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  1. Some Spanish papers are saying it's a done deal apparently.


    In terms of fee agreed it does seem to be 'done'. HOwever the Sunday People piece makes clear we've yet to persuade the player himself and three other Spanish clubs are interested.

  2. Burnden v Preston in 93 when we got promoted

    Burnden v Swindon in 89 when most of the Burnden Paddock was directed to leave at the end of the game across the pitch to the Manny Road! (in the days when Manny Road was 'members only' and the Paddock was packed for big gate matches)

    Hull away in 93

  3. Probably no truth in it at all, but Sunday People reporting we've had a 5 million bid accepted for Jeffern Suarez young winger who played for Spain in under 21's tournament. 3 Spanish clubs also interested.Can't see it myself but something s got to happen soon.


    Only other thing I've seen this morning was in that paragon of truth and trustworthiness the Daily Star on Sunday - we're "pondering" a ?4m bid for Rhys Williams for Boro.

  4. Went to Open Golf yesterday and was shocked to see said sweaty oaf labouring around golf course watching Tom Watson. Started by curling lip as he went by before gravitating to more obvious abuse. He gave me skunk eye several times. Miracle he got around without a heart atttack imo and look forward to my phone being hacked soon.


    You did well not to kick him in the nuts.

  5. Taylor to Stoke was doing the rounds yesterday.


    Won't lose any sleep over him going, as long as we get an replacement.


    To be fair it could be true. Stoke may well be interested - however I only have part of the story, the West Ham part.


    If nothing else it seems to indicate Bolton are willing to consider a sale.

  6. from an ITK source - talks have taken place, all parties interested in a deal. No conclusion reached just yet but its 'in the pipeline'.

    That's from an Upton Park source rather than a Bolton one so the remainder of the equation from a BWFC perspective is open to guesswork. And my guess is that Coyle must want a replacement in before he'll endorse Taylor's move south.

  7. The Bolton News reckoned the other day that Ali Al Habsi 'may come back to haunt Bolton'. Danny Ward is going to League One but it wouldn't be the first time we;ve sold someone on down the leagues only for them to slowly but surely make their way back up and wreak havoc against us some time later. Take a bow that bugger from Stoke who got two against us at Wembley - Jonathan Walters.


    Anybody else think of examples who fall in to this category? Neil Redfearn has to be the classic from the 80s and 90s.

  8. That was brilliant. That's Burnden Park how I first saw it. I get so irritated when I see representations of "Bolton's old ground" with a supermarket behind the goal. That was only the last 10 years .. before then there was a huge terrace there that could hold thousands, it had a big blue scoreboard and a railway running behind it. When I first remember it, it was split in to three sections home/away but empty unless needed/away fans. Proper Burnden.

  9. Until some time around 1981 or 1982 you used to be able to get the Buff from a van that had a printing press at the bottom of that pedestrian bridge that starts at the side of Churchills on Manny Road (was that boozer called the Gardeners before being Churchills). It was incredible how they had all the results by the time you'd strolled up Manny Road. Admittedly there were some scores missing - usually denoted by an 'L' for late result. I think they even had the updated league tables!


    It was also possible to get back to the car from Burnden Park in time for the start of Sports Report on Radio 2 (then). Games kicked off at 3pm on the dot, 10 mins for half time and 4.40pm finish. How sweet does that Sports Report music sound when Bolton have won, even to this day?!

  10. Does anybody else think the days when the first we knew about a new signing was when it appeared on the back of the BEN that night were better, with no big build up, Daily Mirror speculation, ill-informed TalkShite stories etc?


    At least then we never got to know about deals that fell through at the last minute and agents weren't half as media savvy.


    The summers of 1993 and 1994 were belters, Rioch signing players left, right and centre, including our first foreign players since the early 80s - and we knew little or nothing about the deals until they'd actually happened.

  11. Worthy is right in that a trend that was always predominant has become even more so in the past two or three years. From a Bolton perspective, I think the best way to illustrate this is that if Big Sam had been our boss from in the last four seasons, it would have been more difficult for us to finish 8th, 6th, 8th and 7th as we did between 2003/4 and 2006/7.

  12. We missed a golden chance to play a hand in relegating these bastards earlier this year. If we'd won at Ewood I reckon they'd have gone (I know they picked up points later but we set that ball rolling for them with our pathetic display there). I hope we don't regret having that chance and blowing it.

  13. The Newcastle home match (first home match of 82/3) and the Sheff U match (last game of 83/4) were frightening for a young lad of primary school age. My memory is that the Bolton fans held their own in the first match and got slaughtered on the second occasion.


    What was it about Bolton in those days? They'd happily lose at home against some non-descript southern team with about 40 fans on the Embankment, but if a big club arrived with 6,000 loons, we beat them and sent them in to fury! Same thing happened with Sheff Weds on the last day of 81/2.


    Is my memory playing tricks or do I also remember the Newcastle fans throwing slates?

  14. How poor was he for West Ham in the game at the Reebok?


    IMO he's finished as a top level player but as Coyle tends to buy younger players and his wages will undo all the work on getting that bill down I think his signing is highly unlikely.


