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  1. we have had an appalling end to the season pure relegation form, so what went wrong?


    for me Holdens injury and dropping wheater for 50p head


    Stuart Holden is the complete midfielder and if he comes back as good as he was before injury I think he's going to end up in the Djorkaeff/Okocha/Campo legend category.

    His presence enables us to play a two man midfield and get away with it. Without him we can't do it - with the knock on effect of exposing the back four.

    In short, Jonny Evans recklessness was the turning point in our season.

  2. derby was just 3 days after a notable away defeat


    ... listened to by me on Piccadilly Radio in the days when they had a jingle that said "its a goal!" if a local team scored and "oh nooooo" if the other side scored. "oh nooo" was heard seven times that day as a result of happenings on a plastic pitch in West London.

  3. Did them both. Wasn't that Derby game an evening KO? One think I do remember about that game was when the winner went in I went absolutely ballistic and ran up and down the Burnden Paddock, yes ran up and down the paddock becasue it was rather empty them days.


    Yep, it was certainly a night match with a small gate. I seem to recall there being a tiny away following from Derby. Despite the lack of numbers there was a larger than normal gathering of hard b*stards on the Manny Road terrace. They weren't to get their fun until the following Saturday vs Sheff Weds.

  4. I was at the Sheffield Wednesday game. They brought a big support that day.


    I remember the Burnden Paddock singing 'Happy Birthday To You' to Jack Charlton as the third goal went in.


    Didn't we stop them going up?

    That's right, they just missed out. Seem to recall there being a substantial amount of 'friction' between the Wanderers fans and that large visiting support that day!

  5. I once read a Wanderers fan describe Wigan Athletic as the turd that won't flush. At several stages today it looked like that turd had finally slipped down the pan. However it still stubbornly lurks in the depths.


    The pie-men's late winner for 3-2 today put me in mind of Bolton's penultimate game in 81/2. We needed to beat Derby County at Burnden to take the Second Division relegation fight to the final day of the season. At 0-1 and 1-2 down the lower divisions loomed. However, an unlikely equaliser meant we entered injury time level .. and Chris Thompson popped up with a dramatic injury time winner to send a small attendance in to ferment.


    We went on to beat Sheff Weds 3-1 at Burnden (who themselves needed to win to have a chance of promotion)on the final Saturday of the season. Cardiff's home defeat against Luton in a re-arranged fixture a few days later confirmed our survival. (this was in the days when re-arranged games could happen after the final official weekend of the season)


    Anybody else old enough or sad enough to remember anything about those two games at Burnden?

  6. 24 points from wins, 16 from draws = 40 points from 35 games.....aint a million miles off normal league form......where we have 46 from 37........


    or is the argument that we think the other teams are shit ane we should do better? when we first casme up bburn were finishing above us wigan had a good first season....

    When you factor in that points against the likes of Liverpool, United, Arsenal and Chelsea are difficult to come by, form against those in mid table and the lower reaches would needs on average to be much better than 40 points from 36 games. I can only think of Fulham as an example of a team that would fall in those latter categories who we do equally badly against. Given that local pride is at stake in what are some of English football's oldest fixtures, its a bit depressing that the club can't seem to raise itself to compete in these games like the opposition do. Not often enough at least.

  7. Our record since Promotion in Lancs derbies (excluding the big city clubs) in Prem fixture is poor. As outlined below. Why is this? It can only be because other teams are more up for it than us. Whatever the reason, its about time it was addressed - and Saturday would be a good time to start.


    v Blackburn: Won 4 Drawn 9 Lost 7

    v Wigan: Won 3 Drawn 5 Lost 4

    v Burnley: Won 1 Drawn 1 Lost 0

    v Blackpool Won 0 Drawn 1 Lost 0


    Total: Won 8 Drawn 16 Lost 11

    Another Lancs Derby. Another defeat.

    We're better off if two of Blackpool, Blackburn and Wigan go down. Given that we are in and around these teams in the Prem (OK Blakcpool have only had one season) shows this track record up to me even more poor. Its just points lots every season.

  8. It was some time in the 76/7 season. However the first one I actually remember for certain was late that season ... Bolton 2 Chelsea 2. A day when the atmosphere crackled with menace and there was old style footy hooliganism from first to last.

  9. One of the Blackpool players now quoted as saying that Saturday is the biggest in the history of the club.

    I wonder if that's because they need to win to have a chance of staying up or because they are playing their hated Bolton Wanderers at home for the first time in 18 years?

  10. I see the 1953 cup final is being mentioned in today's press. To be fair its linked to Stanley Matthews and Stoke's appearance in Saturday's final as opposed to Blackpool v BWFC. However constant reference back to that game is one of the reasons I can't stand Blackpool and I hope we do em on Saturday. You can bet 1953 will be flung at us several times before the weekend is out.


