly say we've had it since Big Sam left. In fact it modern day football its a rare commodity and we should value it.

    I hope we can now watch him develop further and ultimately become a Championship player with us. He's going to improve month by month.

  5. 16 minutes ago, Lt. Aldo Raine said:

    Fuck Baccus

    We should go for Owen Moxon

    That's crossed my mind too. He didn't play for Carlisle yesterday due to "illness"

    I reckon it'd mean we'd have to reinvest most if not all of the Thomason money (assuming we ain't getting the full £1m up front).

  6. It's obviously a massive decision for GT as well as the club. Are Bristol C offering a long contract on appreciably better wages than he's getting from us? Does he want to uproot and move to the west country? Does he think he will get plenty of first team football? 

    From the club's perspective the key factor seems to be how much of the £1m fee we get up front. 


  7. 21 minutes ago, bwfc2003 said:

    At very least we should be insisting on full payment up front

    I think this is the key point. We need the cash up front so that we're able to reinvest in a replacement before August 31. 

  8. Thomason has improved every year he's been with us and at his young age there'll be further improvement to come. The lad has clearly got a great attitude. By the time he's 25 I could see him being a very good midfielder. 

    If we do sell, given his potential, we ought to be expecting a seven figure fee with a percentage of any future fee if Bristol City sell him.

    I actually hope we keep him. But if he goes its an endorsement of a good business model and we should reinvest a sensible proportion of the cash in to quickky replacing him.

  9. Reading stuff like that makes me feel like we've wrongly been singling Morecambe out for being the dregs of the sour grapes brigade. They are far, far from on their own.

    There's some serious chips on shoulders among fans of the smaller clubs in League 1. 


  10. 2 hours ago, Dr. Feelgood said:

    Where are nearly 5,000 Wigginers going to get £30 each from ?

    Probably been saving up since May. Wigan's World Cup final.

    I wonder what they'll do this time? Invade some benches around Doffcocker Lodge and claim a result? 


  11. 18 minutes ago, Popeye doyle said:

    A breath of fresh air yesterday for me was, there wasn’t any time wasting. Lincoln put a few long throws in, but no towels allowed. Balls on cones and players not able to kick the ball away, seems to work. 
    Last season there were plenty of teams time wasting time but it never got added on, yesterday, no time wasting and 14 mins added on. Happy days.

    Agreed. Morally right and will certainly benefit us as the season moves on.

    The unintended consequence/downside is games finishing comfortably after 5pm. The one thing I'd suggest to try to re-balance this slightly is to go back to 10 minute half times. This was the norm for many decades of football and it's only been the last 15 to 20 years or so where it has slipped to 15 minutes, sometimes longer.

  12. Scoreline a bit better than most of us thought, very satisfying start. As others have said, it feels like there's "more to come" as Evatt is fond of saying. Appetite duly whetted.

  13. I remember years ago reading some programme notes of Jimmy Armfield's for a first day of the season match at Burnden. I'm a bit too young to remember his tenure but obviously the old programmes do the rounds.

    His opening gambit (in that wonderfully gentle way of his) was about his wife having said to him that week: "Is football back already?"

    It's that feeling of excitement, a fresh start, everything being in front of us, a clean slate, slight regret at knowing there's a chance of Saturday afternoons and evenings being ruined, knowing a discipline of timings is being brought back to Saturdays after freer choice during Summer.  In short - here we go again.

    I just hope we can record a win and get us off on the right foot. If we draw I hope we make up for it with our first away win next Saturday. We're due a win on the first day, not happened since WBA in the doomed 18/19 season. Won't be an easy do - Lincoln are no mugs as many have said.

    Sorry for saying what you're all thinking/stating the obvious!!!

  14. That Everton game should never have taken place that day. It's all been said above. One thing that's not been is that when the re-scheduled game was played we won it 3-1.  Part of a really good run of results in early Spring that saw us safe. That whole Winter was horrendous. Even today when lists of snowbound winters get listed that one is always mentioned. Without checking to make sure I'd say we played only one or two games through the whole of January and February.

  15. 1 hour ago, MickyD said:

    So nothing like Bolton who enjoyed many millions of pounds from the wallet of Eddie Davies?

    As grateful as we are for what Eddie did it wasn't quite to the extent of what Jack Walker did at Blackburn. Big Sam wheeled and dealed and he was excellent at it. Eddie provided a stable platform for him to do that. We were never going to out and spend millions on deals like Shearer/Sutton/Hendry/Ripley et al . We eventually spent big on Elmander and Anelka but by then (2006-09) the cash we were spending was not out of the ordinary. What Blackburn did in the mid-90s with Jack Walker was. 


  16. I've always made a point of not going off highlights reels. 

    .... but I'm going to allow myself to be encouraged. He looks to have attributes we lack in our midfield. Hopefully he's like that all the time.

    Shaping up nicely! 

    Suspect we'll see some of the more recent signings against Barrow on Tuesday week.

  17. Lincoln were a very low-scoring and low-conceding side last season, drew 20 out of their 46 league games, scored 47, conceded 47. That points to them shutting up shop and trying to pick stuff up on the break. However I'm not sure what they've done in the transfer market or what kind of pre-season they've had. 

  18. 17 minutes ago, RUREADY2ROLL said:

    Looks like IE has another lined up to sign this week before Lincoln game

    It will surely be the second RWB to compete with Dacres-Cogley or a holding midfielder to replace MJ. 

    The other intrigue is whether John or Sadlier will depart and whether we'll get a good chunk of cash for them. Might be for later in August.

  19. It goes without saying that I've no great regard for Blackburn Rovers but at least they're a proper football club unlike the tinpot dross in pie land. 

    However - they're another local side to have had unwarranted and irritating fortune with ownership. Jack Walker and (despite the opprobrium heaped on them by the yokels) the Venky's  have inflated the general impression of the size of the club. On a level playing field they're not as a big a club as Bolton or their arch-rivals Burnley. There's not a vast amount in it but they're the smaller in my opinion.

    If their luck finally runs out and they have to be "sustainable" like Wigan then there'll be occasional spells in the lower divisions in the years ahead - something they've largely but not totally escaped in their history so far.

  20. A couple of pre-season signings that felt quite good at the time only for them barely to play/never play. 

    Steve Fulton who we signed from Celtic in Summer 94 only for Bruce Rioch to take a dislike to him. Neil Whatmore who re-signed for us at the very end of his career in Summer 87. A private individual/businessman paid his wages. Phil Neal never bothered to pick him and he left. Very sad.

  21. How the bloody hell can they reckon not to miss Watmough?

    They've still got a fair few players from their promotion team and last year so as of now they're not going to be basket case material - but nor do I see them troubling the top end. Even without their eight point deduction they'd have been mid table stuff. 

    They may yet strengthen further I guess. They may also lose a few more.

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