    Agree with this. He'd probably respond to Coyle's motivation for next season. However Coyle has set out the template, younger players with potential. This doesn't ring true. I don't see him being interested in Keane.

  15. http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/wanderers/wanderersnews/9114767.Wanderers__greatest_moments/


    Wanderers fans have voted their thrilling victory against Manchester United at Old Trafford in 2001 as the greatest moment in the club?s history. Sam Allardyce?s newly-promoted side came from a goal down to stun their neighbours 2-1 on their return to the Premier League. The match came out on top as more than 1,700 supporters voted in 188SPORT?s ?Moments in Time? campaign.


    Launched in February this year, Moments in Time was 188SPORT?s search for the ultimate event in Bolton Wanderer?s history.


    1 Playoff against Reading

    2 Man Utd 1 - 2 Bolton

    3 Bayern Munich - UEFA Cup

    4 Aston Villa - League Cup (1st leg)

    5 Penalty Save - Wembley '95

    6 Frank Worthington's Goal

    7 First Sunday Match

    8 Playoff final vs Reading

    9 Liverpool FC - FA Cup Third Round Replay

    10 Jussi's 2 penalty save's


    Am i missing something here? The 1958 F.A. Cup Final win isn't even in the top ten! Now i know that the Facebook generation have the attention span of a goldfish but the footage is on YouTube so surely they should be familiar with it?


    Yep, 58 should def be there.

    If its being done on the basis of direct experience only this would be mine.

    1. Blackburn 0 Bolton 1, April 1978 - promotion to Div One

    2. Bolton 3 United 0 December 1978

    3. United 1 Bolton 2 March 1979

    4. Liverpool 0 Bolton 2 (FA Cup) January 1993

    5. Bolton 1 Preston 0 May 1993 - escape from the lower divisions at last

    6. Bolton 4 Reading 3 - play off final May 1995

    7. Bolton 2 QPR 1 - promotion back to the Premiership clinched, April 1997

    8. Bolton 3 Preston 0 - play off final in May 2001

    9. United 1 Bolton 2 - October 2001

    10. United 0 Bolton 1 - August 2001


    .... I could do another ten now based on European matches and relegation escapes in the last decade!

  16. The most regular contributors to trouble at Burnden were surely Chelsa.


    76/7: Bolton 2 Chelsea 2 - including the pitch invasions and events decribed above.

    78/9: Two Bolton homes wins (one in the League Cup and one in the First Division, both of which I think were comparitively uneventful).

    80/1: Bolton 2 Chelsea 3 - Chelsea fans in many parts of the ground and sporadic trouble throughout.

    81/2: Bolton 2 Chelsea 2 - Chelsea fans banned from travelling to away matches a week previous. So the away part of the Embankment was empty .. but not for long as the Chelsea were again all over Burnden, predominantly the Lever End seats. Remember hundreds of them being escorted in to the Embankment in the first half, running the gauntlet passed the Burnden Paddock.

    82/3: Bolton 0 Chelsea 1 - an infamous game that was a real nail in Bolton's relegation coffin and kept Chelsea up. Hundreds of seats ripped out of the Burnden Paddock stand and thrown down on to Bolton fans who promptly threw them back. Major trouble also in the Manny Road North stand between the gathered regulard and around 200 Chelsea who invaded the last block of seating, nearest the Embankment. Clive Walker scored the goal - that bastard always scored against us. Despite the fact it was May it chucked down most of the day and Burden was a mudbath.


    Sorry ... 70s terrace wars did turn in to early 80s terrace wars.

  17. Horrible place the old Den. Bricks everywhere. Went twice and that was enough for me. Herded along the road by the OB whilst old dears were skimmimg bin lids, frisbee style at us from tenement flat balconies.


    When their lads came after us, they were like swarms of fooking ants coming out of every backstreet and alleyway.


    My mate down here says not to be offended. They hate and mistrust ALL outsiders.


    Had some good set tos with em in Bolton. They used to make their way from Trinity Street to Wood St Social Club and there were a few skirmishes near the Trotters and Clarence. I suppose the Wood St. Social Club was a classy venue for some of them.


    I remember a game in 84/5 when we beat Millwall 2-0 at Burnden. Very few Millwall fans came but those that did looked to be of the meathead variety and stood close to the Burnden Terrace/Embankment fence in menacing fashion. Can recall the Manny Road North regulars (themselves not to be trifled with) chanting; "we thought you were soft and we were right" throughout the second half.

  18. I'm thinking of the Bristol City game which was the last game of the season and they had got promoted, they were everywhere, loads of fighting on the forecourt, we were involved [obviously] and a bloke on the roof of the ticket office shouted at us to fuck off as it was all being filmed, top man :good:


    Yeah, that was 89/90 - remember that day very well. We won 1-0, Scott Green's first goal for Bolton.


    Back to the late 70s, I remember the second game against Bristol City in the two First Division seasons. No bother - but pretty incredible scenes. It was in around December, we'd only won one game and we were rock bottom. We were losing 0-1 and there'd been a drab atmosphere ... but for some reason the whole ground got in the mood in the Second Half. It was suddenly back to the promotion chasing days and Burnden was absolutely rocking. Penalty claim after penaly claim was turned down and then right in the very last minute we equalised and the whole place just exploded with joy.

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