    Sturridge won't be off target two weekends on the run - still can't see a win though given recent performances.

    I'll optimistically predict Blackpool 2 Bolton 2 (Sturridge 2)

  11. many happy memories, from standing in the posts late seventies to the top corner before migrating to 'the pit of hate' that was the Manny Road North


    The Manny Road North was a terrific and old-school atmosphere!

    I've got some of the original vids of pre-roadrunner Burnden matches from about 1985-early 88. Pretty grim football but the Burnden atmosphere is there and its fantastic to re-live it. With some of the games being pre-Normid the Embankment is there in its full glory.

    Some of them are so early in the days of filming matches that they hadn't even hired Dave Higson to commentate on em!

  12. Our record since Promotion in Lancs derbies (excluding the big city clubs) in Prem fixture is poor. As outlined below. Why is this? It can only be because other teams are more up for it than us. Whatever the reason, its about time it was addressed - and Saturday would be a good time to start.


    v Blackburn: Won 4 Drawn 9 Lost 7

    v Wigan: Won 3 Drawn 5 Lost 4

    v Burnley: Won 1 Drawn 1 Lost 0

    v Blackpool Won 0 Drawn 1 Lost 0


    Total: Won 8 Drawn 16 Lost 11

  13. Remembering the history between us, I would fooking love to send them down.


    It would only be a temporary reprieve if they stayed up. They'd be certs for the drop the following season.


    I'd love to send them down as well - it would hurt them badly for us to be the ones to deal the fatal blow. A draw would be good enough to send them back from whence they came. I just doubt we'll get it given our recent spineless form.

  14. There's loads of good Wanderers songs from days gone by that never get a look in these days.


    1 Wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna Wanderers ... to the tune of Chameleon by Boy George, a real favourite in days gone by.


    2 Bolton score, Bolton score

    coz once we get one we'll get more

    we'll sing in assembly

    when we get to Wembley

    so score Bolton score.


    3 There's also a very simple one that's been forgotten in Bolton but not elsewhere:


    United have - United, clap clap clap, United, clap clap clap

    Similar - Burn-el-ey, clap clap clap, Burn-el-ey clap clap clap


    We used to have

    Wand-er-ers clap clap clap, Wanderers clap clap clap

    Delivered at a very fast pace and emanating from the Manny Road North terrace that used to sound particularly menacing and atmospheric.

  15. his last four games before his injury, we conceded 10, i think - including 2 x 4-0 defeats


    he wasn't shit, though


    The Laville/Bergsson combination was fantastic.

    Gudni then retired and Laville didn't look the same alongside others in the limited portion of the following season in which he was able to play.

  16. Dont be fooled.this game means the world to them no matter what hinges on it.

    Im Just waiting for the gazette to mention you know what anytime soon.


    And no balls...that wetherspoons in question is open at 9am everyday,so unless police are involved,i cant see why it wouldnt be open at 9am...

    There always chubbys opposite north pier that opens at 9am

    All the rest are 10am opening...

    The allocated away pub is the castle opposirte central pier,but not sure when it opens..

    There is also a wetherspoons nearer to bloomfield on lytham road that opens early,but that gaff is usually frequented by satsumas on match day....and smelly piss drenched alcoholics anyother time.


    And this is the thread in question on the Blackpool site. They don't like us very much, be under no illusion.


  17. Me too. Im a little bit concerned that we might get embarrassed as they will be bang up for this game and weve got about as much fight in us as Audley Harrison at the moment. Dont be suprised if the usual ancient story gets trotted out that week to get them fired up too.


    There's a thread on their forum at the moment asking fans who they hate the most. Needless to say Bolton are mentioned several times are we are labelled as 'murdering scum'.


    I'm still annoyed about the lack of fight at Blackburn. I am hoping against hope that this approach is not replicated at Bloomfield Road because they'll be up for their first home game against us since 1993, make no mistake.

  18. These 2 games will both be played at 100mph and if will be blood and thunder.

    A half hearted turnout by the players will only result in defeat.


    With 3 local derbies in the last 4 games, for me it is all to play for and at least

    should give the players "pride" to play for if nothing else.


    Any news on Blackpool tickets ?


    You're right. I just hope the team and the management understand that as well.

  19. obviously these are our next two away fixtures and we're in with an absolutely glorious chance to really hurt both of them.


    We've suffered often enough at the hands of Blackburn in the last decade and we still get the 53 cup final rammed down our throats by Blackpool. Quite frankly I can't stand either of them.


    I often have the impression of BWFC that they don't take these Lancashire town derbies quite as seriously as the opposition, hence our comparitively indifferent record v Blackburn (Wigan as well) in the Premier League years (they've both beaten us more than we've beaten them).


    I just hope OC and the players appreciate that they need to be massively on the case for these two derbies and sharpen up their act away from home - regardless of mid-table security.

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